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An inside source says Nokia is trying to get to the bottom of the ad fiasco

As the fallout continues from the misleading video ad for the Lumia 920’s OIS camera, Nokia is evidently conducting and internal investigation on the matter.

The Finnish news site Helsingin Sanomat, one of that country’s major subscription papers and news outlet, is quoting an anonymous Nokia employee that the company is looking into what happened with the botched ad for the Lumia 920.

Evidently, the methodology to simulate the 920’s video camera was not known to executives within the company as the ad was commissioned by an external ad agency. Although Nokia is ultimately responsible for whatever video they put out with their name, it is becoming evident that this was something not planned nor known by those in the Finnish company.

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It is not uncommon that simulations in ads are used to demonstrate unreleased or unfinished products—after all, it can take weeks for post-production and planning. However, such ads usually have a disclaimer. But since these were web-viral videos, they do not conform to traditional advertising standards.

Recently, footage demonstrating the 920’s ability to take low-light shots has begun to steer the conversation back to the technology at hand—something that Nokia and its employees are eager to do as they are quite proud of their achievement. Since Nokia has already apologized for the error, we can only hope the tech world will now move on.

Source: Hs.fi; Thanks, KP, for the link and translation