Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone officially announced (updated)

Announcing the Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone

Nokia has officially revealed the Lumia 920 Windows Phone.  As rumored, the announcement came during this morning's Nokia/Microsoft event in New York City.  Specifications are still a little vague for the Lumia 920 but we know it will have a Pureview Camera with floating lens technology, PureMotion HD+ screen technology.

The Lumia 920 will have a similar polycarbonate, uni-body design as the Lumia 900 and what appears to be a slightly more curved 4.5" screen with ClearBlack PureMotions HD+ technology. The LCD screen is 25% brighter than any other screen. It's resolution is 1280x760 and is the fastest screen on any smartphone.

Here are some more tid bits we've picked up on from the presentation.  The Lumia 920 will have floating lens technology that is basically image stabilization that allows for the shutter to be open longer, reducing the influences of camera motion blur. Everything will be powered by a 2000mah battery and a Snapdragon S4 processor.

It appears that the 920 will be available in yellow, red and slate gray. If you enjoy using gloves that match the colours then the screen will detect the clothing and will enable use without taking said gloves off. Pretty neat.

The Lumia 920, as expected, will have wireless charging through the Nokia Fat Boy Charging Pillow. Nokia is partnering with third parties such as Virgin Atlantic and The Coffee Bean to have charging stations available to the public.

We're hoping to have some hands on time with the Lumia 920 and will have more to share later in the day.  

More as things develop.

