Nokia Music XAP ripped for Windows Phone but doesn't work in US

Nokia Music, a solid alternative to Zune, especially where Microsoft's own music services are not offered, has been ripped by some folks at XDA. The file can be sideloaded on to any developer unlocked device and run just like any other app thereafter.

But for our US friends: don't bother. While the app launches, the whole music-streaming aspect aka the main point, is non-existent for our region. This probably has to do with Nokia and licensing, with the the Finnish company not-yet securing a deal here in the U.S.. And since there are no Nokia Windows Phones here just yet, that makes sense. It's a curious question though if/when Nokia does launch phones here whether we'll have access to Nokia Music--nothing is guaranteed in that regard.

And since we don't want to irk Nokia too much, we'll leave it to you to find the XAP file if you really want it.

via: WPSauce

Daniel Rubino

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  • Seems someone really has it in for Nokia and is trying to undermine their efforts to differentiate their devices.
  • @theefman...+1000. HTC and Samung users,or perhaps embittered Symbian or Meego fans, no doubt. If these hackers were pirating the Navigon app, Samsung, HTC, or LG apps, or any other paid apps, then perhaps we could say they were equal opportunity hackers. But they aren't; they are specifically targeting Nokia. Nokia really needs to take advantage of their 'ace' - deeper access to the OS that Microsoft has allowed them to do (although I'm not sure if that will work, but if it would allow them to prevent the hacking of their services, I say they should go for it).The Nokia hate has been astounding.
  • Software doesn't get pirated because people have it in for a company. It happens because people want software for free. This has happened to most of the manufacturers' exclusive apps. I really don't think there's a conspiracy at work here.Software companies know that piracy is a given these days. Nokia should focus more on differentiating hardware rather than software.
  • As a developer who saw his apps cracked after 2 days from certification and distributed on chinese sites (source of 75% of total downloads...), I HATED that MS officially supports and sells the new jailbreak!I hope Nokia and MS are collecting personal data of who is sideloading cracked apps!In the maintime, I feel legitimate to report all these abuses to BSA:
  • Soon there's going to be certificate w/ official marketplace apps to avoid piracy. that was mainly done to not piss off homebrew
  • theft is theft and calling it leaked is just wrong. Call it theft or people will think its ok
  • The application appears to have Japanese support. (>.>) But it doesn't work in Japan at the moment. I haven't heard any news if Nokia is planning to send the Lumia's to Japan. Nokia still has a strong brand in Japan. Though, I feel they need to move quicker to keep it. I was also suprised at how well known the Nokia ringtone is recognized.