Nokia Smart Cam app released on the Windows Phone Store, but it won’t work on your Lumia yet

One of the big new features of the Lumia 925, which is now actually in people’s hands for purchase in the UK and a select few other territories, is the updated camera algorithms and new functionality. All of that is encompassed in the so-called ‘Amber update’, which is Nokia’s name for their inbound firmware change destined for all Windows Phone 8 Lumias later this summer.

One of those new features is the ability to run the Smart Cam app, which enables such cool camera tricks as motion blur, 10-frame action shots and more.

The good news is that app is now available in the Nokia Collection and yes, you can download it right now for your Lumia phone. The bad news is when launched, you’ll be greeted with a reminder that this app can’t quite run on your non-Lumia 925 just yet, because you don’t have that firmware update.

So close, yet so far, fellow Windows Phone Lumia users. From the app description:

"Nokia Smart Camera shoots a sequence of photos, making it easier to capture great moments. Either choose your Best Shot or combine the photos into one picture using these amazing features":

  • Motion Focus – add blur to emphasize motion
  • Action Shot – add a strobe effect to show action
  • Remove Moving Objects – remove unwanted objects
  • Change Faces – choose the best faces for great group shots
  • Apply an effect right away, or save the sequence to edit it later. When you’re done, share your pictures directly with friends.

Exclusively for Nokia Lumia

  • New Effect – Motion Focus
  • The last edit session for each of the 5 Smart Camera Effects (Best Shot, Action Shot, Motion Focus, Change Faces, Remove Object) will be saved so you can continue later.
  • Speed Improvements

We don’t have any firm details on when the PR2.0 (aka Amber) update is coming, but we do know that it will also have the OS update, which is named GDR2 to tag along with it. If we had to guess, we’d be aiming for a July /August release as carriers obviously come into play, causing delays here and there.

For now, if you really want to grab the app, you can follow this link or scan the QR code below. Make sure you watch our hands on demo of the Amber update above to see what your Lumia 920 (and other Lumias) will be getting in a few short weeks. At least if you do own a Lumia 925, in case you uninstall the Smart Cam app, you can now easily reinstall it. 

