Nokia UK offers a teaser to an 'OfficeLove' announcement with new video

Microsoft is using the Nokia UK YouTube channel to post a video teaser for ... something ... that is scheduled to be revealed later today. Based on the clip, it seems to be based on relationships in the office, and has some rather interesting imagery.

The video clip shows an empty business office that quickly switches to a note on a PC monitor asking an unnamed person to see someone before they leave for work. It then shows an office desk with what looks like an iPhone with an active ringtone. The final part of the clip shows a desk with a picture of a woman using a Lumia smartphone, but then shows a woman's shoe and a man's tie placed on a big chair as if there was some hanky-panky going on. The last thing that the video shows is a statement that reads, "8/10 relationships start in the office."

The clip ends noting more will be revealed later today. So what's going on? Hopefully, we will learn more in just a few hours. What do you think of this teaser video?

Source:Nokia UK on Twitter

John Callaham