Nokia's photography chief shouts out against Pureview and Lumia 920 camera criticism

Critics of both Nokia's PureView technology and the Lumia 920 camera have been attacked by the company's chief of photography, Damian Dinning. Publishing a series of tweets, Dinning chose to reach out and explain how the PureView technology Nokia is developing is not limited to a single feature on the specification sheet.

There was much confusion surrounding the Lumia 920 Windows Phone, which is expected to be announced this week. Said to be sporting PureView technology, it was unclear as to how much of an improvement would be made over what's currently inside the Lumia 900. Many continued to question the lack of megapixels, due to the limitations of the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 chipset (20MP).

PureView Tweets

We'll be the first to agree with Dinning (@PhoneDaz) that pixel count does not automatically lead to better results in photography. There are a number of factors, including optics, image processing and even the photographer himself. Pureview technology is but one part of this equation for Nokia cameras, just as DIGIC technology is to Canon cameras.

To question the quality of results in a Windows Phone that's yet to be announced is fairly extreme, especially when the cameras in the Lumia 800 / 900 have proved to be sturdy contenders after recent Nokia updates.

While Dinning failed to go into detail surrounding the Lumia 920, we can at least speculate that the Lumia 920 will likely sport 20MP for the PureView technology, as well as packing usual Carl Zeiss lens and super optics to boot. Nokia has to also keep the physical size of the handset to an absolute minimal in terms of width, which would see the manufacturer prefer more advanced image processing than over sampling .

Could Dinning be delaying the point where disappointment will cloud the Lumia 920, or do you believe we're set to see something special regarding photography capabilities in the next generation of Lumia Windows Phones that sport PureView? Be sure to voice your thoughts in the comments.

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