Nokia X getting rooted means nothing to Nokia’s strategy

So the big headline late last night was that the new Nokia X, a low-end smartphone running Android 4.1, was “rooted”. That’s geek talk for getting access to the bootloader so that you can load other things on to the phone, after all, all smartphones are just mini-computers.

Immediately sites jumped on it as proof that Nokia’s strategy would never work, because you know, you can now flash the Google Play store and even an updated version of the Android onto the darn thing.

Here’s the thing. This is much ado about nothing. Let me break this down for you as much as I can: people don’t care about what OS they are running on their smartphone. Oh, I know you do. After all, you’re visiting a site dedicated to your phone (we won’t judge). But the vast majority of people in the world who toss down money on a low-end device just want it to work. They want it to have access to the apps that they want and services.  End of story. Rooting or not rooting are truly first-world problems.

Remember all the Android hubbub years ago about fragmentation and updates? Yeah. The only people that cared about that issue was the tech press as it didn’t even dent Android sales. Why? Because mainstream consumers out there don’t even know what version of Android they’re on – nor do they care, they care if the phone works.

Same situation with rooting, but even more so.

Rooting is not a trivial thing. It’s also not something your average user is going to bother with in an emerging market. Last I checked, people in emerging markets don’t have a lot of leisure time to be surfing XDA or checking headlines on Android Central (who's core audience is in the US anyway). In fact, most ordinary people will look at you like a freak if you told them you rooted your phone – nerd alert.

People who root Android phones typically do it on high end devices because it’s the gear they’re after. No one who really wants an ‘Android experience’ is going to buy the Nokia X just to root it. Why? The hardware design is nice, but under the hood there is no magic, nothing unique to offer.

The Nokia X is part of a larger Nokia strategy to replace their 200 million-a-year dumb phone line with yet-another-option. It’s not about the cost, it’s about apps. I’ll go into detail later about this strategy, and how it feeds into Windows Phone, but suffice it to say, no one is surprised that the Nokia X was rooted, it was a given and means little.

Source: Kashamalaga at XDA forums; via Android Central

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • hhhh.. so Nokia X is all about to prove the insecurity of Android & to make people familiar with Windows Phone concepts to make'em switch easily ;)
  • LOL.... At this point i'd rather read more crap about Samsung and their phones than this mess lol. But i can't wait for this to blow up in MIcrosoft's face and prove a lot of people wrong that this is good for windows phone :P Oh nvm...We're about the "Long term" so it'll be about 3-4 years before we may see if this will pay off(LMFAO)
  • You should be a Microsoft shareholder if you don't think a long term strategy is important and we should focus on here and now (;
  • Long term is a good strategy but short term is important as well. You don't potentially screw yourself in the short term(this is only going to further increase android's marketshare regardless of what it does for nokia sales/microsoft sales) for a possibility of a long term success unless you truly know it is worth the risk. And there is more bad than good for this. In all honesty, the fact that they and Wpcentral keep saying this is going to benefit windows phone is what pisses me off. It's not even the phone itself that bothers me or the fact it looks like windows's the fact people actually expect us to believe that people are that stupid to decide to move to a windows phone from this.
  • You keep making the same complaints, but you have never addressed the actual business strategy in a logical and thought out way.
  • Sigh..I've already admtited that this is logically a good business idea for them to sell more devices using Crapdroid and that they'll also make money off these phones. In a business sense when it comes to windows Phone,i don't see how this benefits windows phoen at all. Given that the Lumia 520 has done very well(and beat expectations) i would focus my efforts on continuing the success we had with that device and further evolve it...Not to mention future low end windows phone 8.1 devices Not created a forked device using a competitor OS which now means i'll have to actively develop for two OS(they are already slow when it comes to windows phone as is) and on top of that, my main reasoning for doing this would not be "We're hoping this will encourage people to our Lumia/Windows phone devices" This does undercut the value of a Lumia 520 simply because these phones are close to the price of what a 520 is and given a choice between a 520 and a how does this help actually?
  • I have had folks point out to me that the X and 520 are not really that "close" in terms of cost. Sure the MSRP's seem similar in the US, but the 520 is actually more costly in other parts of the world and in the markets the X will be targeting it could wind up being 50-70% cheaper than even the 520. And even a $30 price difference is significant when that amounts to 2 weeks' (or more) worth of disposable income for many.
  • But at the same time i look at it this way...even if it is significantly cheaper, that too is a problem because people likely will go for the cheaper device.
  • You said it yourself people will go for the cheaper device. May be if you step down from your high horse you will see there is a world of cheap android device in between the feature phone and the Lumia 520. Even you slash the cost of Lumia 520 to half the tight budget crowd will still consider an android phone first because they can side load apps with it while you cannot do so with a WP.
  • The better move would be to take the 525, put a camera flash on it, and replace the 520/521 with it. I think that would make a perfect low cost phone, much better than the Nokia X.
  • In Spain, the XL is €10 more expensive than a 520. When the OS is pointless and the audience is expected to have no apps on their Feature phones now, which basically means they will not miss any - once again - what is the point of those X devices? Aaaaand.... Spain? Hardly an emerging market. Above all, I have talked to a couple of Android devs, they are unaware about the Nokia Store and a couple of them DON'T WANT to Support MSFT at all.
  • if these said develpers don't want to support nokia x, that is realy dumb business,  I can understand and appreciate effort and time needed to code for ms app store, but hatred enough to leave money on the table? because all they need is less than 1 hour or 2 of coding update to their existing android apps. I repeat either the statement above is purely fan boy venting off or if true for any developer is is just dumb bad business.
  • McZos tell your dev friends they are idiots.
  • I never write M$ instead of MS because it is something that only stupid people do. That is also why I would never write Crapdroid ..... for the same reason.
  • Not about "moving from a Windows Phone to" the X line, it's about catching those that would otherwise buy a horrible low-end "traditional" Android device, and instead of their growing dependent on Google's services (and therefore continuing on a trajectory through the Google Android ecosystem), getting them using MS services like Skype and OneDrive and Nokia services like HERE and hoping that familiarity will get them looking to WP for their upgrades instead of at that damned green robot.
  • Thank you. Finally, someone remembered the actual strategy for this device.
  • HERE. HERE. :)
  • Like or hate the strategy, it's hard to see a megacorp like MS' willingness to sacrifice so many of their sacred cows in the name of unifying mobile and desktop as anything but a HUGE bet on the long-term. They knew it wouldn't happen overnight and knew the growing pains would be significant (not to mention costly) and they are doing it anyway.
  • I feel that this is going to hurt Microsoft since ultimately the numbers of potential wp users who are attracted to the Nokia brand (especially in emerging markets) will be hurt
  • That's for sure.  Nokia X will have more available apps than the Lumia and Asha phones.  It will steal sales from the low-end Lumia phones like 520/525 and also the high-end Asha phones.  It will provide a stepping stone for Nokia X users to upgrade to the highend Android phones and not the WP phones as Nokia is hoping for.  This strategy is highly doubtful for MS to gain benefits.  The only way that Nokia/MS can prevent that trend is to come out some dual OS phones (WP and ASOS) so the Nokia X users will have reasons to upgrade and stay in the MS camp.
  • Blow up in Microsoft's face? You do know that this isn't an MS move, don't you?
