Time for some more Nokia videos that keep pushing the Lumia 800 world wide. It truly is amazing the reach Nokia has with market penetration. This week we have some new videos promoting "Little Amazings in Cape Town" South Africa and a new ad for the Australian market.

The Cape Town ad is one of those happy-go-lucky ones showing people doing some cute and fun things, fitting in with that "Amazing Everyday" campaign. Part of it shows the Nokia setup in a mall and passerbys having a good time. Adorable.

The next video is pretty generic but still nice to see, especially since it really shows off the Windows Phone OS features to the public, something which we think we can all agree is one of the strongest selling points. All we know is that we can't wait to see what Nokia brings to the US in a few weeks, we're ready to be wowed.

via: Unleash the Phones and @longzheng