Mammoth Nokia Lumia passes through FCC, destined for Verizon

It was only a few days ago we saw our first look at what could be the next high-end Windows Phone device on Verizon Wireless in the United States. The image came from a leaker on Weibo, a Chinese microblogging website (think Twitter). Now a Windows Phone device destined for Verizon passes through the FCC. Is it the same 1520 variant we saw a few days ago or different device? Let’s find out.

It was Friday when we saw what appears to be a variant of the Lumia 1520, but destined for Verizon. The device was sporting a white casing, in addition to Verizon and Nokia branding. The source of the leak stated the device would come with a 20MP sensor (just like the Lumia 1520) and that this was a really big Windows Phone device.

Earlier this summer we saw some new devices on Ad Duplex, four from Nokia and One from Samsung. From Nokia we saw RM-927, RM-937, RM-940, RM-955 and Samsung gave us the SGH-i187.

Nokia RM-927 is the device making its way through the FCC at the moment. The FCC filing is useful at helping fill in gaps with all these devices. The Ad Duplex report from the summer stated that RM-927 was running on Verizon, which the FCC filing confirmed by indicating support for all the frequencies Verizon uses (including 4G LTE).

It also revealed the dimensions of the device as 137x71x9 mm (the 9mm is an approximation). That would put RM-927 at nearly the same dimensions as the Lumia 625 (133.25x72.25x9.15 mm), but not anywhere near as large as a phablet like the Samsung Galaxy Note III, which comes in at 151.2 x 79.2 x 8.3 mm. The takeaway? RM-927 isn’t a phablet.

While we’re in on displays, the Ad Duplex data noted that RM-927 had a scale factor of 150. That scale factor has so far only been found on Windows Phone devices with WXGA displays, which means RM-927 might have a 1280 x 720 resolution display and not anything near 1080p.

Other tidbits picked up in the FCC filing about RM-927? You’ve got 4G LTE, NFC, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 4.0. What’s interesting is that this is the first time we’ve seen 802.11ac in a Windows Phone device, something that could be enabled by GDR3.

We’ll dig around and try and find out more about RM-927 for you folks.

Source: FCC, Via: NokiaPowerUser

Thanks for the tips everyone!