  • Troll
  • IMO, Nokia and Microsoft have really a bad decision on their hands right now! I have recommend friends, who have resisted to upgrade to a smartphone because of price, to get the Nokia Lumia 520/521 for $60/$70. Of the 15 I have told this to, 13 have purchased it. Why Nokia had to go the route of Android still buffles me.. Unless they want to use it as a test bed for Android phones being upgraded to WP8.1 on the fly..
  • Agreed.  I still don't understand why this is necessary.  The best way to introduce Windows Phone to emerging markets/the low end of the market is to... well... introduce Windows Phone, not Android.  I'm completely at a loss.  This strategy might make sense, but its a very round-a-bout way.  The only way I can justify these android devices is by thinking that Nokia did this only for the headlines and this is the end of the road for these devices (little future support).
  • I totally agree with you
  • It'll end up as the HD2 in Android circles.
    As for people not caring what OS is in their phone, people are very aware if they want an Android or IOS or Windows Phone.
  • stop wrongly interpreting the article. the author said os rev. and that at emerging markets even more so, that they just want their phone to work and be able use the little number of apps they have come accostomed to. He noted that those who root and cared a lot about the os revs are power users and mostly target high end devices becauses of their advance hardware niches.There was no where in the article where the author said people do not care about the os in their phone. For his argument, he used the fragmentation arguments that ended up not panning out.
  • +820
  • I feel MS has other plans for Normandy. First they ll let Nokia pull in devs to make apps for X. Then nokia will educate these devs and assist them in making a wp version of this app. Then MS plays the villain and buries Nokia X series. Until that day They ll let people get used to Microsoft services which these buyers ll want to keep using even after official termination of support and one way of doing that is to buy a 520 for slightly more.
  • It's easy to have the market share that Android has around the world when it's basically unopposed at most price points, at least until Windows Phone came along, which explains why WP has had such explosive growth at the lower end.  The Nokia X is a fine strategy for Nokia, but it makes no sense for Microsoft.  The X will not "fix" the app problem on WP, not that it is much of a problem any more, nor will it receive dev support.  This is the same failed idea that Blackberry tried, and Microsoft has a big enough problem with devs with the split ecosystem between tab/desktop/phone and even the WP7->WP8 debacle.  Palm didn't have much luck woo-ing devs either, these companies make it sound like such a sure thing but the track record isn't there to back up such confidence.  If Microsoft wants to compete at even lower points they can just take a hit on the device, like they did with the Xbox, there's no need to muddy the water with a completely separate system on different phones.  Microsoft can put all those profits from Android phones to good use driving down the cost of entry level Windows Phones.   On top of all this, if continued Microsoft runs the risk of the Nokia X damaging the WP brand thanks to Android's relatively crappy performance and un-reliability, and the utter lack of apps. 
  • Thats nice. Can we go back to talking about Windows Phones? =/
  • This is relevant to Windows Phone, especially in the long run. If you don't want to talk Microsoft-Nokia strategy fine, but I do and will :P
  • +820
  • Nice article Daniel and good response to Zeem Frostmaw
  • Boom, headshot.
  • Well said Daniel, here in India its exactly as you said, people dont give a damn to what is they have, they just want a phone in a price range, not everyone is a geek and knows about phones and keeping in Mind the target and demographics they are looking at, this rooting thing wont stand a chance at all. AT ALL.
  • It's my understanding that the target demographic for this phone might not even own a computer with which to root it, further supporting the argument made in the article.
  • The typical Indian user tries to get Android and the biggest screen size for as possible for cheap. This strategy is what Indian mobile brands like Lava and Micromax utilize to get the most buyers. Thats why everywhere in India, phones are about the size. Hell, they dont care even if its 480x800 on a 5 inch, which is THE worst.
  • +520
  • Indian users don't even want to spend money behind apps, all they want is free stuffs, no matter from where it comes, be it black mart or any other illegal store. They want full control on their phones, that's why I always back demands like file manager in Windows Phone.
  • Thats also the reason why WP and iOS aren't popular in India.
    Android practically has everything for free (illegally)
  • Yeah maybe a few times is fine but its getting too much ... I think everyone knows where to find android related new if thats what they're looking for. 
  • This was an editorial and I was making a specific point that was contra a lot of Android sites.
  • a point to who exactly though daniel? Kinpin is is a bit overdone at this point as I am sure most people here didn't care if it was rooted or not. Feel free to call me out if you must but kinpin right at this point, it is a bit much since we pretty much have been having an article on this phone so far almost everyday this week and this is why Mobile nations has a ANDROID CENTRAL. It's getting ridiculous now.
  • Last article we did on the X was on Tuesday, it's now Saturday. Phone was announced Monday. This is more about Nokia (and eventually, Microsoft) strategy than about the phone. If you can't see how this will affect Windows Phone in the long run, then either I'm not doing my job right or you'll never see it.
  • I guess with the multiple(and repetive) articles we had tuesday I got my dates mixed up(though there was a brief Nokia/Nokia X article yesterday tied with Samsung). I guess i will never see it because this has nothing to do with windows phone and everything to do with Microsoft services. That's my only complaint
  • Well, I disagree. Also, it's Saturday, so perfect time for a discussion on it. Finally, look at the amount of comments. People are interested in discussing it. Not necessarily agreeing with it, but at least debating points. That's the idea behind this.
  • Damn Daniel I like you more all the time. Maybe why I find myself coming here more often than Engadget these days. Well, that and your great WP app. Keep up the excellent work and quality perspective!
  • Look forward to the article explaining in depth how this affects WP positively in the long run.
  • Well, I like this kind of topics. Android or not, it's Nokia afterall!
  • Let's make Nokia Phone Central :P
  • lol, Nokia Phone Central xP +620 though :P
  • @Daniel, this article is crisp and to the point. The readers of the this website and other blogs should be smart enough to know that to root a phone one needs a PC. If I have any knowledge of emerging markets, most of the target audience very likely doesn't own a PC. How are they going to root the device? Also, buyers of this device are not reading blogs all day long. They are fighting for food most of the day. WP fans are acting worse than iSheeps, I can't believe it.
  • Keep doing what you're doing Daniel! I love all MS related news.
  • Actually, I like this article. It made me remember how my friends become flabbergasted whenever I talk about rooting, types of screens, processors, etc. It also made me confirm that marketing is indeed a huge factor in selling not just smartphones but anything.
  • +LOL
  • Well I would like to believe that this article is centered around a device (although not based on Windows Phone OS), in which Nokia's ultimate goal is to push prospective consumers towards a Windows Phone. But that is just my opinion. What do I know? ..... Sarcasm....
  • Oh how i wish Zeem. How i wish....Instead we get these articles telling us how good this is for Windows phone lmfao. Hopefully with March now in store we'll hear less about this crap that most people here likely don't care about and more windows phone 8.1
  • I want you to call out Daniel & the others for posting too much Xbox and desktop Windows news, please. Don't be selective.
  • Please do not speak for everyone. I do not give a damn about games, so i just do not click on the link to read the articles about them.
  • #justandroidthings
  • If the x handsets are considered cheap. I don't think people will be rooting these phones.
  • Agreed, the strategy is good, use the android for apps, but tied it with Ms services
  • Android 4.4 kitkat not 4.1. you might want to check that. EDIT: just cheched it's really 4.1 my bad. btw 4.1 is LAGGGG!!!
  • It's not Android 4.1 but AOSP 4.1. I guess they are different.