Via: SmartPhoneFrance; Thanks, Elie S., for the tip

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Daniel, there will be a GDR2 review?? I´m crazy too see what is the "xbox music improvements" that Microsoft talked about!! Or you cant talk about this until the GDR2 update be released to all??
  • Yeah, we want details !
  • +1... Xbox Music has been the biggest pain in the arse!  I want to see/hear/read about changes!
  • Exactly!! If they fix Xbox music my life will be complete!
  • U darn right, creating n editing playlist is a big pain. Its not as seamless as the blackberry. MSFT should provide the little improvements that mean the most to its customers.
  • I agree! Many times when I receive a message, my music will start playing. I can never close the app, I can only pause it. It will only close when I restart the phone!
  • Seems strange to release the app when it won't work. I wonder if it is a mistake.
  • Nah, check out the end of the article. If you have a 925 now (and some do) you need to be able to re-download it from the Collection if you uninstall it. So Nokia really had no choice...
  • Daniel,
    There is a MSFT app called Blink that takes multiple frame shots.
  • That app.
    SUCKS. I can't share anything from there because it looks like my photos were taken with a 8mp, high-speed potato.
  • I wouldn't say it sucks. Sure it takes lower quality photos (which are still better than a lot of other smartphone cameras) with the tradeoff of taking more pictures and getting more to choose from. I only use it every so often, but when I do it does the job and I am quite satisfied. If I expected DSLR quality or full quality images, then yes I would be very dissappointed. It does its purpose.
  • Hey. An update is available for Blink. Hopefully this will resolve some of your agony.:)
  • What exactly means GDR2?
  • General Distribution Release. It's just MS's name for a minor OS update. There's a GDR3 later this year and GDR1 was named 'Portico'.
  • An than there's a GDT4 and 5 and 6.... I used to defend MSFT when people say that they are too slow. I got the feelings when more and more features google keep releasing to Android.
  • general distribution release #2. An update from both MS and Nokia
  • im guessing (always a bad idea) that WPC-like most of us-only know a few details of GDR2 at present. There's bound to be things that MS are still working on, right up to release. It seems this isnt a huge update to the OS but a welcome one nonetheless. The hyperlink in the text expalins all, further cam improvements and some extra OS features, including the tap to wake and onscreen clock demo'd recently o the L925.
  • But GDR2 is already installed in the Lumia 925, right?? Or is just a beta version of that??
  • Those you mentioned are included on Nokia's Amber update, nothing to do with GDR2. Amber will be just delivered by Nokia on the same update as GDR2 as long as you have Nokia WP8 handset.
  • pfff.. you say tomato i say GDR2.. ;) ps, are you sure the tap to wake and screen clock a Nokia feature only? I may have confused that one as a GDR2 MS feature as opposed to the Nokia Amber update, apologies for the confusion.
  • That's PR2.0/Amber not a WP8 feature. Strictly Nokia.
  • Cheers Daniel. Nokia users, myself included, win either way.
  • It also requires 1gb of ram, so will be limited to the flagship devices.
  • More than just the flagship devices include 1 GB of RAM. That covers the 928, 925, 920, 822, 820, and 810. It's the low-end devices who miss out (the 520, 521, 620, and 720), but the mid-range 8xx line does not.
  • .is this true?..then I must be waiting for no GDR2 update for my lumia 720?..
  • Need a release date of the firmware bit silly releasing a non working app tbh
  • Not if you have a 925 now and want to install the app...
  • True dan buuuuut i don't think spending £500+ is worth one application just need patience i suppose :)
  • What are you talking about? :D
  • face palm dan said if you have a 925 you can have the app now right? i was only saying if you want the app now and dont have the phone witch i dont i have the 920 sooo its not worth spending out for the 925 better to wait for the update make sence ?
  • He didn't say anything about buying the 925 for this app. The 925 has this app on startup. If someone with a 925 deletes the app and wants it back, it needs to be available in the store for them to redownload it. That is why it's in the store. You're putting words in people's mouths which will just cause confusion.
  • +1 exactly
  • that makes sence but im not putting words in anyones mouth if i came across that way then fair enough sorry mate  was not what i intended bottom line i was getting at only was to just wait a little bit for the nice update hope it comes super soon
  • I hope Nokia is prepared for the "This app doesn't even work" reviews
  • Yeeeeerrrp.
  • its happening now, posted a 5 star telling people to quit sucking
  • i am downloading the app...
  • 1gb ram for a camera app
  • This app would be on the store only for Lumia 925, but in the Windows Phone Store you can't limit any app for a single device. But you can cut off many devices using the "1GB RAM" flag ;) In this way less than 50% of Lumia can discover this app on the store instead the 100% of them ;)
    This is a sort of trick ;)
  • Daniel, do you know if the next update will come to the Nokia Lumia 810?
  • This. I love the phone but I feel like we got screwed by T-Mobile.
  • It's already here
  • It is?