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • Pureview technology what everyone wanted. Sounds good to me.
  • Endgadget says it's no pureview. That Nokia says pureview is in the tech not the lens. Also Nokia will slap pureview on all there phones for marketing.
  • Haahaa you read Endgadget?
  • Is that a bad thing? 
  • PureView is the technology...and its Nokia technology. They OWN the technolgy. They can not "slap pureview on all phones" if it does not have that. Besides, every review of this phone's camera abilities are excellent. If you have picked a spot to Troll, you picked the wrong one.
  • No talk of Megapixels yet?
  • 8.7
  • I am getting this phone! lol
  • That 4.5-inch PureMotion HD + screen, totally blur-free scrolling and faster refresh rate sounds amazing. 
  • Yay...
  • Better come in cyan!
    Liking the red a lot though... Damn!
  • +++++++++I have cyan purity ear buds...they wont match with red lol. Hopefully they will have the colors we want in those awsome gell cases. i have a cyan gel case on a black 900 would never know. So as long as they have that i will be happy.
  • Yeah, I have the cyan lumia and purity HD headphones and really want a cyan release! But once again, I really like that red
  • Cool
  • All the trolling against Samsung for this ? Stick a fork on those clowns ...they are done!!!
    Where is the hump and the xenon flash?
    Just a rehash of the Lumia 900 and with worse color selection.
    Hope HTC bring some good hardware because these Finns are failing mightly
  • You're an idiot and nothing else... Pardon my French.
  • Troll
  • Nothing to see here folks. Keep moving along. Just an idiot speaking.
  • I agree just a standard LCD screen
  • The phone looks great I just need to know what the screen resolution is and whether it's pentile or not. "HD +" leads me to suspect it is a non pentile screen by Samsung since they use + as a moniker for non pentile displays.
  • It's a tft LCD so no pentile display.
  • Screenshot support!!!
  • Say TMobile or suck it.
  • I hope it comes to T-Mobile so I can have a choice between the Samsung and the 920. Anything inferior than the 920 on T-Mobile will be a EPIC FAIL
  • Im calling around to see whose grandfathered unlimited ATT plans I can get on till the ATT phones work on tmobile
  • How's that work. I was told there is no way to pull that off by numerous people.
  • Ha!! I have a $20 unlimted plan still. Not sure how long I can hold onto it though. :-/
  • Yay, PureView on Lumia 920 is confirmed!
  • Wish the battery was a bit bigger. But lastly does this have a slot for micro sdhc/xc cards? Don't see why it shouldn't.
  • No mention of extra memory.
  • It looks like there's no micro sd slot in the 920. I was hoping for one but being that it's 4x what I have now on my Omnia 7 I can't complain :).
  • The Twitter screenshot Joe Belfiore took during the keynote is at a resolution of 768 x 1280. Exciting
  • Sweet, good to know.
  • There has to be more to this phone than what has been announced. I hope. I cannot believe that they would open with their flagship, don't they usually save the best for last?
  • We know it has a 2000mah battery, but no storage specs (8,16,32gb)??? What gives?
  • Houston we've got a problem.  They mentioned the 820 has a microSD slot....UNDER THE COVER.  Furthermore no mention of MicroSD on the 920.  This is starting to look really shitty from a removeable storage perspective.
  • 32g + 7 g skydrive
  • 32GB.
  • Sad about the no Cyan, happy about the return of curved glass, the camera and screen tech looks amazing. wireless charging very cool. Finally NFC and dual core. SD slot???? All in all i'm impressed with the device. Heres hoping Telus gets on this and not the 820.
  • Man, I'm disappointed. The phone looks fantastic, but two things jump out to me and make me hesitant to buy it. First, it's using an LCD screen. I've been using AMOLED for so long that I don't think I could stand the switch back. LCDs just look so washed out to me now. I'll take a look at it in the store before I decide, but still. Second, no cyan?! I loved the cyan Lumia 900, and the only reason I didn't buy it was because I was waiting for Windows Phone 8! 
    These look like great products, but I'm still dissapointed. Oh well, here's hoping that there's a Surface Phone.
  • The reason they went with LCD is that there are no non-pentile oled screens at that resolution smaller then 5.3" on the market. The galaxy s III is pentile, which means it is only 1280x720 with green. It is 640x360 on red and blue which is a huge detriment to image quality. I'll take full resolution LCD over pentile oled any day myself.
  • Go to an ATT store, pick up the HTC One X.  Disappointment averted.
  • Yea, I know that LCD screens can be great, but I've had some pretty bad experience with them in the past. I'm not saying that the fact that it's not OLED is going to prevent me from buying it, just instead of shouting "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!" I'm calmly saying "well, looks great but I'll need to see it in person first." It looks like a fantastic device, I'm just a little skeptical when it comes to LCD screens. From the images I've seen so far, though, it does look like a very very good screen.
