Nokia publishes humorous Lumia 925 ad, touching on low-light photography

Nokia has published the above video, showing how the average smartphone can't deal with low levels of light and capture those special moments on film. The Lumia 92x series of Windows Phones and the new Lumia 1020 sport OIS (optical image stabilisation), as well as software and optical improvements to make it possible to use the smartphone camera with little light.

The film shows three excited souls who desire to get their photo taken. What makes it rather humorous is how they're waiting for a vehicle to pass by so they have enough light to take the best shot. Unfortunately that's still not enough and the end result is rather poor each and every time.

Lumia 1020 Sample

Lumia 1020 sample

We'll not go into why Nokia's high-end Windows Phone hardware takes better photos as you've all read it before in more in-depth articles (check out the above example), but it's good to see the company continuing to nail it with marketing campaigns.

More than your eyes can see.

Source: YouTube

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