Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone officially announced (updated)

Announcing the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone

Nokia has officially revealed the Lumia 920 Windows Phone.  As rumored, the announcement came during this morning's Nokia/Microsoft event in New York City.  Specifications are still a little vague for the Lumia 920 but we know it will have a Pureview Camera with floating lens technology, PureMotion HD+ screen technology.

The Lumia 920 will have a similar polycarbonate, uni-body design as the Lumia 900 and what appears to be a slightly more curved 4.5" screen with ClearBlack PureMotions HD+ technology. The LCD screen is 25% brighter than any other screen. It's resolution is 1280x760 and is the fastest screen on any smartphone.

Here are some more tid bits we've picked up on from the presentation.  The Lumia 920 will have floating lens technology that is basically image stabilization that allows for the shutter to be open longer, reducing the influences of camera motion blur. Everything will be powered by a 2000mah battery and a Snapdragon S4 processor.

It appears that the 920 will be available in yellow, red and slate gray. If you enjoy using gloves that match the colours then the screen will detect the clothing and will enable use without taking said gloves off. Pretty neat.

The Lumia 920, as expected, will have wireless charging through the Nokia Fat Boy Charging Pillow. Nokia is partnering with third parties such as Virgin Atlantic and The Coffee Bean to have charging stations available to the public.

We're hoping to have some hands on time with the Lumia 920 and will have more to share later in the day.  

More as things develop.

George Ponder

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