  • Thank you!
    I don't even have anything to add to this article. It's like you have some sort of telepathy, got into my brain, and took the words right out of there before it could even reach my mouth.
  • All this does is add more fuel to the "Nokia should have gone android" crowd. The X is such a waste of time, and it doesn't really do much to benefit android or WP customers. They would have been better off just selling the 520, 620, and 720 at a cheaper price in developing markets, since they share similar specs with the X line of phones.
  • I'll explain their strategy in more detail later and leave it to you if you agree or not. Suffice it to say, it's not as easy as 'just selling' 520, 620, etc. 
  • Android Central has been ripping apart the Nokia X in articles the last few day's.They even don't get what Nokia is trying to accomplish.
  • Even Androidcentral recommends someone gets a Lumia 520 or a Moto G(for android) over this mess...that tells you something.
  • AC is members and audience is not the target one for Nokia X. That's what they don't get.
  • and Neither are we here on Wpcentral....
  • It's about the strategy here, which I heavily alluded to in the title.   Look, Nokia X will be part of Microsoft in a few weeks. If you don't think that's interesting, then fine, but I'm going to keep writing on the topic where I see fit, despite your protests. Sorry.
  • That's fine, Daniel...It is your site to do as you see fit and I will still be here daily through the app or site reading it. It's just annoying to want to get away from Google/Android and i don't expect to see much about it on a WINDOWS PHONE site but as you said you'll write where you see fit and that's fine.
  • Trust me, we could write more on this but we have heard your feedback on this topic, so we did back off of it after Tuesday's news (which was a big story, just saying). So it's not falling on deaf ears ;)
  • Hang in there, Micah.  Love that you are going toe to toe!   I agree with your sentiments.
  • Preach it!
  • I'm sure there's a strategy, but just not one that appears to make sense to the majority of consumers and the tech industry. For the cost of developing and maintaining a forked version of android along with new hardware to put it on, they could have just lowered the cost on the older WP models and made up the difference through sales. It seems silly for MS and Nokia to split resources on another mobile OS such as they have. I'm still open to your explanation or anything that can change my opinion.
  • It's about strategy...the fact they are going to possibly...maybe....potentially....get Nokia X customers to perhaps buy a Lumia at a later date.  At least that's what we're being told by Pro X.....but as you said this seems like it can do more harm than good, with splitting resources between two different mobile OS.
  • MSFT should of killed this crap.
  • Nokia is not under Microsoft's control at this point, so they could not have. Also, my bet is MS is fine with this strategy. 
  • On another topic Daniel, can you throw us a bone regarding a potential surface phone which was rumored to have 3 working prototypes as plan B's just like these Nokia Android devices were. Will we ever see a surface phone? Every WP outside of I guess the 1020-1520( there might be an argument the 1020-1520 may be mid-tier) are really consider low end or mid-tier and a surface phone would truly be a high-end device. Am I going to suffocate waiting for a surface phone???
  • Everything I've heard points to no Surface phone. WP will all be on Nokia's HW division.
  • I'm reaching here, but could any of the future designs be based on any of the previously released prototypes, just not called surface?? Because any of the future phones could be considered pure MS devices since it will be under their umbrella.
  • This strategy might be a great opportunity to develop Nokia X and WP business specially in huge market of China or any similar markets ... Well, WP market share in China is almost none, so why not ...
  • Windows Phone Central now become part of Android Central because of Nokia X.
  • I wouldn't go that far but it does seem more likely that Daniel would just write this article for them on AC since it actually use a version of their OS and is less likely to piss off a majority of their members know, it's an android site. But ehh whatever, at this point i don't even care anymore. It looks like Nokia, Microsoft, Wpcentral and everyone PRo Nokia is trying to shove this BS in our face so may as well deal lol
  • Daniel is a good reporter and the click traffic/comments here show it.
  • I never said Daniel wasn't a good writer. He's a charismastic guy and I like the dude but that doesn't discredit the fact that i am sure most of wpcentral doesn't care about this phone and it would be better suited on a place that actually is a fansite for people that actually use the android os and thus likely won't be put off by it. All week long there has been at least one article a day(except maybe one) about this phone.
  • "All week long there has been at least one article a day(except maybe one) about this phone."
    Really, our last article on this was Tuesday (with four on Monday's announcement day). You're making much ado about something you can just easily gloss over.
  • Don't worry, soon this phone will be no news anymore....
  • As Daniel replied, don't read it, by doing so, you won't be wasting any of your time on Android?
  • Still have to SEE IT when i go through the site and/or app.
  • Like it or not...this phone...and this strategy....BS or not has an impact on the future of the phone and OS I am typing this on...and assume you may by that very fact this is relevant news and will be for quite some time. I am interested in articles discussing this and I'm sure others are as well.
  • This whole Nokia X story makes me glad that Elop didn't get to become MS CEO. I had been cheering on the sidelines for him to become the Next CEO of Microsoft based on the fact the he defied all odds and lead Nokia to become the biggest OEM for Window Phone. But considering that he hatched, contrived and planted this Nokia X phone to upstage the steadily growing market share of our beloved Windows Phone makes me so sad. Now some of us cannot but to bury our heads in the sand in front of our vociferous Windows hating Android fanboys who had been predicting that Nokia can get back their mojo only when they start producing Android phones.
  • And they even dare to make a WPCentral app for the Android?! /s
  • Nope, nobody likes the phone on Android Central because they think Nokia's strategy is:
    Build a low end phone with unoptimised software (AOSP 4.1)
    Make it look and feel like WP
    Replace Google services w/ MS services
    Let the customer find out how shitty it runs and blame it on Android
    Tell the customer he/she can switch to the more optimised WP OS, and show the Lumia line with not so expensive entry models (same OEM, same feel, better optimisation)
    Et voilà! A new WP user with a strong apprehension for Android. But I think the biggest part of people who are going to buy this device don't give a tiny shit about what OS runs on their phones, just like people who buy feature phones. Heck, a lot of smartphone users don't even know what OS their smartphone runs... Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Agree or not with the strategy, but please at least make an effort to understand why some WP fans do find this news relevant and interesting.
  • Many of us do care about this phone. Hell, even you do, that's why you're railing so hard against it. Anything that affects WP's future, for the better or the worse, deserves to be on this site. Period
  • Nokia should kill this X family , users will buy these phones , resulting in decline in windows phone sales , most of my android friends are happy , they will buy this considering lumia 520 , the most successful phone is in the same price tag.
  • Hey Daniel, can you tell what % of wpcentral visitors are from India??
  • 15% To put that in perspective, that's our second largest audience behind the US (30%) and well ahead of the UK (8.5%).
  • I love reading quality articles here , you all are doing a great job , love you all xoxo
  • Gossip Girl reference.... (you know you love me xoxo) part  
  • Are you sure these are used by gossip girls worldwide ????? i am showing my gratitude here. 
  • Duh the tv show...
  • ..........
  • Really?....
  • Great!
  • That's great. Daniel, does these figures include browsing WPC through your official app as I always prefer the app.
  • I'd love to know more about that...please make an article about this distribution
  • Plus there are many Indians working in the USA and UK, so the number is probably even higher.
  • Go to Alexa, you'll get a nice chart Edit: got beat by Daniel.
  • USA represent!! ;)
  • This is awesome! Hope the Microsoft deal fails, Nokia with android and wp!
  • Disappear dude!
