Nokia VP of Product Marketing leaves amid speculation of disappointed investors

Ilari Nurmi showing off Nokia's Windows Phones

A lot can be said about last months revealing of the Nokia Lumia 920 (and 820). While the device’s design and hardware appear to be outstanding achievements for the Finnish company, the message and how it was delivered left a lot to be desired. In fact, Nokia’s stock famously dropped 16% on that day despite the impressive new devices with speculation pointing to lack of specific pricing, availability and carrier partners as the cause.

Since that time Nokia has recovered a bit, especially with a preliminary tests showing that the Lumia 920’s camera is a contender for the best mobile solution yet. But when times are tough and the message is fuddled, heads roll and that appears to be the case for Ilari Nurmi who was vice-president of product marketing for the company.

News came out today via Retuers that Nurmi has left company and what is not clear at this time is whether it was of his own accord or at the company’s insistence, as neither side would comment on the matter. That’s usually code for “we’re going our separate ways” and may reflect Nokia’s very aggressive approach lately to its personal.

There seems to be little tolerance for poorly executed plans regarding their smartphones—a wise and necessary strategy. Whether or not this was tied to the PureView camera scandal is not clear either, though it could very well be.

We briefly met with Nurmi in New York for the Lumia 920 launch and had quite a pleasant discussion with him about the company and their new technology. We wish him the best of luck and hope Nokia can in the future better execute product announcements and launches.

Source: Reuters; Thanks, KP, for the tip!  Image via AllThingsD

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