One of the trickiest things Nokia has had to cope with when bringing such a high end camera is the addition of advanced controls. For hobbyist and pro shooters, adjusting your white balance, ISO and other aspects are run of the mill. But not everyone who buys the Lumia 1020 will be at that level, so how do you ease them into those manual settings?

Nokia has solved this by two ways: a tutorial in the Pro Camera app of what those features are and how to use them and visual feedback. The second part is what you can see in the above video. Basically, as you slide your ISO up higher (up to 3200), a yellow bar appears telling you that this is “less than ideal”. That’s because a higher ISO means more image noise. Likewise, if you’re exposure time is too long, resulting in a blown out shot, it will show red, which obviously means “you’re going to ruin this shot”.

It’s a neat trick and once again, shows how Nokia isn’t about just jamming in features, but thinks about how people use them too.