  • Jump off a cliff dude >:/
  • Nokia X is a WP with candy crush.  The only reason you know its android its because they said so!
  • U need a prostitute in your locality. Find out that with city lens.
  • That's not cool. Please stick to the topic.
  • Seriously, Nokia & Android? As much as I like some Android features, Nokia with Android is totally unacceptable. Android has no class, which Nokia is famous for.
  • Umm... How 'bout you go back home to AndroidCentral?
  • Well people may buy this but believe me they will never get the fluidity that a Wp offers. Lol
  • +1020
  • It was going to happen, if I was to get I would root it the first day or wait for someone to make a ROM for it and flash it if I could I would interop my 920 or full unlock it
  • Honestly, who care if you root a WP to put android on it? If you buy a WP, Microsoft still gets the proceeds from the initial purchase and it will reflect a growth in WP due the sale. Simple logic; whatever you do with your device after purchase is your business.
  • Microsoft care, if they didn't they would put in the ability to do so.
  • first thing came into my mind hearing the news: Android thing........
  • I disagree to people in 3rd world countries don't have the leisure and time to do any of the rooting and visiting tech sites. Actually, we don't have the time, they do. I am from Pakistan, and when I was there, I was "in" with everything. Now, I just try to keep up.
    try searching for cyber hackers and cyber army, you will see which countries pop up... India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc.
  • What a piece of crap. If they wanted to make an android phone, even if it was forked, they could've at least put 4.3 or 4.4...
  • 4.4 is very well optimized for low hardware , so it's their strategy to give some lag , crap to users so they will finally think of getting windows phone , since they will think android sucks by using X phones :p
  • Hahaha!! Nicely put. 
  • Welcome to wpcentral Sid :)
  • Thanx man!!
  • Are you enjoying with your lumia 1520 :D
  • Frankly speaking....this is my 7th Lumia Phone....starting from Lumia 800, 900, 510, 520, 720, 920 and now me....i desperately await WP8.1.
  • Wow you are rich XD. Lumia 920 was my first windows phone , I am waiting for something new later in June , indeed everyone here is waiting for wp8.1 update , this update is filling all the gaps and holes that are present in windows phone. I hope developers will be more interested in building apps for our platform , I ditched iphone 4 and s3 ;)
  • Lol...if u say so...
    However, i am counting on features like "Action Centre"....."notification centre"..."bbm"....and a "file explorer"(not confirmed by SDK yet.
    I believe if these come to WP line up from 520 to 820.....a normal user doesnt care about hardware-de-supremo like iphone/1520/Note 3....and u already know wot disaster S5 is.
    U truly said, this just wont fill gaps but also will compete with samsung duos and grand crowd.
    Surely WP has a logarithmic curve ahead, Considering Nokia X keeps a low profile(Which is wot Rubino mentioned about Micro-kia's strategy).
    Wot features u betting on Himanshu??
  • i need slow motion video recording :-p , bbm and facebook messenger are great to have but i hardly social network , file explorer is good for those who loves copying data on phone from here to there for instance copying a image to new album , managing songs/videos on phone, ah notification Centre , quick toggles are must , voice assistant is good , but i know i wont be using it , i never use siri on my ipad , she is useless 90% , does not accept my Indian accent , dumb siri :-p nokia X is going to be good for nokia , many users will buy it since NOKIA itself is a big name here in India , people here trust nokia dude to after service , robust product , most probably people will root it to access play store or to add/install custom rooms(nightly build , etc ) nokia said that they wont be focusing on X family , they still have lumia as main focus for mobile strategy :) , they want users to try out X if they get bored with X , they can switch to lumia
  • +1520!
  • They might update it to 4.4, Nokia is good w/ updates and supporting their products except some (Lumia 810)
  • Nokia will never , they clearly said they will not focus on X , windows phone will be their first preference for updates , features.
  • Youre right 50%
  • .......
  • Well in that case..CM or XDA :/
  • Correctly said. Most people just look for a phone to run the apps and that's the end of it. Only some of them are into this geeky stuff....
  • Nokia x defense force assemble! Tell us again how this wonderful strategy, based on services that work mostly in the US is going to bring over all those users in emerging markets to WP. Go on, I dare you!.
  • They buy the phone. They like the tiles. They get hooked on MS services. They take the bait. They think "I wanna more powerful phone". They love the tiles and MS services, so WP is an obvious choice. Tada! :)
  • You point out a very crucial "fail" to the Nokia X platform & device, that I have been pondering since it's announcement. Considering that more Lumia devices are purchased in every other country than here in the U.S., I hear on a consistent basis about the lack of features or services that are offered by Microsoft, either do not work, half-ass work, or just non existent due to the fact they are not located in the U.S.. So in knowing this problem exists on Lumia devices running a Microsoft OS and its current services, really makes no sense when said services will be the backbone of the Nokia X platform and device that is specifically being targeted and sold in emerging markets and some EU countries. I do understand that apps can be side loaded and there is access to other android app stores in different countries, but I wonder how many people that buy this phone will know how to do this so they may access the services they need. If this phone is purchased by more people who are upgrading from a feature phone or just their 1st overall smartphone, makes me think these people won't know how to do this. Im amazed to hear when I ask some of my friends & family "what kind of phone do you have and what OS" (I do this out of curiosity more times than not) The majority of their answers are "galaxy phone", "what is an OS", or "iPhone", but none know which version of IOS. So, their is a lot of truth in the saying "most people dont know what OS they are using," much less which version.
  • Daniel, thank you for writing this. I've been getting tired of defending this phone and how it could benefit Microsoft.
  • Nobody is saying it won't benefit Microsoft...Of course it will. Everybody is saying how this won't benefit Windows phone.
  • Exactly!!
  • Meh, if they can talk about xbox one and titanfall and stuff like that why can't they discuss this phone?
  • I bet most of the people against this strategy are people who lives in a developed country. I am from the Philippines which is considered an emerging market and I can totally relate to the Nokia X strategy. We have android phones here who are half the price of the Lumia 520. Having people experience a sort of windows phone MIGHT get them jump to the full Windows experience.
  • MIGHT...yes.....But there is a greater possibility they will jump to a higher end Android phone.
  • So you mean do not even try? 1st world mentality, you think that Lumia 520 is dirt cheap. There are plenty of cheap android or forked android devices(unbranded) and there also a very healthy used phone market (used iphone 4 still selling well and cheaper than 520).
  • iphone 4 cheaper than 520 ? damn Here in brazil iphone 4 cost about twice the price of a 520. (Yes, the used ones) Also Micah, any person using a microsoft service is a potentially new customer for windows phone. I have friends that say they wont consider moving to another platform because they now depend on googles services.  Of course they know they can have gmail on a Windows Phone and that any google doc can be used in his windows phone but they think its better to keep with android. Right now services are more important than the phone OS and they weight a lot in wich phone someone will decide to get.
  • It would mean MS may sell phones that are supposed to have their services, but which can easily be replaced with their competitors services. Its not a trivial thing. There's more reason MS needs to kill this. Its about mind share. If you buy a phone with MS services and replace it with google services, that's bad for MS. MS might make money from the sales of Nokia x, but they won't gain mind share, and their own OS won't gain market share. I hope MS kills Nokia x.
