Control maps by waving your hands: Nokia merging HERE with Leap Motion

Nokia is working to integrate its HERE services with Leap Motion ( We previously looked at the new technology (and currently have one on order) that enables consumers to interact with Windows 8 (and other platforms), using nothing more than hand gestures and the magic of technology. So how can this tie in with Nokia's HERE service and why should you be impressed?

Check out the video below and see for yourself. The HERE team has added functionality and connectivity for the Leap Motion to interact with the interface provided through the web. The example footage shows said interaction with a run through Berlin. Now, we'll not be alone when we shout out "That's cool! I want one!"

The HERE 3D mapping and Leap Motion interface creates a unique experience for users who wish to fly around a virtual world. It's actually quite something and we look forward to testing this out. If you're interested in pre-ordering a Leap Motion for yourself, be sure to head on over to the official website.

Leap Motion will be invaluable for those who have Windows 8 installed on a desktop computer that doesn't sport a touchscreen. As well as HERE Maps, owners will be able to perform other tasks throughout the OS. We're excited, will you be pre-ordering one?

Source: Nokia (2), via: Twitter

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Can't wait for my Leap Motion!!
  • I'd prefer Kinect for windows but it all depends on apps and compatibility, which is more useful aside from showing off
  • I'm waiting for kinetic to be built in to the bezel of my phone/tablet/laptop/monitor its what one extra camera module and the camera probably don't need to be as high a quality due to range and no. of users.
  • How is it more useful specifically? ATM, Leap is far more sensitive and you can get very close to it. Leap is supposed to have full Windows capabilities. 
  • Didn't decide upon one or the other; have to wait and see based on new and legacy app compatibility; I like Leap but its still the new kid on the block...
  • Never been a fan of these types of tech where you just wave around. At first its cool and all, but after a while it gets tiring and somewhat useless.
  • It's good for those with Windows 8 but non-touch displays though. May not be perfect, but at $79 it's cheaper than buying a new touch monitor. It may not be good as a primary input device, but as a secondary or tertiary, it could be fun.
  • Is it out already? I really don't wanna buy a new monitor.
  • End of June, but I'd preorder it else you'll be waiting like I am for the fitbit flex released weeks ago but not available anywhere
  • Now that the new Kinnect for PC is confirmed to just be a business/dev kit I am definately going to get a Leap.  Pretty fantastic!
    If it works as advertized then I will get one for my wife's PC as well.
  • Awsome love you Nokia,:D
  • I can't wait either!
  • Is it not possible to use the front camera for detecting gestures?
  • awwwwwwww -SLAP!-
  • a cool fighter jet 3D game with these maps could be made out of this. think of going from A to be B in real life so i race in a jet to figure the way out ....would love it on my wp with xbox branding <3
  • TROLL xD
  • Leap Motion seems to be so damn awesome! 80$ is a fair price if you ask me.
  • I'm seeing potential for Nokia apps on Xbox One! How very cool would such integration with your phone be!
  • Some questiona arrise. What's the distance that Leap Motion covers? Could I actually buy a giant pc monitor and turn it into my 'TV' and handle it with Leap Motion? Or will it be out of range?
  • Who knows but the precision is so spot on that it makes this tech amazing
  • The area of use is a cone that extends straight up from the device. So the only limiting factor is the length of the cord.
  • Sweeeeeeet
  • Anything on 3D maps coming to Windows Phone in the future?
  • Any word Daniel on something similar for those of us who use a projector?
  • Why does the leap not work with a projector?
  • Neat toy, I suppose... but what HERE really needs is full voice command capability (HERE Drive and HERE Maps both). 
  • This is about the website, not the HERE apps for Windows Phone.  I agree with you about HERE Drive and Maps NEEDING voice input support.
  • Tony Stark: How does Fury even see these?
    Maria Hill: He turns.
    Tony Stark: Sounds exhausting!
  • Pre-order link doesn't work.
  • Imagine this along with oculus rift in bf4, *jaw drops*
    If bf4 was to be optimized that is, which it won't be for either most likely
  • Leap Motion has made a Billion Dollar idea...I'm gettin' it!
  • I'll wait for reviews before I east $80
  • Well, until supports HTML5 with IE 10 and isn't restricted to Google Chrome, FF, or Safari, I won't be using it.  The 3D "world" of doesn't support IE9 or 10, as they require WebGL, and MS isn't supporting WebGL today.  There are rumors they might with IE11.
  • Why doesn't Nokia bring HERE maps for Windows 8? That will increase number of users (and thus Nokia collecting more data, improve the POI counts).
  • And what was the CPU utilization like when running this 3D here maps in internet explorer 10?