Nokia 'Traffic Intersection Flashmob' in Joburg [Video]

Nokia's "Little Ideas" marketing campaign is taking them around South Africa with the same approach as "The Amazing Everyday" in other pats of the world. We've already had the manufacturer hand out free coffee as well as other promotion efforts in Cape Town. In Episode 4, we have a flashmob heading to an intersection in Joburg to showcase an interesting performance.

It's good to see the "Little Ideas" series rolling on, especially in South Africa where promotion is steadily becoming increasingly noticeable. Episode 3 of "Little Ideas", which sees Nokia providing complimentary carwashes, is located below.

Source: YouTube, via: MyNokiaBlog

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • That was dumb.
  • They look like idiots
  • Good job
  • This where I think Nokia is trying way too hard
  • Go Nokia!
  • Sorry Nokia that was not so impressive
  • Nice!
  • That Nokia is making an effort to market should be applauded!  Whether you lkie the effort, the idea, or message, Nokia is bringing shine and attention to Windows Phone - something that neither Samsung or HTC can't even imagine or be bothered to do.
    I am looking forward to their marketing efforts in the U.S.; if we get half the effort that they've given other countries, it would still be alot!
  • Indeed.
  • Wow such idiotic comments on this article.
  • LOL, at first I thought I was watching a Kylie Minouge video.
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  • Да, ладно! Вы, америкосы, знаете, кто такая Кайли Миноуг? Похвально!)))))
  • Lol what some people would do for money.
  • Come on, I thought it was funny!
    There is no punchline here.
    The main thing is that it attracts attention. It works.