  • Curious to see the article expounding on how the Nokia X feeds into Windows Phone. Sure the X line will run MS services, but it is running Android apps - 75% of those available in Google Play. If, when it's time to upgrade, people can't find their apps in the WP store (unless Android apps on WP comes true, please, God, no!), will people be married to the services (which can be moved with minimal hassle to Google) or the apps? On another note, I'm curious to know your sources on lifestyles of people in the 2/3 world. Are they really not interested in rooting their phones, or is that an assumption? I hear a lot of pundits talking about "sheep herders in Mongolia" (Paul Thurrott), but that seems to be assumed anecdotes based on the current smartphone-using population in established markets. Perhaps people in emerging markets might be interested in their OS, who knows?
  • Why in God's name would you not want android apps on windows phone?
  • I agree ....i think most people in this space could care less about rooting their phones... They are In terested in the features the phone has already and they are not what they can get... Some people don't even have they won't be interested in rooting
  • Well said, Daniel! Greetings from Portugal
  • Rooting the X was only done as a PoC. Every geek on XDA wants to root every android device that comes out. That's just what we/they/us do. It was inevitable. Hat said, you were dead on with the notion that it won't change anything. Just like the adage, just because you can...
  • It's android, what would one expect?
  • LOL! Daniel, I love how blunt you can be when you write these articles! +928 to you :D
  • Daniel, you always have to bring logic to the conversation. You're duh a killjoy. Don't you know that does nothing to spin up the hype? Or the hyper? ;-)
  • Just how cheap is this phone, exactly?
  • Hold on.....I'm trying to be surprised. Almost there......
  • Blunt fact about Nokia X being rooted.... Samsung/LG may chuckle now...... But Micro-Kia will have the last laugh at the end of the Q4 when we will see the inching graph.  However Samsung going for taizen in future may bring whole other dynamics to market.... Again, that depends on how much App support taizen can offer.  No wonder if Rubino posts 'Nokia X wid custom ROM' or Cyanogenmod team posts 'CM 11.1 ROM'  for nokia x in 7 days.  Thanx for the update Rubino.  Oh by the way.... This is my first post here ;) 
  • Welcome. And yeah, hopefully I won't be writing  'Nokia X wid custom ROM' or Cyanogenmod team posts 'CM 11.1 ROM' , because then I have veered off course! lol
  • Lol, well i believe someone probably wud from Androidcentral :P
  • Yes it can be rooted. Then what? Majority of users, specially if I use my country's demographic state, will be teenagers or just common people that not so literate on hacking/cracking realm. I can say, around 70-80% won't root it.
  • I agree with the sentiment of the article completely.  The people who root devices are very VERY few and far between.  Heck, I'm a tech nerd, and a developer, and I remember back in the day buying a Nokia N900 for the purpose of "rooting" and installing whatever OS I wanted to on it (KDE was on my radar).  But once I got it, I used it for a couple days, realized that the MAEMO OS works really well just as-is, and never ended up rooting it.   I used it happily for two years.    
  • I agree with you that most people in third world countries have no interest in rooting their laggy Droids. I live in South Africa and only know 1 person familiar with rooting amongst my colleagues, friends & circles. Many are middle class with high end devices and access to data contracts. They get annoyed by the adverts and high data use of Droids yet stay loyal as status governs choices in South Africa. I don't forsee Nokia X users concerned wit rooting as many high end Droid users will buy it as a second device for daily use while keeping the status symbol for public appearances. Now you know why I have a Samsung Ativ S, low cost, high end, data friendly with no lag :)
  • This means nothing... I bet less than .05 of all android users root their phones... We can chill out
  • As for those who are bitching and whining about hearing of the X series (which is actually relevant to WP), are you the same group of idiots who don't want any non-US articles on WP?  
  • My thoughts exactly. +1020
  • Its end of android and switch to Nokia Lumia
    all,company like Samsung Sony also make wp8 because they will bore off making android
  • I hate the name Andy Rubin
  • This shows that droid should be strictly banned. The governments of respective countries have to take action against this stupid operating system.
  • Droid ? That is just exclusive to Verizon wireless so you should just say android ;)
  • Don't get me wrong, I resent Android. But I think banning it goes a bit too far :/
  • Relax I was just nitpicking here :D
  • Yeah, well I wasn't replying to your comment was I? :P lol
  • ask this yourself :-p
  • Nokia Lumia has best smartphone and in Future Apple and Nokia will King of samrtphoness
  • Apple losing make share everywhere, there slowly dying.
  • That what happens when you dont focus multiple markets. Keeping things only for premium market and providing them and brainwashing them about apple apple apple. Fuck cut that crap.
  • Sorry Daniel, but I don't think Nokia X is any more relevant than any other WP OEM's Android handsets. I really don't care much about what low cost Android phone HTC, Samsung, or even Nokia might be making. Especially one which won't even be available in my market. I do have interest in the market strategy, like you said, but the fact that yet another Android device has been rooted is inane news for Windows Phone users.
  • That's a small looking phone
  • Forget this shit lets talk about WP and build. Change the topic
  • ^^This. All this android chatter lately since MWC is creeping me out. 
  • It doesn't take a "techie" to search bing/google on how to root the phone. Or search installing Google Play on the Nokia X. When the news anchors on my local stations are talking about rooting and jail breaking, its no secret. If you can plug your phone into your PC, follow instructions, run an application, you can root your phone. I give it another few weeks and there will be a 2 click installer that will root and flash custom rom. Then you can install the optional google play apk with a whole 2 clicks more. Oh noes! I could care less about the android vs windows phone nonsense as I use both and both are great. Now just waiting for the Nokia XL to be rooted when available :)
  • Actually the whole Nokia X thing is a big mistake. Based on the same reasoning that Daniel is using here, people who will be using the Nokia X don't have the money or leisure to go for paid services, assuming that Nokia is planning to lure those people to using paid Microsoft services. It won't work, and the Nokia X was simply a waste of time and money.
  • I believe the services here are your typical Facebook, twitter, instagram, onedrive, Skype.... Those are all free services that you can't find on a dumb phone.
  • Don't be to over confident about windows phone nokia x is a low end Lumia killer. And windows is only doing good in low end device.
  • Hi everyone. We are from the 'third world' and we are going to tell you how it is. The level of anticipation for these phone from Android users is scary, they all want it. And rooting is much more common than Daniel assumes. It won't be long before an enterprising techie will offer to root your Nokia X for you at a cost and believe us, people will pay to get their Nokia X rooted if they are promised it will make their phones better. People pay to have mp3 music transferred to their phones because they don't have their own computers. Besides, people here will likely move to a better Android phone after a Nokia X because it will soon have the reputation of being 'half-Android'. They will be told that if they really want the magical pure Android experience they should get a Galaxy. Sorry, but that's how things work here.
  • Awesome way to lay the smackdown.
  • Whatever Nokia made, I wish they had made a high end device, along with these low end ones. It is good that Nokia is aiming at the emerging markets, but companies like Samsung, Sony, Karbonn and Micromaxx are already dominating here(talking especially of India). Now, Nokia is entering the race. I think the phones have quite less features...
  • great article!
  • I knew it!! I was 100% sure that this will happen... Guys over XDA can do ANYTHING!
  • I think Nokia and Microsoft are up to something here...!! Don't hate just wait..
  • I don't think I've seen anyone comment on how Microsoft still wins in all scenarios since they make money on every Android handset sold. People often take MS for fools, but they wouldn't be one of the top brands and most profitable companies on the planet of they were.
