Nokia UK offers a teaser to an 'OfficeLove' announcement with new video

Microsoft is using the Nokia UK YouTube channel to post a video teaser for ... something ... that is scheduled to be revealed later today. Based on the clip, it seems to be based on relationships in the office, and has some rather interesting imagery.

The video clip shows an empty business office that quickly switches to a note on a PC monitor asking an unnamed person to see someone before they leave for work. It then shows an office desk with what looks like an iPhone with an active ringtone. The final part of the clip shows a desk with a picture of a woman using a Lumia smartphone, but then shows a woman's shoe and a man's tie placed on a big chair as if there was some hanky-panky going on. The last thing that the video shows is a statement that reads, "8/10 relationships start in the office."

The clip ends noting more will be revealed later today. So what's going on? Hopefully, we will learn more in just a few hours. What do you think of this teaser video?

Source:Nokia UK on Twitter

John Callaham
  • That is an odd teaser. Not sure what to think of it or what might be revealed. Very mysterious Though it does make refferences to the various platforms and areas the Office suit is covering including OneNote.
  • Probably a trade in for your iphone, or a free office sub for each wp user ;)
  • Haha you bet it
  • ++   trade in your iphone 6 for 1 TB of free data for 1 year.  
  • YOu can do those trade ins with me. I will put you Office 365 on top of that offer :)
  • The new office with clippy-like feature?
  • "It looks like you're trying to write a death threat to the Office team."
  • Literal LOL.
  • office touch for windows phone i guess
  • This was a good one .. hehe
  • I want office touch they announced
  • Is that a blue iPhone 5C in that video? I'M JUST ASKING.
  • My thoughts exactly!
  • I think so
  • A 530 and 820 have the rounded corners and blue so I'm thinking it's one of them or some Nokia model.
  • No, it isn't. The iPhone's UI is clearly visible.
    So yes, it's an iPhone.
  • Nokia...... iPhone........ relationships........mmmmm
  • A new flagship device? Please?
  • +1530
  • Chance of that happening...ZERO
  • But I am sure Microsoft isn't that stupid to wait until late next year to release a flagship.
  • That's Dan Rubino for ya. Walking into a discussion and ruinning a fragile hope with a few words.
  • Office touch I guess. It means the new office touch will make you ditch iPhone and your desktop. And even you are not in the office, you still can do your work while dating outside.
  • R-18 maybe...? :D
  • XIM ?
  • Maybe a Mobile Office Suite with full features, making it actually usable...?
  • I'm probably just really anal because it wouldn't do any harm in reality, but a sticky note directly on the monitor really bugs me because I feel there's (microscopic) glue residue it'd leave behind.
  • Office love, anal, err...
  • office 16 for wp to come soon. we have to be calm as Satya Nadella os making big changes for everything.
  • Softpedia mention Clippy in the title for that article, but I can't find it in the actual article or any of their sources. Where did that come from?
  • One does not simply...
  • Video not found lol
  • Video is fine. May be your region. Region not found ;)
  • My region never lost :P will check from PC.
  • I'm in US and it isn't found.
  • Actually your app has a problem...
  • Office dating app :P
  • I am in ;)
  • something to do with iOS and MS Office
  • Taking down office from Appstore?
  • It can't be a nokia the smartphone from the desk, because WindowsPhone can't vibrate this often since they DIDN'T IMPLEMENT THIS OBVIOUS FEATURE! You need to have an extremely short ringtone in order for the WP phone to vibrate this often.
  • New Office with free subscriptions for all iOS users. Tell me, this isn't realistic. More realistic than WP getting update for Office.
  • Please be Office for WP... Please be Office for WP... Please be Office for WP...
  • Forgot a please.
  • Nothing more than new office for iphone. And even if it comes to WP it'll have fewer features.
  • "8/10 Relationships start in the office"... they made a point to show the iPhone, and it being left behind. Most of the people I know that now use smartphones were introduced to them at work. they started with BlackBerry then switched to iPhones. now, they are invested in the platform, because work provided them with the device. Their Apple "relationship" started at the office.  My guess is that the goal here is to start a new relationship, with Microsoft products. Not necessarily Office for WP. More likely some kind of new bussiness offering or incentive. But again, this is just speculation. Though I wouldn't mind this happening, as I'd love for my work to switch to WP. I hate having to cary my personal phone (Lumia 920) and a work phone (iPhone 5s) just because my work doesn't support WP....
  • You are correct in what you assume, this Teaser is pretty hard to understand.
  • This sounds the most accurate so far. It ties in with Satya's statements about making Windows a dual-life product, so you can have one phone for both work and personal rather than one phone each (the latter being quite common when work provides you a locked down phone).
  • Give me a break please! An iPhone on a Nokia Teaser... is this real life? they could not place a 930 on this desk it had to be a shitty iPhone? woah that shows how confident they are in their products, good job!
  • EDIT: It looks like what Moonbeam said is correct. Funny thing is I didn't get it and so did most people. Leaving behind the iPhone and switching to a Windows Phone as the true love. Oh dear who the hell came up with this confusing idea?
  • Personally, I felt it was pretty clear right off the bat. But, this is because I feel like this at work. I'd love to leave my iPhone behind and just use the phone I have loved using for almost 2 years.  After reading the comments, it became painfully clear that the vast majority of people would not jump to that same conclusion. Which furthers my beleif that this is Business user oriented. But still, they should have done a better job... :/
  • Could it be Office Sway?
  • A camera lens app with which u take a selfie and scan the office for a potential mate. Or an algorithm that finds single men and women in the office from just a pic
  • It's new office for WP.. There is reports that new version is coming soon...
  • I wouldn't mind doing the "Hanky-Panky" with her.
  • And film it on your wp lol
  • Cortana available for IOS? Hope not though!
  • And who's the one using a Lumia? The betrayed wife in the picture, the poor loser...
  • Revealed. Just an campaign ad. :|
  • A condom with bluetooth and track and trace function?
  • 8/10 divorce also starts in office. "Honey I'm going to be pulling an all nighter, see you in the morning"  
  • Anything happened?
  • Never mind: