Nokia Mexico releases cool advertisement, promoting the Lumia family

Nokia Mexico has released a rather awesome advertisement for its Lumia family of products. Uploaded on to Facebook, the video highlights some features of both Lumia and Windows Phone with a superb backing track. Be sure to have a gander after the break.

We've rarely been unimpressed by Nokia's marketing and the footage produced for television advertisement spots, or for simple viewing pleasure always have been (and continue to be) top quality. Should you be considering a Lumia Windows Phone and reside in Mexico, you'll want to check out the video.

Source: Facebook; thanks, Jeroen, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Impressive ad. I like it.Now is that so hard for Samdung photocopiers to do?
  • Samsung has done a great job at creating innnovative phones just as equally as Nokia...
  • Lol
  • -1
  • -1000000
  • I think he was referring to the ad, not the phones.
  • i dont know about that but they do have great ads!!
  • Samsung 3D LED TV ad:
  • lol you remind me of Captain Destroyer in Youtube lol SamDung haha
  • SAMDUNG.....HA HA HA...
  • I recently took a business trip to India and the Lumia commercials were on TV constantly.  Windows Phone advertising was everywhere there. I concur, Nokia is carrying the torch for promoting their own brand (duh) and Windows Phone.
    The adds are topical, straight to the point, and really do drive interest in the platform.  Paul Thurrott recently wrote a piece which gave Nokia kudos for what they're doing for the platform. He's spot on.  If it wasn't for Microsoft and Nokia partnering the Windows phone platform would be a ghost.
    Can't wait to see the 928 for Verizon come out.  Hopefully Verizon will promote the handset and by proxy the platform and give it another push.
  • Nokia is don here in INDIA
  • Great, come on Nokia, do some ads like this in Australia, I barely see any Lumia ads here
  • I'd love to see more like this in Canada too.
  • Agreed as an Australian I rarely see any Lumia ads here.
  • Agreed II
    We get swarmed by other Phones which i cannot be bothered with (that was a little cryptic), and it is quite obvious in the countries Lumia/WP is being well advertised the the general population moves toward it.
    Yes, TV marketing in countries like Australia, Canada, etc are considerably more expensive, but that's a given.. if Coke, McDonalds, iPxxx..., etc spend the bucks and reap the rewards even when the product may not be so good for the consumer, imagine what a great marketing campaign with a great product can do.
    This ad rocks. It makes you look at the screen because of the soundtrack, shows features in action with a bunch of smiling faces.
    Bom Bom Bom...
  • I wish the phones were actually as good as the advert :D
  • In my opinion they are that good. It's just you need to know how to handle the phone. You can have the best camera in the world, but that won't make you a good photographer.
  • It is, but for un-educated users of the platform, it may not be, but that's a personal problem. If you're too lazy to
    A. Read the users manual
    B. read the tips/tricks text messages that get automatically sent upon setup
    C. Take the time to research how to's etc
    D. acknowlege that something outside of Apple or the Galaxy series of phones is good
    E. wont take the time to find comparable or better apps on the windows platform that you may have used on one of the others
    All of the above items explain why this platform may not be good according to you, but the fact remains that it is just as good and better in many cases. I personaly work with and own Android, Apple, and Android device and windows phone in faster and more useful that the others; I have also found many comparable apps that are better than apps on competing platform because I took the time to find them. I am an IT Manager and we are now an all windows shop. Our organizations users have used BB, Android, and Apple. I demoed use of each device side by side and let the users decide for themselves. During the demo, I explained that WP does not have as many apps, but in every case, BB & iphone users determined that WP was more useful in a productivity enviroment, and the iphone users even stated, "This phone (WP) doesn't get the hype it deserves" and asked if ATT sold windows phones so she could trade her iphone in. I conclude that you are simply bias or oblivious to how wp works.
  • +1000000000 , Amen to that man! I'm just on the same situation as yours...
  • Your wish has come true... they are 
  • Are Lumia 810 charging shells sold in Mexico.
  • Awfull advert.
  • I thought it was a very good advert.
    BTW, it's awful, not awfull. Not being a jerk, genuinely helping. ;)
  • So where are the cool and informative US ads? Most of what I've seen in the US promotes nothing but the celebrity that is likely paid to say they use Nokia Lumia/Windows Phone 8 devices.
