Nokia releases Imaging SDK 1.1 with Windows 8.1 support and new filters

Nokia today announced in Barcelona a new effort to support Android developers through its new X line of smartphones. Not only do we have a new platform with Nokia's branding, but the company is also busy enhancing tools and services available for Windows Phone developers with a new version of the Imaging software development kit (SDK), adding Windows 8.1 support.

Version 1.1 of the SDK (opens in new tab) introduces new image editing features to both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1 tablets and PCs. Developers can now take advantage of capabilities of the SDK to deliver "a converged Windows app experience across any Windows Phone 8 device." Essentially, Nokia is sharing a single codebase for both platforms.

While code will be shared between the two operating systems, the new SDK will also work regardless of the processor architecture, whether you're developing for hardware with x86 or ARM. Alongside some technical improvements, Nokia has also bundled some new filters and effects in 1.1:

  • HDR effect – a new effect that can be applied to an image to create stunning and vibrant photorealistic color effects similar to HDR.
  • Interactive Foreground Segmenter – a new filter API for picking the foreground/background from an image to be used as a mask. This is often used for background swap or for blurring the background with Bokeh.
  • Lens Blur –​  a new effect, also known as Bokeh, which is a digital recreation of the familiar Bokeh effect often used in professional photography.

You can grab the new SDK from Nokia's developer website (opens in new tab).

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • HDR! Finally! I hope its better than on the iPhone, would be great to have real 'cameraphone' HDR. I don't see a speed increase mention here though?
  • It's not HDR, it's HDR effect.  HDR still requires multiple exposures.
  • Close enough. 
  • Far from it.  You can't create highlights and shadows where none exist. It's not magic.    For HDR to work properly either you need to be on a tripod or there needs to be a capture speed increase like you were hoping. Minimum number of exposures should be 3. under exposed to get the highlights, normal and overexposed to get the shadows.  For best range, more images should be used at various exposures in the under and over range.
  • Maybe they can do something with the over sampled pixel information. Also, if it is done using the raw versions of the picture data a similar effect can be achieved as multiple exposures.
  • i do agree with u...maybe by taking advantage of that "over-sampling" and "re-focus" to create HDR effect..the result should be pretty good compared to those more common "HDR effect" on phone camera
  • go wp 8.1
  • Yep, so where's our Nokia Camera update with HDR? Come on Nokia don't tease us.
  • I've been confused about iPhone HDR since my stepmother noted she was using it. I said "don't you need a tripod?" It didn't seem to. What is it doing if it's not taking multiple exposures?
  • It is taking multiple exposures. If you have a moving object or move the phone during the HDR picture taking process you will see up to 3 instances of an object.
  • I was hoping for an update for Nokia camera.....
  • :D seems like Nokia pissed off their fanbase enough to not even have them take note of the good news. 2 comments? 
  • Lol
  • I am still waiting on RAW for my 928.
  • Hope they will improve panorama mode.
  • So can we root these this device and can install customs roms and all that android users customise????
  • If Microsoft really did pen the deal so that Nokia could continue making devices--particularly with Android--then they blew it.  Microsoft can hang it up in the phone arena.  This is just stupid on so many levels.  I hate Android with a passion.
  • Not for 3 years. Nokia cannot make phones for 3years. Plus Microsoft is taking over the complete D&S division, Nokia will be hard pressed to make devices immediately.
    What i don't know is whether the OSs developed by nokia go to Microsoft forever or has Microsoft merely licensed it for 10 years. If its latter Nokia is definitely coming back in 3 years time.
  • Nokia Camera needs a self-timer...does any one have any sugguestions?
  • I wish they would implement real HDR.  Bracketed HDR processing would be nice. 
  • SDK works with raw data HDR via raw is better than jpeg