Berlin, Germany – Today, Microsoft and Nokia announced a new accessory for Lumia smartphones with Qi-wireless charging enabled. The DT-903 is the 'next generation' of wireless charging plates that feature Bluetooth 4.0 connected technology and a glowing LED notification light for an enhanced user experience.

The DT-903 pairs with Lumia smartphones running Windows Phone 8.1.1 (Update 1) through Bluetooth. When a user is nearby, and their phone has less than 30% charge, the DT-903's LED will 'breathe' (slow pulse) to let the user know they need to charge. The LED light emanates from the bottom of the plate, creating a glow around the base. Once the device is placed on the DT-903, a constant glow is enabled. Likewise, for a missed call or text, the plate blinks twice to let the user know of the missed event.

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User settings for the DT-903 are controlled on the Windows Phone via the new 'accessory apps' section in Windows Phone 8.1.1. For easier pairing, the DT-903 also features NFC.

The DT-903 comes in three colors, including green, orange and white with corresponding LED colors for the glow. It is priced at EUR 59 / USD 59 and becomes available in October.

Look for our hands-on with the DT-903 shortly.