  • Wondering that myself. Also wondering how much I'll have to delete just to have room to download the update.
  • GSR2 should be released in July. Telstra has it listed on their update page and they generally release one week after approval. They also usually update their WPs a couple weeks or so after everyone else so the US should get it first or second week of July I'm guessing.
  • Spot on must be an Aussie
  • Unbranded L920, just got 1314 firmware update on Friday. Not hopeful of getting it before December in Australia.
  • i was actually searching for this app in the store day b4 yest and dint find it.. But its here now
  • If I am understanding, this is just like that app on the Galaxy S4 commercial with the graduate jumping into the pool. Nice to see WP8 (Lumias anyway) keeping pace with Androids flagship.
  • Actually, Smart Shoot (from Nokia) already does that. Smart Shoot was also in the Store before the GS4 came. I'm not sure if Androids had their app before the GS4, but I don't think so. If not, then it's nice to see Lumias setting the pace with Android's flagship.
  • Difference is Samsung told people about it while in typical WP fashion no marketing was done for this feature so people naturally think Samsung came up with it first. Great OS, poor management.
  • Right on.
    I saw the Graduation Ad when I went to see Iron Man 3, and the people behind me were like, "Mom, look how cool this is." "Whoaaaaa."
    I just unlocked my Lumia, and let everyone look at my start screen. I do this frequently to help the marketing effort. Or the lack of a marketing effort.
  • Says I need 1 Gb of RAM on my Lumia 720
  • In my Lumia too..... Nokia sucks... :( :( :(
  • Hopefully the current lumia phones will actually get this update. I know that a lot of people are still waiting for the firmware update for the nokia storage app cleanup for the lumia 822, myself included.
  • What about other Lumia's??
  • Will the update go to Lumia 822? I swear my phone is sometimes overlooked.
  • Does it work on lumia 520
  • Nope. That's a 512 meg of ram device. Only works on phones wit 1 gig of ram.
  • Cannot wait to get the GDR2 update to my 928. For me two things I hope get addressed is links going to the respective apps (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc..) and having my playlist created on Xbox show up in my music (instead of the empty playlist it currently displays). May seems like a small nitpick but that's why I feel it'll come out in one of these smaller updates.
  • try to download and need 1gb :/
  • Well with the L925 already being sold and the app in the store I think it won't be long until Nokia releases Amber. I actually think they may even release it before GDR2 specially since Microsoft takes ages between updates.
  • Like Dan said, you can download it but it won't work. It's another tease from Elop & Harlow
  • Well, I wouldn't call it  a tease. Like I've said already, this app comes with and already works on the Lumia 925. People can physically buy that phone right now in stores. They need to be able to re-download that app if they uninstall it, hence why it is in the Store.  If Nokia could restrict apps to only be shown on certain devices, I'ms sure they would.
  • Love stuff like action shots, but how well do it fare with Burton? Cause for me I can never create a perfect action shot using the Burton apps. Hope Amber will solve it.
  • Yeah requires nokias amber update for Lumia phones only, not part of general MS WP updates but most probably arriving with ms update. Nokia hurry up we know its past beta
  • Yep this app is very cool indeed. Gotta say I am loving my Lumia 925. Got it on release day thru o2 refresh
  • Daniel, i went to the store by the link and I found out that my lumia (lumia 610) can actually install the app but it isn't supported because of the ram, this happens everytime when i download an app that it's for wp7 but can't download because of the ram.
  • cool, we get ZOE! :D
  • Looks cool, but I guess I'm confused about how it differs from Smart Shoot. Is this meant to replace that? It kind of reminds me of the overlap they have with HERE Maps, Local Scout, and City Lens, all of which kind of do the same thing. I wish they'd just simplify and integrate rather than releasing a bunch of similar apps and confusing consumers.
  • Cannot wait for this update, but I am sure I may jump on the EOS when it releases
  • Needs 1GB ram. Screw you Nokia
  • It will be aviailable for your device also. It will be introduced with a SW update - Amber update.
    So stay tuned.
  • Dang. Needs 1GB ram. :( no smart cam for me on my 521.
  • It will be aviailable for your device also. It will be introduced with a SW update - Amber update.
    So stay tuned.
  • This 1 GB ram thing is a "lovely" display of insult. I mean, we all expected the 5x-6x-7x series handsets wouldn't be getting the shinniest games. But now a rather central feature is missing. Thank you very much, Nokia, first screwing all the users of wp7 (remember the lumia 900 that is about a year old and is now impossible to upgrade to wp8?). I hope they release a 512 mb ram compatible version even if some features are missing.
  • Hi, Smart Camera will support 512mb devices.
  • i can use it on Nokia lumia 710?
  • No.
  • Nokia Smart Camera will be available on all Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices - the 520, 620, 720, 820, 920, 925, 928.
    It will be introduced with a SW update - Amber update.
    So stay tuned.
  • +720 :) :)
  • Only 925 can download now, hmmm