Nokia reportedly working on a QWERTY design for 1st Windows Phone

It should be not too shocking that Nokia will produce numerous styled devices for Windows Phones--after all, they're quite creative over there. So the rumor that one of Nokia's first devices will feature a full QWERTY keyboard should not be too much a surprise.

According to ShinyShiny, who were at a Nokia event yesterday, a rep for the company was a little loose lipped on some details about their foray into Windows Phones:

"...expect a Blackberry-rivalling QWERTY phone in that line-up of phones out this year. Nokia have a A rep said that Nokia wanted to cater to the business market, that Windows Phone was a natural choice for the business user and that business users wanted QWERTY keyboards. I'm taking that as "yes we are releasing a QWERTY phone in our 2011 line-up"."

Sounds plausible. Then again, we're expecting a bit of everything from these guys, so it's just a matter of time anyways. Regarding the release date, nothing too new their either, but like Mango, things look to be ahead of schedule:

"The official release date for the phones is quarter 4 - the last three months of the year - but given that there was a Nokia Windows phone floating around at a Nokia event last night (apparently), I suspect we'll be seeing one sometime round the beginning of that period - September."

Yup, we imagine we could "see" a device in September with a release in October/November. Remember, Nokia has said they won't show the phone till it's close to its final release date. We just know that the next six months should be very exciting.

Source: ShinyShiny; via WPCentral forums (Thanks, @BurnEthanol); Concept phone credit: EagleEye

Daniel Rubino

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  • so users in US will not see nokia devices this year huh? Hopefully some magic happens because my HD2 died and no more wp7 for a long time, gonna get pre 2 as back up.
  • There is a Nokia event next week and some think its possible that they will show a WP7 device.
  • Very doubtful. Elop said they won't show/announce a device until they're certain of a release date and that it'd be very close between the two (when the show it, released). It was from the All Things D interview.
  • At least we will know what direction Nokia will take for Windows Phone. I am interested how they think they can differentiate from other brands and at the same time deliver features for WP7.
  • More than likley you will see a new range of S40 phones and the N9 announced.
  • Did anyone notice in that picture the live tiles each have a different colour, do you think that's a Nokia exclusive?
  • Nah, that's just a mockup someone fan made.
  • No not a nokia exclusive that is part of the Mango updates coming this fall. which you can change the colors of tiles.
  • >No not a nokia exclusive that is part of the Mango updates coming this fall. which you can change the colors of tiles.No it's not. At least not in current builds that is not a feature.
  • Nokias tweaking of the UI and stuff might just be on the services end, so like deeper integration in the EU etc with their own Ovi Maps instead of Bing maps and the marketplace will probably link to both Nokias and MS's or something along those lines.I don't however expect any big UI changes at all.
  • Meh, I kinda wanted a super slim phone.
  • Seriously, people should know the difference between a concept and a real device.
  • Some minor flaws in that concept but it looks nice. I hope Nokia's phones are nice and sleek looking.
  • Awesome! and i love keyboard rather than use virtual keyboard. Just hope the phone will be thinner with built in keyboard.
  • Also looking at the picture of nokia phone do you notice they have a front face camera :) Yes there will be video chat capabilities and bet you will have skype & Qik integrated apps. This will be great.
  • Hmmmm "Blackberry rivaling QWERTY phone", I sure hope its a portrait keyboard. It just has to be.
  • I agree with you on that.
  • Ive just thought of something.So nokia has certain advantages maybe even ui design wise (as elope said) . Now I'm thinking that this qwerty phone by nokia is going to be customized so that unlike the HTC Arrive, when you turn it landscape, the ui will also rotate. Also, they may have other customizations such as maybe something like palms just type (don't know much about webos but i think that's what its called) where you just start typing on the keyboard and maybe bing comes up
  • I dont think we will see any major Nokia customisations till WP8 to be honest.