    I personally have never had a problem with pentile, to be perfectly honest (and I have an eye for pixels). Still, glad they went the full resolutin route becuase I have had issues with 1080i vs 1080p displays.
    I also think it's hilarius that the highest DPI phone is now a Windows Phone. It inches over the iPhone by 2 DPI lol.
    I'm also hoping that the black version isn't glossy. From the renders it looks like it might be matte, which I prefer.
  • There are cyan speakers and wireless charging pads so i assume they will announce a cyan one before launch. or maybe a slight delay like the the white one for the 800.
  • Yea, that's what I thought too. If the cyan one's glossy though, and the black isn't, I'd go with the black.
  • If this screen is half as sexy as the HTC EVO LTE LCD2 screen I'm holding right now you will cream your shorts. You'll also be thanking Nokia for ditching AMOLED.
  • And can you tell me why you are glad about this? I love this technology! It might has its flaws, but the contrast and colors trumps everything what LCDs can bring up.
  • Because AMOLED cannot produce whites with accuracy. I don't know about you but my phone is used primarily for reading text on white backgrounds. It all depends what you want produced more accurately: blacks or whites on the spectrum. AMOLED produces the deepest black and LCD produces the whitest white. It's a judement call but in my experience LCD gets the nod.   
  • nokia site does not mention memory card size for the 920 while 820 does. That sound shitty.
  • 920 is 32 gigs with 7 gigs sky drive
  • SkyDrive amount depends on when you signed up... A lot of us have 25 GB
  • I too can't understand why Cyan is not a initial release color.I thought Cyan was Nokia's trademark color for their nex-gen WP phones.Wasn't Cyan Blue the best-selling color after Black for the 900?
  • Cyan was their best selling color period on WP7 devices. They sold more cyan than black.
  • No way
  • For the love of god, please Nokia, dont tell me you covered every possible spec but dropped the ball on storage.  If they have expansion covered through Micro SD or at least higher capacity on board, this looks to be the device WP has been waiting for.
  • No microSD??!
  • Fuuuuuuuuuu I wanted 32 GB + microSD :(
  • Same for me... Hopefully the come up with a 64GB edition
  • From BGR:
    Nokia (NOK) on Wednesday announced the Lumia 920 during its press event in New York City. The company’s flagship Windows Phone 8 smartphone is equipped with a 4.5-inch “PureMotion HD+” display, a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor and an 8-megapixel rear camera with PureView technology and a Carl Zeiss lens.Nokia revealed that the Lumia 920′s camera shutter stays open longer to produce better pictures in low light. The device also includes 1GB of RAM, NFC, a microSD slot for expandable storage, a 2,000 mAh battery, 4G LTE connectivity and native support for wireless charging.
    Yeah baby!!!!  If true, im heading for WP country!
  • The Nokia site says no microSD
  • Can we please get some Verizon love this time?!
    Perhaps. I see some WCDMA there.
  • WCDMA is different than Verizon's CDMA.... I believe it's the japan standard (based off CDMA but, faster and not compatable)
    I've investigated it before...
  • Wow...what a way NOT to unleash a flagship product for a platform that needs a successful relaunch badly:
    Ballmer "Over the course of a month or two we'll see the rest of the Windows Phone 8 software."
    Elop "Not announcing dates or pricing today."
    Elop "Lots more ahead to share about Windows Phone 8"
    WHAT WAS THE POINT OF THIS EVENT? In case anyone is wondering why this platform is growing so slowly, I present Exhibit A, B, C, D, E.......
  • Go away...
  • You're saying it's good that they have an event wherein they stoke consumer excitement, then withhold lots of pertinent details?
  • +1
  • theres no cyan on nokia site either
  • Any word on if the battery is removable?
  • Nokia site says no
  • I love the 920 and all that comes with it, but honestly why the hell would you not use the microSD option? Nokia, I love you but MAN you chaffe my balls sometimes
  • Thought the 920 was going to be my next phone, not even close. Back to waiting, Nothing outstanding here.
  • Very interesting paper here:
    So they "forgot" to mention the sensor is BSI, and that the LED is able to shoot short bursts much closer to Xenon type of performance.. Nokia, when will you ever learn to present well?
    OK, I realise they are talkinga about these things to bloggers and journalists as we speak bu still.
  • Yawn.
    At what point do we actually get a full announcement regarding WP8?  Two months AFTER iPhone 5 is announced and available for purchase.  I just don't get MS.  Love WP, but I am resigned to owning a niche device that will never gain widespread marketshare.  Kinda like my Zune 120.  MS - great products, bollocks marketing.
