Nokia Maps updated, fixes issues with favorites and places

Nokia Maps for your Lumia Windows Phone was updated to version 2.1 this afternoon to fix a few problems associated with Nokia Maps places and your favorites.

Version 2.0 brought a handful of features to Nokia Maps that included:

  • Sharing reviews on Nokia Maps Places from your Lumia Windows Phone
  • Add your photos to Nokia Maps Places
  • Sync your saved favorites from to your Windows Phone

These features give Nokia Maps more social integration and, while minor in nature, the update should resolve issues users were experiencing in uploading photos of Places and accessing their favorites.

You can download Nokia Maps from the Nokia Collection on a Lumia Windows Phone or if you're reading this article from your Lumia Windows Phone, just tap on this link (opens in new tab) to go to the Marketplace listing.

Thanks, Jamil, for the tip!

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  • 3D MAPS!!! COME ON!!!
  • damnit, all I want is network setup to appear :)
  • I've got it int l900 in Aus
  • It was removed from the American marketplace months ago for no reason. I have not been able to use MMS since I purchased my L800. Nokia said it was returning within a week and it has been 7 days since :/
  • Nokia is really doing a great job.
  • Will this app ever support traffic?
  • They showed it at Nokia world (Nokia maps for primary windows phone).
  • Every version I have seen and used supports traffic...
  • Well it will look better soon.
  • It already has traffic... Tap the 'layers' button in the bottom-right corner.
  • I don't really see the point of having maps and drive separate. Maps can't even use offline maps like drive does. I think they should just combine maps, drive and city lens into one thing. I've never used Nokia maps, never found a use for it even though I have it installed. I fi d it much easier to use local scout or just Bing maps
  • Yeah when are they going to combined Maps and Drive...I would rather use drive all the time...and great idea about city lense add in. Would totally love favorites in Nokia Drive especially a HOME address!
  • Where is Bing Maps? Can't find it in the marketplace
  • Press the start button, swipe to the right to go to the apps list then go to 'Maps .
  • More biased Nokia coverage, who wants a hardware provider app anyways?
  • MS does. They will be replacing their Bing maps with Nokia's.
  • Its probably Bing but with Nokia data
  • Facebook and ask ziggy also got updates. Updating rite now.
  • Let me preface this by saying that I live in a metro area of USA, so if you live elsewhere, your mileage may vary.
    I have found Nokia Maps to be pretty useless and it pales in comparison to Bing Maps, which is generally very good (9/10) with more accurate local listings.  It has even advised when a restaurant closed recently.  Does anybody find the opposite?
  • In u.s.a bing is pretty good but in europe it is almost useless...
  • Compass ? Where is the compass support dudes
  • Are Nokia maps going to be available for all windows phone in the 7.8 update?. I wish they at least do this. Bored of Bing maps.