Nokia "Little Amazings in Cape Town" and ad for Australia appear [Videos]

Time for some more Nokia videos that keep pushing the Lumia 800 world wide. It truly is amazing the reach Nokia has with market penetration. This week we have some new videos promoting "Little Amazings in Cape Town" South Africa and a new ad for the Australian market.

The Cape Town ad is one of those happy-go-lucky ones showing people doing some cute and fun things, fitting in with that "Amazing Everyday" campaign. Part of it shows the Nokia setup in a mall and passerbys having a good time. Adorable.

The next video is pretty generic but still nice to see, especially since it really shows off the Windows Phone OS features to the public, something which we think we can all agree is one of the strongest selling points. All we know is that we can't wait to see what Nokia brings to the US in a few weeks, we're ready to be wowed.

via: Unleash the Phones and @longzheng

Daniel Rubino

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  • Nokia fantastic ad. What creative imagination to come up with such wonderful gems!
  • Wow, just amazing. What a great video to wake up on. Nokia creativity is on another later. Just when you think you seen it all, they pull more tricks out there hat. I cant wait for them to make a strong showing in USA. Going to be a exciting. How does Nokia advertisement compared to apple? That would be a great discussion. :)
  • I totally agree!  This was very sweet.
    It seems as though each Nokia region is responsible for carrying out  different Amazing Everyday concepts, so I really hope that the Nokia USA group doesn't disappoint us.
  • Too much fluff in these adds though. You'd hardly know that was an ad for a phone. What does a see-saw have to do with a phone or an OS.
  • Well, the Amazing Everyday spots aren't ads, per se.  Nokia is highlighting an experience (an 'Amazing' experience) and a concept.  Each Amazing Everyday spot features a unique, and amazing experience; only a few of them have featured a Lumia.  Basically, they create a memorable experience/concept and when people go to purchase a new phone, they will remember and recognize the Amazing Everyday concept and, hopefully, purchase a Nokia WP device.
  • Sorry but that was a shallow and boring advert. It has absolutely nothing to do with the phone, and wasn't anywhere near special enough to pull that off. Filming slightly random things you think are creative without cleverly linking it back to the product isn't creative. I know there was a tenuous link, but still.
    They aren't strengthening a brand anymore, they can't rely on this sort of vague crap, they need to convince people their products aren't falling behind. With the OS being the most fluid and beautiful one out there it shouldn't matter that showing it off is "generic" because the experience sure isn't.