Sam Sabri
  • Hopefully t-mobile gets something new too...
  • Me too,my wife loves my 925 but wants something equal too her note 2. I really hope T-Mobile get a variant. Be sure and tweet @john_legere and let him know, I did.
  • I hope so too. Love my 'build' Lumia 920, but looking to upgrade some time next year and stay with T-mobile.
  • I really want it from Tmo
  • No app news amymore??no updates ??
  • Knock yourself out
  • I'm also wondering about this. Is this because there are no updates or did we just pass that phase?
  • ? This is off topic from this thread. Please don't deviate. Also, we wrote about app updates yesterday and the day before and the day before that. Learn some patience, please. We'll report on things worth reporting on.
  • You tell them Daniel, stay on target,, stay on target......
  • Than why haven't you reported on the fact that evleaks said the Nokia announcement has been pushed back to October 22? :)
  • Bro... They already have.
  • Actually, they already mentioned it in another article...
  • What socks shall I wear tomorrow?
  • I see what you did
  • Bright ones for moanday.
  • Wich is the place to ask anything "off topic"? Email? Tweet?? Sorry Daniel, I love WP Central and it is probably the site I most visit every day, but always read a bad response from you in almost every article when any people ask something is making me a little sad. :( I'm sure that I'll continue to visit WP Central (I like so much Sam's and Paul's articles, and yours of course), but I don't know if I pass hours reading the comments anymore. Sorry man. And, I have one more complain: I already tweet you so many times with relevant news about WP in my country, Brasil, and you always not answer me. The last time I tried to say to you 3 times that the GDR2+Amber updates were starting to rollout in here, and WP Central reported this in so many countries around the world but not for Brasil. The same when new Nokias Phones are launched in here etc... Brazil is the fifty biggest market of mobile phones in the world... And WPCentral has so many readers from Brazil. Almost every specialized in WP Brazilian site takes you from reference when write a new article. I think is important to report some news from here.
  • +1 (I'm from the USA).Don't take things so personal though. I try to ignore ALL the noise surrounding WP8 and pick out what's relevant to me, myself & I (after all I'm not getting paid for this ish)
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  • Why do they never do anything in NJ :/
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  • For starters WPC is an American site, secondly geography is not that relevant these days. Most of my IT stuff are bought abroad. "Your" news are my news, and vice versa.
  • Thanks for the responses.
  • +Brazil
  • I am Brazilian too!!! Welcome Guilherme !!
  • +920
  • Hey Daniel, at least there aren't any comments (yet) on AT&T and the non-existent GDR2/Amber update.  lol.  Okay, on topic, I'm so glad to see the Windows Phones starting to pick up steam.  iOS and Android need the competition, because that just brings better products to the market.  Go Team Nokia.  My yellow L920 is a superb phone.
  • Hmm. Perhaps not the 152(8). What about memory/CPU and SD card on this one? Wireless charging? If the screen was even 5" with those beefy specs that were rumored before, I will be a happy camper.
  • But with 1080p, or course :P
  • I'll be dang. Verizon finally going in on Windows Phone.  Might be safe to switch carriers soon.
  • It's looking that way.. And, att can have it's exclusives for all I care as long as every other carrier get's thiers❗
  • This will be my next device since I've been waiting for an excellent top of the line spec'd device on Verizon. I'll be heading back there from AT&T since their network sucks where I work. Good work Nokia and Verizon getting this.
  • It could be just a variation of the L625 since American carriers seem to be allergic at having the normal phones like the rest of the World and always seem to try to get specially designed phones for them...=P And judging by the design, it doesn't seem to sport those awful zips that the L925 and 1520 have. Which is another thing pointing to a L625 variation (probably L628?)
  • Sure seems like they are getting a 625 variant.
  • Yeah it definitely looks like a 625 variation and not a 1520 variation.
  • But this one is supposedly 720P.
  • 720p and a 20MP camera on what could probably be 4.8" screen is definitely NOT a 625 variant! Nokia might be starting a new line with this - maybe the 1120. If true and accurate, this is absolutely a step-up from the 928.
  • That's what I was thinking... Finding out what processor/ram it has will verify this.
  • Dang! That's a huge bytch!
  • A simultaneous launch for the Nokia 'Gamma' 1520 on AT&T and Verizon.
    Here's hoping T-Mobile &Sprint join the festivities soon there after.
  • T-mobile? Maybe. Sprint? Probably not.
  • Probably a Lumia 628.
  • The 720p 4.8" or 4.7" screen and the 20MP camera puts this way beyond the 625 line. Maybe it's the 930? If only the screen were a litlle bigger at maybe 5" or 5.5" at 1080p would really be nice - they could call it the 1220 or the 1320
  • Nobody ever said that this device had a 20mp camera.. The 20mp camera was mentioned about the earlier device that was leaked for Verizon.. This is definitely not the same device, and it is looking to be some type of 6xx device possibly to replace the NL820 on Verizon... With those specs, and a low price point, it could turn out to be a hit on Verizon..
  •  This the smartest thing Nokia has done in long time, howver, they should have let T-Mobile  and Sprint into the party.
  • I don't think Sprint cares about this party.
  • Sprint is only interested in being last. The CEO at sprint refuses any effort to get out of bed with the ceo of google. That couple will fight against any effort to improve on that failure.
  • What makes you think that *Nokia* did the excluding?
  • This ... doesn't sound exciting.  Hopefully it's just their midrange entry on Verizon this Fall and not their only entry ...
  • Bring it on, the more the merrier on all carriers
  • I've been thinking about getting a new wireless router to support the new standard
  • Yes, I'm on Verizon. Can't Wait for this!
  • Same here. I didn't want to after my contract was up for my att Samsung Focus. Switching to Nokia though after the 900 came out, I stayed with them with 920 and now 928. Good to see Verizon is on board with windows phones.
