Although the main news at Mobile World Congress from Nokia will center on Nokia X, we’re sure the Lumia makers will have some new Windows Phone apps and goodies on hand.

Indeed, Nokia via their Vine channel, have posted a short movie showing a woman taking "selfies" with her Lumia 1020. While some have jumped on this as a new device announcement – it’s not – we’re confident that this is for an Imagin8 app, used for adding digital effects in real time. Think of Kinect, but for your phone.

Doing a cursory search, we found this video demonstrating the technology, which was also featured at CES. In fact, heading to around the 0:35 second mark, you can see the same model demonstrating the technology.

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In short, Imagin8 works by using cameras and sensors to add effects to a video or image. Users can then interact with the virtual digitial goodies, creating interesting and unique works of art. We’re not 100% certain how the Imagin8 app will work for Nokia Lumias, but watch the two videos here should pique your interest!

We’ll of course be there at MWC starting Sunday through Wednesday, so stay tuned for more details.

Source: Nokia Dev Team (Vine)