  • I'm sorry but I don't see the strategy in the Nokia x series. I see the tie-in with msft services...but that's all. I think a good point was brought up earlier; what happens when a Nokia x user gets accustomed to android apps and goes to WP only to find the same app isn't available?
  • "Last I checked, people in emerging markets don’t have a lot of leisure time to be surfing XDA or checking headlines on Android Central" WTH is that suppose to mean?  Sent from my iPhone 5S, sitting near my Retina MacBook Pro and Lumia 1020, living in Pakistan, an 'emerging market'. 
  • I was implying that they work hard. If you want to say they're lazy and not doing anything with their lives, you're free to take that position.
  • Nokia X will cannibalise the low end. When manufacturers are saying they are waiting for Market Share to pick up before they commit to WP how does X help. Simple it doesn't. Seems like Microsoft are starting to hedge their bets. Unfortunately by doing so they risk undermining and ultimately killing WP.
  • A nokia with kit kat ?
  • Woah! I dont like the tone of that guy! Is he calling me dumb?
  • With the hardware design made on Nokia X, where it has just only one hardware capacitive button (much more like iPhone, but in capacitive form :) ), I doubt they can use it as seamless as if they were use it on the 'normal Android ones'. Well, they taught that Nokia didn't know about rooting on Android, so they did it, IMO.
  • You made my morning, Daniel. Thank you.
  • If people didn't care about the OS in their phones Nokia would outsell Samsung because of the sheer quality of their phones.
  • You forgot about the part where Samsung spends crazy amounts of money on advertising, outspending everyone.  Having millions to burn helps get your message out.
  • Yes and yes, advertising is (the) KEY.. Nokia already has this and many great products. Now it's time to shout it out to every nook and cranny.
  • I feel like their efforts should have gone toward a better successor for the 520/521 at maybe a lower cost. Sort of like amazon does with the kindle. They may not make any money or even lose money on hardware, but they should be lucrative in services. That is what will keep a customer. I was heavily invested into google. services for years until I got tires of having to always customize it just to make it work for me. I picked up a 521 and it was nothing short of amazing. Long story short I completely migrated all my data off of scroogle and right into Microsoft. Pick up a 920 (amazing phone) and now use my 521 as a media device. Everything is perfect to me. I think a 529 with flash, ffc, 1 gig ram, maybe clear black tech would be the killer low cost device that would just take the cake. You gotta spend money to make money. Android will not be the way to go. They have done this all wrong imo. As a matter of fact the kindle fire hd has some pretty amazing hardware(at least the feel and screen res) at such a low cost. Nokia should follow suite with the low end Lumia line. Lose money on hardware, gain money and customers in services, and offer an upgrade incentive to a higher end Lumia device. The specs of the Lumia x series might just drive ppl away from Nokia because and android runs like garbage and low end specs in the end anyway. They could have just used specs similar to the Moto g at least to male it more appealing. Fail fail fail.
  • Maybe the headline should be Nokia X means nothing to Nokia’s strategy. Gets rooted.
  • Many of us do care about this phone. Hell, even you do, that's why you're railing so hard against it. Anything that affects WP's future, for the better or the worse, deserves to be on this site. Period.
  • As much as I like WP OS, the truth is after so many years this operating system is not being accepted worldwide. 1. MS should have never called it Windows. Modern Ui needed a modern name. It is all about perception. 2. Maybe the Ui needs to be altered and in line with the other OS. Seems like majority of the population just don't fancy live tiles. Too much clutter that MS should think about cleaning up a bit. Let's see what WP 8.1 brings to the table in terms of sales. After this update there is just no excuse left because we will be on par with the competition.
  • Number 1 is interesting. It is hard to attract snob Mac users or Android "freedom" fighters with the "windows" brand. Besides our mascot is not cool as the apple or the robot, it is a window. I disagree on number 2. Live tiles are a nice differentiation from the boring icons of both competitors and they work well (although the app list needs an urgent update) I also think/hope wp 8.1 will somehow level the playfield but just because competitors have not improved very much lastly. MS is taking too much time to solve some drawbacks (lack of notification center, different volume settings, etc.) that were evident from the first day. 
  • Nokia X-rated
  • My Opinion is this is all news fodder, when MS aquisition is complete this phone will die as it should. Its all about perception, if the public thinks MS is going android why buy a windows phone? Its quite simple the MS/Nokia deal isnt final until its final......I lol at all you guys who actually have taken this serious with your intellectualizing of it.....   Nokia x R.I.P 2014-2014
  • Exactly. Why even give out the perception that WP have failed. This just fuels the fire. Kill the project as soon as you close the deal.
  • I would have rather seen Nokia load up MS services on the meego platform and in the mean time keep pushing out successors to 520/620 at a faster rate.
  • I'm still puzzled. Maybe Daniel can enlighten me. Basically, the point the article tries to make, is that app selection and a working phone matters more than the installed OS. Fine! But the X devices are sold to the audience as feature phone replacements, which means the converts are not used to apps and therefore can't tell, how well app selection on a given phone OS is. They are sold in Spain, despite being described as "for emerging markets". In Spain, they are €109, €119 and €129 last time I looked, with L520 being €119. We can forget about the price argument here. It all boils down to apps. In this respect, I'm quite sure that Nokiasofts strategy will fail. Being able to RUN apps is not equal to be able to OFFER apps. Despite most Android-devs I know being rock-hard MS-haters, Google could simply require apps offered on their store to be exclusive. This would effectively obliterate the X platform and would force Amazon to surrender, too. With all this evidence, IMO the X phone series was created as a cheap way for Nokia to profit from going Android without breaking existing contracts with MSFT by attracting them to a very stupid idea. When MSFT heard about it - which must've happened sometime last year - they started to buy Nokias device division. Any other explanation fails due to Occams razor. When I read about MSFT these days, I could tear out my hair. 2012, it was "Windows everywhere", which is exactly what is being required. Now, Dell is making a Chromecast-adversary, ready to convert any flatscreen into a thin client. Android's aboard, while MSFT seems incapable to convert its portfolio into a box of tools, from which they can assemble any solution they want. Maybe they knew, but didn't want to create a Xbox competitor, which is in fact very shortsighted. Consumer computing today is all about pushing limits. The last limit being pushed by MSFT was Kinect, quite a long time ago.
  • Amen brother. Preach it.
  • It's amazing how shortsighted the minute corner of the internet we live in here thinks the world revolves around what happens here..   This all means nothing but Nokia will probably sell more of these devices as now the geeks want one too..
