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Nokia’s Design chief reveals Lumia 620 at LeWeb – Video now available

Marko Ahtisaari, Nokia's Executive Vice Preside of Design, today spoke at the annual LeWeb conference and during his talk he covers many of Nokia’s current projects while revealing the Lumia 620.

The video is now available to watch and we see Marko explain some of Nokia’s design choices and also explains the Here location platform. Some nice hands on with the device and different colour body options.  Check the video after the break..

Marko points out that they have an 'especially loud speaker' on the Lumia 620 which will please those looking for good speakerphone output. He also does a nice job of explaining the actual design of the handset which is actually quite insightful.

Source: Youtube (opens in new tab)

  • time to flood the market with these.  It doesn't appear watered down like the 610.  The 610 was a joke.
  • Not really. Looks good, can run most apps (the main ones, for those who don't care all that much about them anyway), has NFC, and battery is about 3 times that of the 'higher end' WP7 handsets - gets though a day of heavy usage with still enough juice for another of the same.
  • Fully agree.
  • Nokia's really pushing to be "THE" name in windows phones.... 
  • Yeah this phone makes my 710 look like a little bitch. :'(
  • Really who cares about any Nokia phone except the 920 and 820.... Lets hear about updates to improve phone battery and stability issues.
  • majority of the market....
  • I can already guarantee you that this 190 euros phone will be the most sold Windows Phone 8 handset in 1h of 2013 as nokia finally gets with the improved regional WP8 support its phone out in much wider scope around globe. 
    I mean, if this doesn't interest you, what are you doing here?
  • The world doesn't revolve around you moho. It's always good to have choices and this phone could be for developing countries, kids, or even people that don't like spending too much on smartphones. 
  • Really?! You assume everyone's planning to buy a 920 and a 820? There are other segments in the market, man...
  • Can we talk about our ears for a second? Specifically, can we talk about current phone design and how uncomfortable some of it is with respect to ear cartlidge? For exampe, my Trophy has a nice rounded shape at the top of the phone which is quite comfortable against the ear regardless of where exactly the phone is held. I first noticed the issue while talking on a friend's iPhone 4s - the sharp/square contour of the bezel around the top of the phone actually hurts the ear. Same thing on my wife's 822, and looks like the same issue on the 620. The speaker is pushed all the way to the top of the bezel encouraging holding the phone in a way such that part of the ear is above the bezel, and thus the contour of the bezel really matters for comfort during long conversations...
  • Do you press the phone against your ear hard? I can kind of understand what you are saying but this only occurs to me when i wedge my 920 between the ear and shoulder and have a tight grip to prevent it slipping.
  • Not really all that hard (nor with shoulder). I noticed it immediately on the iphone. It's just not a pleasant surface to have against your ear.
  • Honestly, never in my life had that problems. I guess you spend a lot of your time on mobile phone?
    I don't really push the phone to my ear. 
  • 1 in fact I have very small ears so the phone corner is always over the ear
  • 24% of current Windows Phone users are on the Lumia 710, and 18% are on the Lumia 610... This tells me that 42% of Windows Phone users are on budget devices, and that budget-users are WP's largest userbase. For $250 this is a great device: dual-core CPU, front-facing camera, NFC, ClearBlack, micro-SD slot, removable battery - sweet.
  • Lumia 620 kind of phones are a must if WP does not want to be burried by Android. Actually Nokia needs to get WP fast to the S40 and android level that is in the 60-150 euros. 
    Windows Phone isn't ready yet for that, but i got a say i really was not expecting this cheap Windows Phone 8 handset yet. 
  • There's no need to build poor WP8 devices. Cheap but solid WP7.8 phones can take the S40 level.
  • WP7.8 has to be what Nokia wants to build upon for their budget phone line. Asha went full touch and they are very efficient for what they do. They just need the services they currently offer on the S40 (SD card support, some free games, Nokia Life, dual-SIM support, good battery life, the works) and with the help of MS, throw them on WP7.8. After all, emerging markets don't require too much of bling, they need reliability.
  • this presentation was pretty boring. WP needs better people at presenting this kind of events.
  • I actually thought that the presentation was clean, good and neat. Not the complete disaster it was with the L820 and L920. Those were really, really awful and can be textbook examples of what not to do in a presentation.
    Naturally, being a Nokia fan, I am used to bad presentations. In fact, Marko Ahtisaari is their one effective speaker other than Elop. 
  • I would dismiss thi chap from Nokia on day one if I was the CEO. He keeps designing bezel friendly and bulky phones.
    A phone does not need to be bulky because it is cheap.
  • Well he was in the team when example E71 that was the world thinnest qwerty phone for year or two and E7 and plently of other thin phones.
    Imo how thin the phone needs to be has become all kind of weird these days. I mean non of our jeans have not transformer past 6 years? Lumia 920 is 10.7mm. 
    I have tight jeans and have no problems with 10.7mm phone. I rather take the Lumia 920 features and build quality. 
    Kind of tired with this whole topic. 
  • I wouldn't even put you into the position if this is the case.
    Ever heard of white space? Wiki it. Space isn't wasted if you can make it feel clean and has a purpose to be there. Unlike what some of the tech elite wants to believe, some bezel is necessary for functionality if you want to hold the device smoothly.
  • Who said it was bulky without a reason? Did you take it apart? Remember, that this is the guy who gave us the N9 design, which was then borrowed by the 800, 900 and 920. All 4 praised as some of the best looking phones in the industry. If anyone can design a phone, it's Marko.
  • Marko should be the main presenter at all Nokia keynotes from now on. When he speaks, you can hear that he is genuinly excited about the phone and knows what the hell he is talking about. The woman that was unveiling Lumia 920 and Lumia 900 (forgot her name) literally made an exciting annoucement sound like a history lecture.
  • Man...I'm increasingly tempted to pick up the Lumia 620 as my utility phone, especially in some crazy "look at me" colour :P ...and I already own a Lumia 920. God.
  • It's called being an enthusiast, which is fine ;-)
  • Does it have LTE radio?
  • Marko= captain bullshit. He talks like football managers after a match. Full of waffley genreics, not much in the way of real detail or fact. But his charisma and voice makes you want to keep listening. I do, and never hear anything insightful :)
    Still, he is getting away with it, and trousering a huge pay cheque. Good luck to him :)
  • Wow Nokia. I am super impressed. Please bring this to the US and flood the prepaid carriers with it. A lot of people start on Cricket, Virgin Mobile, Straight Talk, Metro PCS etc and when they "upgrade" to a larger carrier, they are usually already stuck in their ways. This phone is the perfect "first smart phone" for many people.