Nokia Transport 3 for Windows Phone 8

We’re pleased to report that Nokia Transport has hit Windows Phone 8 Lumia devices today, signalling the completion of their location based app line-up for the next generation OS.

The new app boasts an improved user interface and takes full advantage of the now built in maps platform to deliver something a little bit more special as it hits version 3.

All of Nokia’s location based apps were going to benefit from the new underlying improvements in Windows Phone 8’s mapping, so it’s no surprise to see that Nokia Transport gets some nice bumps in performance and usability. Most notable of which is when clicking on the route itself, jumping quickly and fluidly into the map overlaid with the step by step points of the journey.

Nokia Transport 3 for Windows Phone 8

Unlike in Windows Phone 7 you now have a bottom bar which slides left and right, allowing you to step through each stage of the journey. The map pans and zooms very smoothly to show you what you’re doing next. If you’re in the walking section of your journey (the horror!) you can swipe up to reveal more of the menu and select “Start Navigation” which then launches Nokia maps to guide you through. I got some odd results when I tried this with Nokia maps planning more of a driving route for me on a few attempts.

The bottom bar does a nice job of making the route easy to step through and if you want more information or help navigating by foot you swipe up to reveal more about each stage. It’s a progression to how the UI worked on Windows Phone 7. You’ll also have the options to tailor the time more accurately by first defining the exact date in the future you wish it all to happen both with a departure time and an arrival time. Knowing how our Tube network can be here in London it’s easy to believe that leaving now and arriving another day in the same city are at least a possibility, I joke, of course, I joke.

Nokia Transport 3 for Windows Phone 8

The overall experience above what we have seen with previous versions is clearly visible, the maps look great on the Lumia 920’s screen and they update much more smoothly now. With the older version I had problems with the map showing me nothing for a good deal of time before finally coming back to life. I’d still like Nokia to bring richer features to Transport, for instance I’d like to see live travel updates for UK tube and bus networks integrated into the app and perhaps built-in metro maps? What we have now is a very capable urban route planner and it’s a pleasure to use.

Very good to see Nokia continuing to tie up the loose ends with its excellent location based apps, for many including myself these constitute reason enough to choose Nokia. There remains much promise as to what can come next for all these products but we are getting closer to that goal of location based bliss at each update.

We’re always keen to hear from you, if you have something you’d like to share please do so. If you have any questions please fire away and I’ll do my best to respond in the comments bellow.

Grab it from the marketplace here or scan the QR code below.

QR: Nokia Transport 3

  • 1st Yay!  I'll be giving all of these apps a test drive Friday morning as soon as my ATT store opens up!!!
  • I just might start using Nokia Transport more. I've only used it once really, but they look like they're making great and smart improvements to it. 
  • Can't wait to test this out on my Yellow Lumia 920 which will be shipped the 14th (hopefully!) The UI looks excellent and I can't wait to test the performance of the new apps.
  • Why does Nokia make separate navigation apps. Wouldn't it be better if Nokia maps, drive, and transport were a single app.
  • I completely agree.  It would be nice if they we're all integrated together.
  • They will. All in due time. Building the apps separately first, makes app building faster.
  • Wild speculation. Why do you need a bus finder app merged with a car navigation app. Use the right tool for the right job.
  • They used to be one app several years ago in Symbian but they switched to separate applications later. I presume there was a good reason for that (more flexible development?) and that they will continue to be separate in the future as well.
  • Compleate agree...
    Even thus, gMaps have some better results and usabilities
  • They keep them separate to reduce UX complexity and speed to iterations on each app. RB
  • I believe Steve E did mention it in an interview that Location (Where) Services would be intergrated at some point in the future.
  • Yes, it would be!
  • Awesome, I was looking for an app like this last week in Seattle. Gonna give it a spin now! 
  • Great! When is this app with theses improvements is gonna be available for legacy WP...soon or after 7.8 is released?...Does anybody remember us?
  • Windows Phone what? Sorry, no idea what you're talking about. There are no versions prior to 8. :-P
  • Precisely. I knew this would happen! It's kinda sad though :(
  • You say that jokingly but that is pretty much the truth.
  • I wasnt joking. Im jumping the burning platform next week.
  • Please add more cities for Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania
  • Man I hope they add the Nokia app lineup to HTC's and/or Samsung's Verizon phones...the 822 won't cut it but I love these apps.
  • Sorry, but I don't quite understand why Nokia should do all the work for HTC? They already have the access to Nokia's map data, if they are not able to utilize that, then bad luck for HTC. Nokia has done a huge job for the whole WP-platform, and keeps supporting it's products, and the best way to benefit from that is to buy a Nokia device. I'm not counting much on HTC...
  • Huh?
    They are Nokia made app using Nokia's own services frmo Symbian days. of course the are not going to offer it for others.
    On maps it only makes sense because they are world largest map data provider and it made sense for them to license the data, like they do around other GPS devices. 
  • This is all well and good, but I popped into Phones4U today to try out both the Lumia 920 and 8X for size and left the store few minutes later feeling a little umm "petite-handed". Forget 4.5", I'm finding the 4.3" screen a tad too big to be "mobile" too.
    When can we expect a high end device with no larger than a 4.0" screen or should I now start shopping around for a man purse to carry around my tablet-smartphone crossbreed?
  • Take this to the forums. Comments aren't an open ended Q&A session.
  • Can anyone tell me what countries does Transport support? I am in Thailand.
  • Thanks RB
  • Wtf..everytime I see wp8 apps it always reminds of what BETA TESTER..SMH
  • Nokia finally came up with a third party implementation I really like and I've already left them...
  • You haven't have you? :(
  • Nokia should sell their Aps to all non Nokia WP8 users. There is money on the table there... Not everyone will buy a phone from Nokia. I would pay 49.- for Nokia Drive and 19.- for Maps... Or they can bundle them.
  • selling a phone way more than this is their motive i suppose if u get evrything nokia on every other  phone who will buy their phones?
  • Or HTC should offer an incentive to Windows Phone devs to create apps that are exclusively available on HTC handsets.
    I'm getting really pissed off with all the Nokia exclusivity, especially the fact I can't buy a handset sim free that isn't locked to EE.
  • Yeah, Samsung, HTC and Nokia should make their apps available to their WP8 customers. For a fee, we need every good app we can get in the ecosystem. Btw, the HTC app on the 8X is nice for keeping an eye on the weather, stock market and headlines. Cross availability will help, not hurt.
  • I use Nokia Transport on my 710 quite a bit, have to travel within downtown Toronto a lot for work. I've decided, it's time to pick up a Lumia 920!
  • If that is the reasoning that allows you to justify getting a shiny new 920 then I applaud you! Go for it! :)
  • This is one reason I'm disappointed to be on Verizon. I can't wait another 6 months for a new phone, I will have to go with the 8X because I can't see any reason to go with the 822. I really wanted a 920. Such a disservice considering the infancy of WP8; this is not an iPhone, exclusivity just hurts the platform.
  • Just tested it out for a bit, looks nice.  One thing I would like to see is the ability to select how far you'd be willing to walk to get to a bus stop.  In the test search I did the directs had me board a bus for a few blocks and then transfer.  Not that I couldn't figure it out to just skip the close bus stop and walk to the 2nd one but just a minor thing which would increase the functionality