Nokia Music gets updated with new Notifications and ability to ‘like’ your favorite artist

Nokia isn’t quite done with their Music service app just yet as today, version has gone live in the Store. Exclusively for Nokia’s Lumia line, the new update brings along with it a handful of major improvements to make us take another look at the service.

The first major change is Nokia Music now supports the ability to ‘like’ specific artists in your library to “further personalize your music experience”. Nokia Music will also 'like' artists based on your playing history and the contents of your music library, which truly is the killer feature many of us have been waiting for. After all, what’s the use of just streaming music with no feedback system? Sure it’s nice, it’s just not compelling.

Once you ‘liked’ an artist though, the app can now give you notifications based off of that information. Things like new music and even gig alerts for when the band is playing near you are delivered right to your Lumia.  The notifications work off of the Live Tile, so you shouldn’t be inundated with Toast notifications (and of course, the whole system is optional).

Overall, Nokia Music has always been an impressive offering but with this update, we’re thinking this will finally push the service into the Pandora-level of usefulness. Combined with their fantastic Windows 8 app for the same service, Nokia could very well start to erode business from Xbox Music and streaming radio services.

Nokia Music is a free service that also has an optional “Plus” version for $3.99 a month that offers high quality streams and unlimited mix downloads.

Nokia Lumia owners with a Windows Phone 8 device can pick up Nokia Music version here in the Store. Find more information on the Nokia Music service here: (opens in new tab)

