New Glance

Starting with the Windows Phone 8 GDR2 and Nokia Amber updates, Nokia was able to offer new options for the Lumia line, including the coveted Glance screen and Touch features. Glance enabled the onscreen clock with vibration and charging alerts, while Touch allows users to modify screen sensitivity.

Both features are essential in getting the premium Nokia experience, but there was one problem: discoverability. In order for a new customer to learn about those features, they would have to do some deep digging in the myriad of options under Settings.

Well today, that is no more.

Nokia’s Extras + Info system app was updated to version this morning and with it, moves Glance and Touch directly into Settings > System along with mini-descriptions below the listings. The update also has the usual fixes and improvements, but it is the repositioning of those two feature sets that is the big deal here. Users will now have each option openly situated for easier discoverability when navigating in Settings.

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It’s a smart move by Nokia, and hopefully people picking up a new Lumia with Amber will now be able to find Glance’s onscreen clock with ease.

Lumia owners can scoop up Extras + Info version here in the Nokia Collection.

Via: Windows Phone Italy; Thanks also to Giordano P.

QR: Extras + Info

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