North Eurotunnel now has Vodafone and EE service

Should you be travelling through the Eurotunnel today, you'll be able to enjoy mobile connectivity depending on which mobile operator you're currently subscribed to. Vodafone and EE have infrastructure in place to take loads from today, while O2 UK will be going live soon. Utilizing a fibre optic retransmission system, operators have made it possible for passengers to enjoy stable connectivity.

Unfortunately, there's no 4G support. This is a bummer since we're rocking through 2014 and smartphones are becoming more powerful, requiring faster connectivity for video streaming, video calls and more. Baby steps, folks. A neat side note is this launch marks the 20th anniversary of the Eurotunnel, bridging the gap between the UK and the rest of Europe. French operators had their equipment installed back in 2012. Better late than never.

Source: Eurotunnel Via: CoolSmartphone

Rich Edmonds
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  • I like trains
  • EE is good, Vodafone is terrible
  • I couldn't DISAGREE more, Vodafone has full or decent reception everywhere, whereas EE loses reception after a small bit of rain. Although both of them make up the most expensive UK networks like, so neither are great
  • Based on an independent review by RootMetrics, EE was the most reliable network for calls, texts and data. It was also the fastest network for data and had the biggest coverage. Vodafone came bottom on every category except speed which Three was bottom for.
  • Is that the flawed "independant" survey done by EE themselves. Sorry, but I'm on EE and the network is, aside from being over priced, poor at best. It's spitting outside now, and bars have gone down to 1. My last network was Vodafone and I was always full bars. Only on EE due to Lumia 920.
  • No it was not done by EE themselves. Of course VodaFone will claim its flawed, as they came last. I know for a fact VodaFone have 2 large projects, Project Spring and Project Beacon all in progress. They are desparately trying to beef up their network. They stopped putting our 3G and "in fill" in lieu of rolling out 4G. Their network _IS_ currently the worst period. By the end of 2015 they might have caught up. RIght now, EE is the best. BTW, if you go to RootMetrics coverage map, you can test places you know and compare it their results. I found the results to be highly accurate in the places I frequent. Its an excellent review, the most comprehensive ever in the UK, and it breaks down calls, from 3G and 4G.  You may under local cicrumstances get a better signal on VodaFone but your sample of 1 (i.e. YOU) is not representaive. Think a little.
  • EE have dreadful service that's all I'm saying, whilst everyone I know on Vodafone, which was me before this 920 had much better reception and service. I mean for god sake my 920 says G more than H/H+. I'm not defending Vodafone or any network, I mean all of them claim the top 90s percent coverage and it's obvious lies from the lot of them. I'd definitely mark 3 as the worse tho service wise. As for 4G, well it's obvious EE is ahead, O2, 3 and Vodafone are using spectrums from EEs own network.
  • This train is then about the only place where Vodafone works. And their so called technical support is not much better: I keep having problems with roaming data connection cutting out every 30 min. Apparently there is nothing wrong. Sorry, have a nice day. Also, LTE does not work at all, keeps crashing the phone, they told me to switch it to 3G. At least they admitted to having a problem. My phone L920 still reboots itself every 3-7 days. Apparently it is normal, as that is what computers do. No replacement-keep resetting manually. Obviously doens't do anything. We'll see... The cover is also bad compared to other providers. Too bad all our company phones are tied to vodafone, we would change but it is too much hassle.  
  • Totally agree with you, EE us by far the best network for coverage and data speeds, just a shame that they charge sky high prices. Vodafone is just terrible at everything, except prices.
  • The only reason EE have better coverage is that Ofcom allowed them to refarm their 3g spectrum and also they are t mobile and orange combined - both which had sizable chunks of spectrum themselves to start with. Plus they managed to bag some the coveted 700 mhz spectrum.
    The dark horse in the spectrum war is BT's spin off company which bought a shed load of spectrum (enough to cover the country apparently) but are currently sitting on it lol. I bet you they will jump on to carrier bandwagon in the future - despite their denial they won't. I mean why else would you buy all that spectrum? If it was for the mobile hotspots via BT connect they were better off bidding for the spectrum which O2 went for ( that carries the obligatory requirement that a mobile broadband service must be set up).
  • Does it count on your roaming allowance?or pay on the side?
  • Would this be possible on the London underground?
  • If they build it yes
  • It's already possible. This works through a "leaky cable" system which is used for railway communications already (GSM-R). Various countries have already implemented it on their metro systems. The Department for Transport blocked a direct deal between London Underground and Huawei as it would be unfair on other bidders to be undercut so much.. 
  • I wonder how far through you have to be before you lose your domestic tariff and start roaming?
  • Thats actually a good question....
  • Oh no.. I'll be without a mobile connection for 35 minutes.. The world will end fo sho. /s
  • EE may score consistently on data, network etc but haven't got a single clue when it comes to customer service.
  • This would be cool if the UK carriers and the French carriers worked together on both sides to provide seem less support or roaming for travelers. This really benefit people with dual Sims able to switch while traveling through the chunnel (channel tunnel)
  • If this had happened before it would have changed the outcome to Mission Impossible!