  • +1 This ad does a great job of showing off how beautiful WP8 is, AND it shows you some of the cool features of the platform (although maybe relies a little too much on City Lens, heh). I was just thinking the other day about Apple's first ad campaigns for the iPhone and how they were largely about all the things you could do with the phone. MSFT desperately needs to show people what's great and unique about these phones. The only campaign that's done that pretty well so far is the "Smoked by Windows Phone" stuff, but it needs a stylish (even funny?) campaign to complement it. Something more like this. My favorite thing about WP8 is how much information I can get from my home screen without opening a single app. Headlines, weather forecasts, sports scores, photos, etc. For somebody else, maybe it's the fact that they can get social notifications for their best friends all in one group tile. Where are the ads for that??
  • News is so slow lately...
  • "News" is not entertainment, it happens when it happens, imo.
  • I never said it was =/
  • I am always tired of having to wait in between hypes!
  • Microsoft should just pay Nokia to do the WP promo's all around the world. Their own campaigns have missed that spark that you see in this ad. You sense the love for the phone, it makes it more then just a piece of plastic. With emotion is how you capture people's hearts. The fact that an artist someone might like has a Windows Phone might worl but it will never be as effective as this.
  • Mexico is scary.
  • Lol, what does that have to do with the advert?
    Also, Mexico is like most countries. Safe in most places, but go to the wrong place and you might get hurt. Hell, Vegas, or LA more so, is bad for that too! I go to central Mexico a lot and never have a problem.
  • Sorry just had to! I'm nowhere near the west so what gets broadcasted on our television is usually the bad news. I'm sure there are nice places too. As for the article. We all know the Lumia line is the best!
  • USA's scary too. Not going to even elaborate, you should get the point.
  • I am from Mexico, some parts are scary, but most is ok. Though the scary part from the advert is that is that 6 month afterwards I still cannot get a Lumia 920...
  • Sorry! As replied above, we get wrong impressions of countries alot.. Its too bad though but once you have a chance to get it go for it. Its still the best smartphone IMO even entering a new season of smartphones (HTC One, $4, XperiaZ)
  • Thanks iopjo6, what makes it even tougher is that I have had the Galaxy S (Firts) for 2.5 years, and even though Samsung’s smartphones are criticized as ‘Cheap’ for using plastic, this one of mine has sustained at least 5 falls in those 3 years and it still running quite good without dints. I know Lumia’s are great built too, so thinking about at least the next 2 years of usage, the Galaxy S4 becomes appealing for the my first reason and the fact than Samsung announced it Globally, and about a month later, we get it really Globally, I mean ‘top specs soon’. With Nokia, if I decide for the 920, by say November, this only leaves 6 months before EOS comes out at US and UK, and it could be April 2014 and still Mexico would not get, kind of makes it a waste of time, which does not help Nokia or WP. I wish things change, as with laptops or desktops this does not happen, but with Tablets like Surface, or search as Bing, the same applies, MS and OEMs could sell much more if they did what Samsung does, that I think is their main secret, announce it and get it out globally soon.
  • Umm, what does this have to do with the article?
  • Nokia Mexico is putting Nokia USA and Nokia Canada to shame. Aside from this awesome advert, according to statscounter Mexico is the hottest WP market on the planet right now and has 5x the per capitia users as the US or Canaada and growth is still surging.
  • Not really. They were pushing old-gen Windows Phones until the latest moment. The promotional campaign and availability for the new Lumia phones with Windows Phone 8 started just in April. Although I could finally get a Lumia 920 and am very happy with it, I'm very dissapointed with how poorly Nokia is treating the Lumia brand here: no official dates prior to launch, almost no advertising, social networks don't respond to user's questions... it's sad.
  • It's so nice seeing video in this format (Vimeo?). It just plays without have to change any settings and plays in full resolution without a stutter--unlike the crap HD performance on Youtube.
  • The video is "Embedded" from Facebook where it was uploaded in HD
  • Well am from Mexico and I this is the first time I saw this add hehehehe so maybe its nice but where do they used it?
  • If they showed this commercial in the States during primetime, it would make a huge impact.
  • But then again this was a 2 minute and 20 second long commercial. Most commercials in the US are 30 seconds-kinda hard to show a lot of features in 30 seconds..
  • A really fresh and beautiful ad. Love the Lumias!
  •   In Brazil there is Nokia's advertisements on TV only videos from youtube channel Nokia Brazil   Already Samsung, Motorola and Apple always so with commercial air primetime mainly in National Journal and Novels of 9 pm   Microsoft almost never passes a commercial Windows 8 during the National Journal's Globo foremost WP too.
  • Beautifully photographed.
  • Which song is used as the background track? Anyone?
  • Nokia needs to run that commercial in the US!
  • Nokia is don here in INDIA