  • I have to say this time wpcentral has made very very wrong statements by saying only the first world cares about rooting. The ability to be rooted and the ability to side load cracked paid apps are among the main reasons why android dominates Chinese market and WP fails completely no matter how much progress WP is making in the other parts of the world. And to root an android is very much a simple thing in China. Lots of software can help an ordinary person to get his/her android phone rooted in very simple steps. Can't imagine it? Just consider Chinese PC software assistant for WP. It can allow win7 users to unlock their phone and download lots of PAID apps for free and deploy to their WP with ONE SINGLE CLICK. Nokia X will see a very high rate of being rooted in China, maybe even higher than the first world countries wpcentral claimed. Believe it or not
  • This is exactly why Nokia's top executives will likely be shown the door in not too distant future, once Nokia's sale is final. For now, its probably about "play it nice", but clearly MS isn't happy that Nokia was secretly working on a product built on a competitor's platform. Nokia likely planned to release the X series close to when MS's deal expires (I believe in 2015) and use it as an example why they need to execute their Plan B. Remember, Nokia was known to have no Plan B ! MS figured that they can't let Nokia erode the only maket share they have gained in the past, so they had to make their move quickly. Clearly, you release an Android phone and not expect it to be rooted in no time. Most likely, that was Nokia's intention (aligns with recent Twitter response by Nokia on root) all along. By providing a good device under Nokia brand, Nokia could have taken market share in Asia from HTC to start with, and start sunsetting Windows Phone. The argument that there is a gap between Asha and Windows Phone series is total BS. With the success of Nokia 520, it is clear that there is no void that need filled. The question now is, when will Nokia's top executives shown the door after Nokia is under MS Umbrella ? I hope MS runs the "Device" brand as a seperate unit under a cool banner ... maybe as "Lumia Devices" or "Surface Devices". My money is on Surface Devices. I also think MS should consider bring on board some executives from competitors so MS can better plan their strategy (diversity of perspective) in this fast evolving mobile market. I do anticipate Nokia to get back into the device business in a couple years when the mobile race has settled and losers are accounted for. By that time, the face of mobile OS will likely be way too different than today and the choice of Android, iOS and WP might not even be a discussion anymore. There are a lot of external and internal factors that will decide that mobile/desktop/internet of things future. Interesting times !
  • Nokia X is never meant to be a "path" to Windows Phone. Nokia’s own style guide for developers suggest this may not exactly be the case. Their style guide suggests:
    Do not mimic different platforms. People are not used to the interaction paradigms of the other platform; for example, they might consider the Windows Phone panoramic view as uneffective since it does not work satisfyingly in landscape orientation. Read more about Android style.
  • Daniel, I really feel like you just wrote an article about all the same things I've been ranting, raving, screaming and cussing about for the past year+. Thank you! They still won't get it, but thank you none the less.
  • heh, welcome
  • I can understand that Nokia has their own way of seeing things like this, but it seems silly to not bring it to the US. Windows Phones are nonexistent on secondary carriers e.g. Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, iWireless, ect. (The only ones that actually have WPs are MetroPCS, AT&T's GoPhone subsidiary, WalMart's T-Mobole service, and U.S. Cellular)
    This would be a good way to wedge Windows Phone into the ultra budget/prepaid users who can't throw ~$60 to $70 on a single phone plan. The worst part of this is that AT&T still gets 90%? of Windows Phones exclusively. These other phone manufacturers could find ways to enter the us market, but my only beef is that unsubsidized prices are too high.
  • Damn. People you are funny, why you care about this phone so much. What's wrong Nokia being on Android? I personally love Nokia as well as WP and I was going to buy XL as secondary phone (I need android device because on WP videos are not accessible for apps except whatsapp), but just remembered it has low resolution in 5" screen. My L928 is smaller but resolution is higher. Now I'll think about get it or not
  • Absolutely. 99.9% of mobile phone owners just want it to work; they have absolutely no interest in what makes it work. They get an update from their carrier, they install it. They find an app they like, they download it. Period. 
  • I'm glad it's rooted so soon and I'll be waiting for step two - completely remove the horrible OS interface and replace it with Android. And yes, it's a cheap phone and that's why I'm buying one. Precisely to root it, tinker with it and do all the stuff Android allows to do.
  • Nobody's rooting my boot
  • I don't know.....there are other ways to get people to windows using a phone that says Nokia on it....and uses android OS that looks similar to windows but doesn't say windows on it???? Where is old school marketing 101 having consumers identify a product with a single name.....this is so upside down....take a simple person that is not into tech....tell them your the time your done they still won't know what kind of phone is in your,Microsoft owned, android OS, looks like windows phone and now the app store???? Confusing get real......
  • In the short term; Nokia's X strategy is correct. This is what they ought to do. Make familiar low end device that is similar to windows phone's ui. When they are satisfied with their devices and want to upgrade; they would probably choose Windows Phone. Because the ui is familiar to their low-end Windows Phone wannabe device. So they won't find the Windows Phone's ui awkward. Why should Microsoft be worried about this? Their services are good, all they need is a chance that the customers try their services primarily instead of Google's services. With Android's ultra flexibility; I am not surprised that the Nokia X gets rooted. Despite the Nokia's X strategy has benefits that it has some costs too. Since the Windows Phone is growing it's marketshare especially selling by low-end devices including 520-521 and 525 that will diminish the rate of consumers who are buying their devices for their affordable prices in the Lumia range. However, there are other players that are threatening Nokia's wp low-end strategy like Moto G, Xperia E etc. So for the android aerospace; this move sounds logical; not only for fighting for low-end but also by transfering these customers to their valuable Lumia mid or high end devices. Transfering them to mid or high end devices should be a long term strategy. Fighhting for low-end Android devices and their undeniable high quality of services offered by Microsoft should be a short term strategy. It has one little negative that will deteroriate low-end Windows Phone devices. Yet again; the customer could not go back to Android device if he/she is unstatisfied; since he/she is already using an Android device. Once they are warmed up to the ui, it will be easy to attract them by offering WP's ui. One more thing; I don't think that a normal person that is not so familiar with technology should need their Nokia X's device gets rooted. Most of the people don't know what is rooting, except us since we are all NERDS!!! :)
  • I said this the very moment there was any credibility to the report of a Nokia Android phone.  I said from the beginning it would get rooted and all Nokia's stupid plans and Microsoft's feebleminded grasping onto some faint hope that this would help steer people to Windows Phone would all be out the windows.  Android is garbage, is so easy to wreak havoc on it, and there is absolutely no reason for anyone to stick with the stock OS once these things are in the wild.  They'll kick the stock OS to the curb and start lapping at the feet of Google again.  I was right all along.
  • Wow, Mr. Rubino... You're starting to get a clue. Didn't see that coming, consider me impressed.
  • Denial isn't just a river in Egypt.
  • 1. People in all emerging markets (third world countries) consider the OS before spending their hard-earned money, at least the ones that research the smartphones, and yes, that's 70% of the buyers. Because in this age and time, being considered a smartphone illiterate is an insult. Most people, a non-techy person, considers the phone purchase on the basis of app availability, screen size and user-friendliness. Most of these buyers, consider the availability of apps like Skype, Viber, Whatsapp, all related apps they can use to keep in contact with their families back home and friends around. So THIS strategy is going to earn money for MS/Nokia. 2. Since Nokia is going to be a part of MS soon, this move is going to bring back the featurephone Nokia loyalists to shift back to Nokia X and later on to Lumias, from their current Androids. Yes, that may be far-fetched, but even now in most third world countries, Nokia is still the biggest name. And frankly, I've seen more OEM loyalists than OS loyalists, especially in the smartphone illiterate community. 3. Rooting is mostly done to high-end hardware, but that's a very small community. Most rooted phones belong to mid-range to low-end, since rooting optimizes the otherwise slow and laggy UI/OS/Apps/Whatever you want to call it. So this does mean a lot to people. Consider the reverse-engineering, I for one used to have a Windows Phone 8 Launcher on my Android till I finally bought the 920. People who love the WP might root their phones to the Nokia X UI. That won't affect them much, but they might shift to WP later on. I shifted to WP cause the UI spoke to me from a designer's perspective. Rooting this way or that way, is still going to benefit Nokia and MS in the long run. Plus, being a Nokia Loyalist, and a WP Appreciater, I would buy this phone as soon it comes out, cause I would love to see how MS and how the UI translates itself on an Android base. 4. Almost all the people who end up buying the Nokia X Series, are going to get hooked up to the Nokia brilliance of a camera and the sturdy product finish, so they ARE going to consider investing their money in a high-end Nokia in the future (which will be Lumias), rather than spend money on Android or iPhone. I'm not sure about the MS services though, even though I own a 920, I've never used OneDrive to upload/download/stream anything, neither have I much used the HERE Service (mostly because there isn't a Pakistan map available yet, I did use it back in Saudi Arabia). But not being able to get apps from Google Play is going to shift people to WP in a later stage. And for that WP Store needs to be prepared to take the challenge of app availability. 5. This might hit a few people hard, but please refrain from making assumptions about the third world countries and their strategies if you haven't been to one and especially if that's not your area of expertise. You get one life, or one lifetime once (whatever you believe in), buy what makes you happy, use what makes you functional... Good Wishes, Salams...