  • My biggest disappointment was Ballmer saying that the rest of the WP8 features will be revealed in 1 to 2 months. I was like "WTF?" What is the holdup?
  • Exactly the point I made further up the page, and I don't get why everyone else isn't losing their mind over this.
    How many Windows Phone 8 events have we had now? Two. How many have featured finished software, pricing, carriers, or release dates? ZERO.
    Microsoft is wasting the free publicity and good will these events offer. 
    Google announces the Nexus 7 with Jellybean, and it's shipping from Google two weeks later and on store shelves very shortly after.
    Apple is announcing a FINISHED iPhone 5 that's already in production next week, and IT will be on store shelvesand shipping just days afterward.
    Microsoft and Nokia just keep holding events that essentially exist to say "TO BE CONTINUED...".
    Finish the product and get your ducks lined up, THEN hold an event when you actually have something to announce. Did they learn nothing from the disastrous launches of the Palm Pre and Nokia N900? The tech world moves way too quickly for people to follow up on some niche devices Microsoft and Nokia announced that might or might not be coming to their carrier at some point some time. 
    They're not Samsung, who can afford to make premature announcements on the Galaxy Note 2 because they're making the successor to a hugely successful device.
  • +1
  • +1
  • One thing that is really awesome is that this will come with the in ear headphones. That's a plus since the 900 had no headphones.
  • Agreed. I was upset about that with the 900. My prio two Windows Phones were Samsung, and they both came with very nice gel-like ear buds, which I have since transfered over to the Lumia 900.
  • the fact Nokia's stock dropped almost 13% with the annoucment :-(
  • Wow that is funny. It actually was rising during the beginning of the event, but at like 10:10 am EDT, it took a plunge. Probably around the part where they mentioned they werent announcing anything and that their flagship new phone is just the 900 with a better camera......
  • I'm sorry, but did you even watch the event? Did you hear about the sreen resolution, the processor specs, NFC, charger, etc? How does that compare to the 900 with its 480x800 resolution, etc? 
  • All phones I will consider have NFC, dual core, and high resolutions. That is not a selling point. The wireless charger is the only unique feature, and that is gimmicky. "No longer will you have to struggle with find all those wires." Come on, really. It's one cord and it is nice to leave tucked away, and the good news, you can actually use your phone when it is charging! And you do not have to dedicate a part of your nightstand to an obnoxiously-colored charging object.
    There is just no way you can justify getting turning in your 900 5 months after purchase for a 920. Unless of course you take tons of photos and are a professional photographer, when in that case you will get a DSLR. I love my 900, but I do not want to upgrade to something that looks and feels identical. I am sure others feel the same way.
  • So basically waking up and watching this event was pointless. Nearly everything that was "announced" has already been leaked anyways...seriously, their employees and partners are like swiss cheese when it comes to non-disclosure agreements.
    After seeing what Nokia has to offer, I do not think I can justify getting the 920, since I already have the 900. The design is just too similar, and while the camera improvements are nice (if they even are...the Lumia 900 was promised to have a great camera, but vastly was a disappointment), I do not really take that much photos or video with my smartphone TBH. So I think I will be looking elsewhere for my WP8. ATIV??
  • What a tease.
  • Is 920 for all carriers or just at&t?
  • All except at&t :P j/k They haven't announced any carriers :P
  • What about microsd? None?
  • It is my understanding that all WP8's are required to have expandable memory via MicroSD. You should be able to jack up the memory by at least 64GB. Not sure how well the OS will respond to this though. WP7 devices such as the Samsung Focus had a MicroSD slot, but attempting to put any card in it mostly worked, but made the OS and memory kind of wonky.
  • 920 does not have MicroSD. WP8 supports MicroSD but does not require it.
  • Maybe I'm not too tech savvy or smth but I was really excited about all the new improvements Nokia and MS introduced. Excellent bild quality, size, colors, charging, lots of integrated applications, etc. I wonder if Apple will manage to present something even more interesting (not like I will buy it anyway ;)) 
    I would agree that it was such a tease though - showing off the two new stunning devices without announcing when they will go on sale, especially when the competition (of the fruit kind) has been really good at it. 
    Anyway, reaaaaally hope I'm not wrong thinking that WP8 and Nokia have a great future and good luck to them.
  • I can say the future is ruined for nokia with these devices.
