Nokia to add more content to the Glance Screen in Lumia Black update

Nokia's next update, titled "Lumia Black" (Bittersweet Shimmer) is set to bring yet more features to the table. If you're a fan of the Glance screen, this will be an update for you. Destined to ship in the coming weeks, Lumia Black will improve the Glance feature, a screen that becomes active when the Windows Phone is in standby mode. The improvements will include background support, more colours and support for more notifications.

The backgrounds will see the recently released Glance Screen Background beta included, along with more customisation options. What's also interesting is Nokia will be adding a pedometer to the Glance screen. You'll be able to see just how many steps you've taken with your phone. This new Glance feature is expected to debut in early 2014.

Lumia Black should be released in the coming weeks.

Source: The Verge

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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