  • Problem with your number 2 is: Nokia will NOT become part of Microsoft. Nokia D&S employees will be sold to Microsoft along with the Lumia and Asha brands but that's it. Microsoft will not be allowed to release "Nokia Lumia" phones. They will only be allowed to release "Nokia" dumbphones and "Nokia" Asha phones. Neither the Nokia X brand nor the Nokia brand itself will be licensed to Microsoft for use in their hardware as per the terms of the deal. So Nokians will not necessarilly "upgrade" from the Nokia X to a Microsoft Lumia. If Microsoft hadn't made such a dumb move, yes, Nokia X users *could* upgrade to a Nokia Lumia. However, with Nokia gone, what Nokia fans will be faced with is the choice: do I upgrade to a Microsoft phone, a Google phone or an Apple phone. Since Nokia won't be there to offer their own phones (nor lend its brand to smartphones until 2016), people upgrading from the Nokia X will end up either going for an OEM they trust (and Microsoft isn't one because they're just known as a software company) or for an OS they which case they may buy into Windows least until they see that many of the Apps they had in their Nokia X phones aren't available on WP. Which will reflect badly on their opinion on WP and on WP sales in general.
  • Its a very good strategy from nokia and little bit of rooting wont affect this strategy. Daniel explained it in much better way but in short, most people dont even know that their phone is rootable. They dont know that their phones are still running on 4.1.2. Why would anyone get samsung phones instead of nexus. Technically Nexus 5 is best value for money, less laggy than touch wiz and first to get new updates. And it was cheaper than s4. But people dont know what all that is. Anyone making android phone would know that their phone will be rootable real soon. Ofc nokia knew this will happen and they didnt do anything to stop it(rooted so early). Nokia is mot dumb. they know their strategy will do more than that atleast.
  • Wow, look at the number of comments here, I agree with Daniel this topic really is discussion worthy, any way looking at the amount of media coverage over these cheap android phones(literally taking the thunder away from Samsung S5) is noteworthy.
  • Spiteful and childish move by Nokia. Only losers here. This is akin to Nokia pissing in the other childrens sandbox because they were forced to do something they did not like. I expected a bit more professionalism from Nokia, but maybe this is a sign of things to come under the new leadership.
  • Completely agree with this post (rooting changes nothing, and it was obviously going to happen). Still think the strategy is stupid though.
  • Well, regardless, I wil still get a Nokia XL, but not going to root it as I wanna try the real experiences with Android running on Nokia hardware with MS services. It will be interesting. Rooting spoil the fun imo. But hey, we have Android running on Nokia finally!
  • I dont get why people keep complaining about you guys covering stuff about the Nokia X.  I'm glad you guys are.  It wouldn't make sense that AC would cover strategies that Microsoft and Nokia are using.  Who else would know about Nokia and Microsofts strategies than people who actually use and care about WP. Tbh, it's hard to see the Nokia X as an android phone when it's core services offered are Nokia and Microsoft. Bleh didn't know that the WP fanbase had so much ignorance and spite..
  • Howis hard to see this as an android phone. It sure is not a windows phone lmfao Your logic makes no sense. Just because we use windows phone does not mean we care about this and from the majority of the comments, most seem against this lol
  • I think that MS confirmed Nokia X in order to get more OEM back to make WP. In WP 8, Nokia have over 80% market share and even MS just bought Nokia. Then which OEM maker is likely to make WP in condition that they think MS will support Nokia closer than ever. So in order to get more OEM, MS want to show other OEMs that they won't be very close with Nokia by letting Nokia make Android phone. But the important thing MS ignore is that if Nokia don't do all they have only for WP and do half of what they have for WP, there is no WP OEMs to replace Nokia and which could mean WP lose market share as many as Nokia sell Nokia X series because lots of Nokai fans will move from Lumia to Nokia X not HTC or Samsung's WP.
  • Though I agree with most of what you've said, I DON'T think the Nokia X can tempt WP users to switch. Mainly because of the amazing hardware specs these WPs offer compared to the X. I currently use a 1020, and no chance ever of switching to an X, though I must confess the X is a cool looking device too.
  • You read my mind Daniel!Nailed it perfectly.Low end phones are just meant to satisfy the average needs.But your wrong about one thing the rooting of droid and jalbreak of Ios is becoming more common at least here in India I see it that way.Almost everyone knows how to root phones except those who just want a phone.Still ur right.Btw imagine Wp getting rooted???
  • I'm hoping to see a custom rom for Nokia X :)
  • Very true Daniel (@ It’s also not something your average user is going to bother with in an emerging market). I live in one of those "emerging markets" and I can say that most smart phone owners never care to (or even want to ever) root their phones. The phones are normally bought off contract & cost quite a penny to begin with. What matters most are cool "popular" apps, great camera, and yes, dual sim! 2 for the price of one ;-). With the price point on this Nokia X, I really think it will do very well in emerging markets & will make alot of money for Nokia/MSFT. My advice? marketing/adverts!! Let every1 in the "emerging markets" know this phone by name & have access to get one easily!!
  • Okaaaay... When Nokia X was announced the reason behind it is a gateway for android users to get them to use WP. Then it was about a gateway for android users to get them to use ms services. Now its NOT about the OS. So its no longer about android users?
  • Schooled.
  • People just want what works, but its all about the Marketing.
    Even the ignorant wants Android here in my Country.
  • It's time to let everyone know how bad Android is. Windows phone is much more efficient and cleaner design. It's time for everyone to wake up and realize it's time to change to Windows Phone and support the company who really cares about the world.
  • How is this any different from people buying a Samsung Galaxy S5 and rooting it to run vanilla KitKat? Samsung still makes money. Customer gets what he really wants, which is a Nexus. If people are buying Android phones just to root them and flash their own custom ROM, how does it matter what software comes on the phone?  Does it make a difference to Nokia? I dont think so. They still make money. It would be worrying for Microsoft because there's one less Windows phone and therefore one less user of their services.
  • From my experience 98.9% of the users do not know what does root mean and the nokia X getting rooted won't do any harm on the strategy Nokia is trying to persue. And apart from this, many users wanted Nokia to make an Android phone so, they made one. As you all know apps are hard to come by on wp8 and Nokia is tring hard to get what the user needs. Also this might be a 2nd option for Nokia to make sales actually a 3rd I should say.