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  • Still no wallet integration for setting up a subscription to nokia music+ :(
  • But has carrier payment here in the US. Just add it to cell phone bill.
  • This^^^
    I've already subscribed to "plus" and have also purchases a few albums with my carrier billing option... Awesome!
  • I wanted to update it earlier today and noticed that the "Nokia collection" submenu has vanished from my store. Am I the only one?
  • Still showing for me
  • I've experienced that before. Not sure why it occurs, but it usually rights itself within 24 hours
  • Holy shit, the name in thr store is changed to 'apps from nokia'
  • ...and it's back again :) Weird...
  • Nokia's lineup will include at least 20 separate WP devices worldwide before the end of 2014... Just imagine if the others did the same.......
  • Just imagine if the others had their one WP device on every carrier. Just imagine if every OEM-carrier deal included a requirement for promotion of said device.
  • i just imagined you posting something usefull without spaming .. will never happen
  • Never say never... it could happen
  • Ya. Got the update..
  • Why does Xbox music not have the feature yet!?
  • Xbox Music is built into the OS, so it's a bit harder for MS to constantly update the service. It's one argument against having things built in to the OS, even though people want things like Skype and, well every service put into the core.
  • I expected more updates/fixes to Xbox Music from GDR 1 & 2... I'm fine with starting fresh on something, but it's been almost a year and we still don't have features like this.
    As far as I know GDR2 is the only things that's really improved anything with Xbox Music...  I expected more..
  • I though MS was able to do back end fixes, such as the new Bing search. 
  • I am sure even if its built into the OS, MSFT can easily push "patches" to the OS, like it does on Windows 8 on weekly basis. That is the only way I can imagine "shared core". However, both OSs are treated so differentely for nearly a year!
  • LOL
    Xbox Music is missing a lot.
  • Wait for the Amber. Xbox is updated in it
  • Nothing spectacular with Amber in Xbox. Still cannot do two way sync which Nokia Music and Deezer and Spotify can easily do.
  • wpcentral is so quick in informing about updates. keep up the good work guys.
  • Why there are only "My Musix", "Setting", and "Store" option in my L620? No Gigs, offline, and mix radio. EDIT: Some seconds after I post this comment, the mix radio option magically appear at my L620's Nokia Music. I think WPCentral has some kind of magic.xD
  • What country are you in?
    If Nokia hasn't managed to do a deal with the local record companies yet, Mix Radio and rest wont be available. 
  • Is their music variety improved? Or does it still give you practically the same playlist every time you refresh a mix?
  • Same playlists that's why I gave up on the premium service.
  • Well based on the likes it should alter the playlists
  • Still waiting for launching Nokia Music for my country...
  • Finally, Daniel woke up! :D
  • Once the US gets the British playlists, I'll come back to Nokia Music. Sadly I had to discontinue service with Music+ once I discovered I was missing the majority of music they offer. :(
  • I didnt get any favourites in settings & help.
    How to get it....
  • Can anyone tell me how to like an artist. Or where is ghe fav column i updated the app but cant find new features any where
  • same thing I posted above.
  • Yeah me too i cant find it anywhere, nothing new :(
  • Its nit very easy to like an artist, you need to press on the artist name on the playing screen, the on the top right corner there's a star. Press that and its liked. Hope this helps.
  • Does anyone know if Samsung and HTC have their own music apps and whether they comparable. And whether those two companies update often?
  • Glad to see Nokia continues to improve their services. Keep it up, Nokia!
  • in my L620 the other funtion only works using the phone without the sim card D:
  • The update did not work for me.
    Hopefully its not region specific(I am from India).Reinstalling the app now.
  • It can be
  • Nope no new features in India . IMHO they will enable the frontend features on a staggered basis . 
  • Same with me bro m from india too. Did the reinstalling help?
  • I just want a music player with 2 features.. play folder and view/edit playlist.. Y U NO FEATURE?
  • Could not get the Windows 8 app please give the direct app link. i could not install from the link above.
    And my Xbox music app dissapears (minimizes) after two seconds of clicking the icon and never played anymore (Windows 8.1) horrible player.
  • How about an update to keep the app from juicing my battery 5% an hour without even being used.
  • This update fixed the issue I reported thru the feedback form. When I do shuffle all songs, it used to mostly shuffle from all the song titles that starts with a number. Now, well, it's a normal shuffle. Hah.
  • Still not working.. Need to take Out my sim card:( should have been nokia account and not The simcard that deside if ut Works or not...
  • Updated to no like or gig in India?
  • Anyone else having problems with the app no longer able to play music from the phones storage after the update?
  • Yes. It doesn't play music I download from the store using Xbox music pass...contacted Nokia...told me to contact Microsoft....contacted Microsoft....told me to contact Nokia...contacted Nokia....referred me back to Microsoft. Use the built in music and video app by Microsoft. Everything will work.
  • I have got the same problems now. What I have tried yet: Reboot the phone
    Uninstall an reinstall Nokia Music It`s not working anyway. Seems it´s not only one person suffering from this. Please fix it, Nokia!
  • I am more than glad that citizens of USA are getting new features. I mean all five of them, who are using Nokia with Windows Phone. Apparently getting a major share of smartphone market in USA is an important fetish. Sustaing success in other regions (South America, South Asia, Central Europe etc.) is I guess unimportant. That is why Nokia Music has virtually no features in these regions and the only fitting song to play in the music player is "Weeping song".
    But... There is still a hope, that one day we will get a sane music player. Perhaps even with some basic features like an easy adjustment of playlists in the phone (that means without computer!) etc.
    Well, the same goes for a native calendar with a week view and a good dialer. If Microsoft cannot do it, than Nokia should step in. Substitutes still do not have access to some features (like access to facebook events for calendar apps and access to missed calls for Rapdialer). Really, why are we waiting so many years for these basic and everyday features?
    P. S. For those who are guessing: No, I cannot buy music through Nokia Music. And it shows me no aditional information on a song on the lockscreen.
  • Would be neat if it would connect to Songkick or facebook to import my music Likes. Never used Nokia music before, but getting notifications of gigs of the bands i like would be neat, given that i already used the super cool service of songkick, except it does not have a wp8 app. Soif nokia music would do it, would be great. On the other hand, having to Favourite all the bands I like again...not the best idea.
  • I cancelled my Zune for this
  • Still not fixed:
    - Songs goes to "Unknown Artist" when the Album tag is empty, even if Artist tag is filled
    - Random playback is NOT random as soon as you are playing titles in your library that have their name sarting by "01. xxxx", "02. xxxxx", etc, in w
  • Album art is gone :(