  • I feel they failed to truly impress at this event. All the leaks ruined it for me personally. All the new info was boring IMHO
  • +1
  • HAHA, Verizon has a better chance of getting it than Sprint....Even the CEO of sprint said they are not interested and they discontuned the only phone they had...
  • Will it support 4G in the UK?
  • How disappointing, gave they not learned anything from apple on how to lunch a device, present it the release it. And if it doesn't have micro SD not sure I will go for it, we don't all have unlimited data plans for the extra SkyDrive and I want to be able to have all my music and games on the device without having to be deleting and reinstalling, that was the lumia 800 biggest problem
  • They have only mentioned the sd card slot with the 820. I hope the 920 also has one
  • It seems that it does not... Specs on Nokia website don't mention it at all, but does for the 820
  • Can't wait to get this on Verizon.... Ohhh...wait a second..
  • Market reacted with 12% down after the introduction of 920 and 820.  The message is that the new products simply are not good enough to pull Nokia out of its financial problem.  The downgraded Pureview is a disapointment for most.  I would like to see a Quad-Core 41 mp Pureview to be released in the near future.  Please, Nokia, don't argue.  Just do it. 
  • Yes lost a lot of money because of these shitty devices.
  • My reaction after the presentation : They've not done enough to save themselves. Hopefully they'll see some sense and release better phones in a few months..
  • The phone looks great. Probably by next WP. But is anyone else bummed that it is 10.7mm thick?
  • Really bummed of the thickness and the bezel
  • Looks like my Titan 2. Gets to live a little longer. Nothing to exciting, no release dates, No complete info. Why the switch to glossy I have no clue.
  • Great opportunity ruined by the bottom bezel and the thickness. Ative s has 2300 something battery and 4.8 inch screen and its still 8.7mm thick while this has a bigger chassis with smaller screen, battery and its at 10.7mm thickness. I shall be changing my lumia 800 to an ative s Unfortunatly
  • I'm having similiar thoughts. My contract is up in a few months, but so far I haven't seen anything mind blowing from Nokia. Maybe other manufacturers have something better. Or apple does something similiar to when they released the iPhone 4, it was different, nice. Nokia new phones are still the old phones with new processor, camera and screen. Sounds like a lot of change, but im not convinced by the whole package..
  • So,  can anyone clear this up once and for all ????
    Luma 920's SDcard slot or NOT.
    Didn't Microsoft say that the standard for Windows Phone 8 is that new WP8 phones have a Micro SDslot ?
    I could not watch the whole thing today, just bits and piceces so was it acutally said that it DOES NOT have a SD slot or was it just not listed in it's features ? Can someone 100% clear up that it has been said or not ?
    If it was said, do you have the time slot where it was said ?
    If this is to be the FLAGSHIP phone why would they release it with out one of the KEY upgrades to Windows Phone 8 ????
  • It hasn't been said, it's not in the official Nokia specs but it is for the 820. WP8 devices are allowed microSD but they're not forced to use it.
  • I was expecting much more from them.. Yes, better camera, better screen, but come on, some people prefer to have more choice in how the phone looks. Id like something a bit more "manly" my contract is up in April, and I already know I probably won't be getting a lumia. I'm hoping Apple will release something better than this. As of Android, I know its improved, but its nowhere near as stable as iOS or WP7.5/8, so won't be getting that.. I was surprised not to see a Bluetooth option when he was sharing a photo during the presentation.. And was really dissapointed because of that.. I hope they haven't shown us most of the features of wp8 yet..
  • Good luck expecting more from Mapple! All they're going to have is a bigger Miphone and a smaller Mipad. Let the lawyers then get back to work!!!
  • Bring it to tmobile!!!!
  • Can't judge if we don't fully know what WP8 has to offer. Can't stand over hyped apple products, android is awful. Windows phone is the way forward. People expect far too much when compared to IOS and android who have had some extra years to perfect their products. And I still don't think the 920 is the top of the range. Im sure there will be a 1020 or something like that
  • Sprint thinks: Maybe we made a mistake...
  • I'll get mine on eBay around Nov for 250-300, no cyan? Oh well yellow will do :D
  • So this is the game changer........ Oh dear!!!
  • I would prefer an OLED screen (like Lumia 800/900) with lower response rates over one with that PureMotion technology, which is a step back to old backlit LCD screens. The rest of the phone looks awesome, but I hope they'll release a version with a matt finish of the case, the shiny design is not quite my style and more fragile.
  • So sd card slot or not wats going on here
  • Nope, they dropped the ball on that one :(