  • Ok, go to the bathroom and take off your shoe. Place you shoe to your face and take a moment to realize that this is what you will look like making a phone call from this phone... Like a tool
  • Ok, go to the bathroom and take off your shoe. Place you shoe to your face and take a moment to realize that you look like an idiot with a dirty shoe on your face. Lol :D -----------------
    big phones have some tradeoffs though, both good and bad. Unfortunately, holding a shoe sized phone up to your face is a bad one.
  • Name one...
  • Good: better movie viewing, and you can read from farther away so you don't strain your eyes.
  • Better movie viewing----that's what iPads are for!
  • Phht! Windows Surface over iPad for me.
  • You mean you can put the iPad to your face to make phonecalls?!! Didn't know the iPad can do that because this certainly will be able to do it. It's also nice to surf, do emails, and play games on phones with bigger screens.
  • Lol, that what flipping tv's are for ffs!
  • There is always the option to use a Bluetooth earpiece to make/answer phone calls. This precludes the need to place a large device to ones face if doing so is a concern. It is also convenient with listening to and responding to text messages(with speech enabled). There is no need to touch or look at the device, for text messages, with the Bluetooth earpiece and enabled speech combined.
  • I used to use something about the size of a shoe to make calls. It was called a telephone.
  • Looks like Nokia wants to bring a 625 variant to the US, and what better way to do that than launch it on the largest carrier here? :) Lumia 628, maybe? Or 622?
    But it has a 1280x768 screen versus the 625's 800x480. Idk!
    Edit: lol didn't mean to reply, I meant to just post. Oops.
  • Also it has 20MP camera, aside from the 4.7" or 4.8" 720p screen, so how can it be a 625 variant?! Absolutely not a 625 variant - maybe it's the 930.
  • No. The FCC document that got leaked mentions nothing about a 20 MP camera, all we know is that the dimensions are very close to the 625's, the screen is most likely WXGA, and we get a bunch of internals like BT 4.0, NFC, etc.
    So it could very likely be a 625 variant :)
  • Please read the article AGAIN. In paragraph two (2), sentence three (3), it says it would come with a 20MP sensor just like Lumia 1520.
    And in paragraph six (6), sentence two (2), it says it might have a 1280X720 resolution display.
    In what world can these attributes make it a variant of the 625 when that phone has only a 5MP camera and a resolution of 480X800?!! Absolutely NOT a variant of the 625!!!
  • Sorry, you're misunderstanding the article. Paragraph 2 is reminding us about what we saw in a leaked picture a few days ago: a huge, white Lumia that had Verizon branding and the camera was branded as Pureview and Zeiss that called out 20 MPs.
  • Carrier subsidized mid range phones don't make a ton of sense, but whatever.   I mean, a high end device on Verizon is, what ,$199? 
    So this Lumia would purpotedly be free on contract I guess, right out of the gate?
  • This will probably replace the 928. Maybe it'll be called the 930 or 938? In any case, I think the new high-end will be with the four numbers like the 1020, 1120, 1220, 1320, 1420, and 1520. The 920 and 820 will slip to mid-range, the 720 and 620 will slip down to low-end, and the 520 to super low-end. The main differentiating thing is that even the super-low end will absolutely perform better that low-end Androids and compete with mid-range ones.
  • They make plenty of sense, they get the phones to the masses. You are aware that the best selling WP8 phone in the US is the Lumia 822? Not the 920 as many seem to assume. The 822 is a so-called mid range device. People look at cost, not just specs and the midrange phones like the 822 are what get numbers onto a platform, not the highest premium phones.
  • I looked at phones for a while before I decided on getting the Lumia 822. Price was a factor (free) but the main reasons that I chose it over other WP8 was that it had a removable battery, expandable memory, and 16Gb of onboard ram. No other WP8 device could claim that.
  • I'm confused by the title of this article. Is this phone that just passed through the FCC really "mammoth"? The title seems to imply that it's the 1520, but the article itself alludes to a smaller 620 variant, which I'm not sure can be described as mammoth. What am I missing?
  • Agree! When I saw the word "Mammoth", first thought went to Lumia 1520.
  • The phones profile looks exactly like the 928
  • Yes, that's why I'm beginning to believe this will replace the 928, only with a bigger 4.7" or 4.8" 720p screen and a 20MP camera. Maybe it will be called the 930 or 938?
    If you're coming from the 822, I think this will be a nice step-up.
  • I think this is the replacement for the 822. Not sure what they will call it though, maybe 830?
  • No camera hump.
  • Lumia 1028?
  • I don't care what the specs are! I'll buy any lumia from the 520 to the 1520 as long as i have the color yellow on Verizon!
  • My next device is probably going to be a phablet but I'm definitely going to wait for a 1080p screen for a device that size
  • Still happy I popped for the 925, the new devices are just getting too big for me. Plus, it's just damn sexy...
  • 6" display ? Why so big ? Wondering IF this one will come with a MicroSD card and a FM radio....that the 928 lacks...
  • All you peeps complaining that a huge phone makes you look like a tool when using it really need to get a life. Obviously you're not going to buy the phone so what does it matter to you? What do you care what someone else prefers for their screen size on THEIR phone? Just be happy that Nokia is making a phone that competes in the large screen phone class and people will actually buy. I personally wouldn't buy a 6" phone, but that doesn't mean I have a right to call people tools who would buy them. So please take your unwanted bashing somewhere else.
  • Wait, so a 1520 variant is not coming to Verizon? Or is Verizon getting both?
  • but not anywhere near as large as a phablet like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which comes in at 151.2 x 79.2 x 8.3 mm. The takeaway? RM-927 isn’t a phablet.
    so it will not be a phablet like the galaxy note 3
  • How big of a display is this phone possibly?