Nokia publishes humorous Lumia 925 ad, touching on low-light photography

Nokia has published the above video, showing how the average smartphone can't deal with low levels of light and capture those special moments on film. The Lumia 92x series of Windows Phones and the new Lumia 1020 sport OIS (optical image stabilisation), as well as software and optical improvements to make it possible to use the smartphone camera with little light.

The film shows three excited souls who desire to get their photo taken. What makes it rather humorous is how they're waiting for a vehicle to pass by so they have enough light to take the best shot. Unfortunately that's still not enough and the end result is rather poor each and every time.

Lumia 1020 Sample

Lumia 1020 sample

We'll not go into why Nokia's high-end Windows Phone hardware takes better photos as you've all read it before in more in-depth articles (check out the above example), but it's good to see the company continuing to nail it with marketing campaigns.

More than your eyes can see.

Source: YouTube

Rich Edmonds
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  • That's funny
  • They should really show the phone....just a thought
  • I thought i was the only one with a brain lol of course they should had shown the phone .
    No, they should not. The idea is that people will go and try the phone in the shop. That will sell the phone provided the shop staff is trained properly. The quality and effect is much stronger when you see it up close and on the actual device.
  • So take great photos without the flash, or buy a cheaper phone and just use the flash.
  • Not really... if we know a little about photography, we would agree that unless you have a strobe light with difussers... flash is not a good idea... if you are any serious about the quality of your images that is... and if you like to see good pictures... and keep better memories.
  • Yes, because the iPhone 5, GS3 do wonderfully with the flash. Hint: they don't.
  • Except, we never really see any of this great advertising material on TV, we just see it on YouTube. That doesn't help sell Windows Phones. We still just see iPhone ads on TV continuously. Every time I show people the great pictures my Nokia takes, they ask me "Is that the new Samsung android phone?!!" Quite disappointing. The phones are not going to sell if nobody sees them; let's see some marketing dollars spent!!
  • I see Windows Phone commercials on TV all the time, mainly for the 1020 recently.
    I bet I saw 3 last night.
  • Just saw another one.
  • Ha! That's funny.
  • Fantastic commercial.  Very simple and shows off a great feature that's clear and concise.
  • It... didn't show any features ...
  • I agree, the commercial does a pretty good job of making its point clearly.  Though I can't help but wonder what language they're speaking...
  • It's french ;)
  • Ah-- thank you!  I'm not so great at recognising these things by sound, lol.  I had the choice of taking French or Italian in high school, and I went with Italian, so here I am. XD 
  • Teeheheh, I don't need the subtitles, I speak French fluently :P
  • French
  • Le French.
  • Nokia cameras are good but it's time they started advertising other features, a lot of phone users have no intrest in trying to take portrait photos with their phones.
  • You mean like HTC pushing Beats Audio on the HTC One? I feel you. What's the point of pushing the most important feature of a product. Pfffff
  • I'm not sure if it's the pricing of the phones or the recent wave of Nokia ads but it seems to be working. The Lumia 928 for Verizon is sold out on their website.
  • Anyone notice the guy eating the apple... Haha this is too funny.
  • noticed the subtle jabs at apple and android...the guy taking the picture has a troid shit
  • I have never seen an iphone ad on tv..ever :S
  • LOLz.. Nice one, Nokia.! :D
  • One of the friends should have handed him his 925, took the picture without the car, and then showed the picture to the audience.  I had the same problem with the zombie ad.  Nice idea, but they fail to show results to viewers.
  • I'm no ad exec, but shouldn't a commercial actually show the product? And here's an idea - maybe show the RESULTS of using the product. Possibly have someone with a 925 walk by and show the group of friends the light (pun definitely intended). Just sayin'...
  • Totally agree with you mate..or probably another group of friends with a Lumia 92x clicking a perfect picture and the apple biting ones left red faced. :D
  • Man, every article by Rich reads like a bad round trip on Google translate.
  • That's pretty funny! That's a good commercial.
  • Classic!
  • Cute commerical. I like the direction they've been going with these fun little jabs. Sure, they are picking on other operating systems or phones, but in a light hearted way. I like.
  • Much, much better than the zombie commercial.