Norwegian hospital goes smart with the help of 1,500 Lumia smartphones

As part of a process to streamline its operations, a hospital in Norway has distributed 1,500 Lumia smartphones for employees to use. The Østfold Hospital Kalnes in Sarpsborg has adopted the smartphones to help employees with keeping track of patient alerts and more.

As part of the rollout, each phone will be set up with special applications for use in the hospital. For example, the Lumias will help send out alerts to hospital workers when equipment has become unplugged, when supplies arrive from the warehouse, and more. In addition, the hospital is using the unique colors of the Lumia handsets to distinguish them for use. Each color will represent what they are to be used for and which employees can use them.

For more, you can check out the source link below. Though do note that, unless you speak Norwegian, you'll need a little translator help.

Thanks for the tip, @aMaverick77

Source: ComputerWorld

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  • Are those Lumia 635s? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • If so, I feel sorry for them. I had a 635 for months, and it was shit phone.
  • I've had a 635 for months and it's great. Maybe yours is just defective.
  • Yep, is a shit phone, not even near to an iPhone 6S or Galaxy Note 5. The fact it costs 50€ instead of 800-900€ doesn't matter at all.
  • I'd be interested to know how those alerts come in because I can be sitting next to the phone and send an email and, for whatever reason, the Lumia is slow to respond, if at all, until I unlock out! Background WiFi is on... But then I'm on 8.1 so that might be out... Happens with whatsapp, texts...
  • Unless you have battery saver always on, alerts come in time.
  • This is really cool, I wish businesses in the U.S. would do this too
  • LOL in the U.S. they would buy iPhones so Nurses can share their (.)(.) on Snapchat.
  • Hahaha :D
  • We have no joi de vivre here in the US, business is serious for dour adults :/
  • People in Finland use alot Lumia phones in corporations and schools. Alot people also use them. Maybe because Nokia.
  • I wonder if this is part of the process that led to the current OneDrive demolition for consumers.  Corporations are signing up and I'm sure are willing to pay some money for cloud services to streamline their services.  In the long run I'm sure MS would get their money back despite individual consumers jumping ship due to feeling betrayed.  I hope I'm wrong, but it sure sounds like Corporate Executives are reserving data storage and positioning themselves to cash in on this fertile ground left wide-open by Blackberry and that currently Apple is eating away from. As a WP fan though I'm glad to see such articles about businesses jumping on board.
  • ^its like people can come up ridiculous theories of limitless proportions... Gawd!
  • "less of a free product" somehow equates to getting betrayed? Microsoft found it too big an expense to offer those services for free. They were the first ones to offer such huge limits in the first place...opening it up to abuse. Others will follow suit if Microsoft is right. Either way. They're a corporation, not a charity.
  • They still overreacted. The correct reaction, and a reasonable one, was simply to scale back the unlimited OneDrive storage to a simple 1TB, then notify the offending users they have 30 days to get their shit off the servers or it'd be deleted. Unilaterally slapping every single Office 365 and OneDrive customer in their face over a mistake *Microsoft* enabled is absurd. I hope it causes millions of users to defect to other services.
  • Feeling entitled much? There aren't millions of users that'll even notice, considering storage size left. This'll affect a miniscule percentage of their customers... What I don't understand is why I don't see anything freaking out on the bleeding leechers who forced this situation in the first case with their abusive behavior?!?
  • I didn't get slapped in the face because Office 365 never came with unlimited for me.
  • They really messed up. Google now has a much better offer. They are already losing to Google and now they will lose more.
  • No, they don't. In fact Office 365 wiped the floor with Google Docs this year.
  • Feel free to use Google then. You're a customer, make, your preferences known through your (figurative) feet. If people start leaving, they made a mistake. However, why would I cancel the free storage, however little compared to Google, on offer? Why not use them all? Honestly. I have a sincere "meh" when I heard about this. Yeah it sucks but they are a company and have to make decisions for profit.
  • That's how we like it
  • As if those 1,500 Lumia phones will save the ever shrinking WP market share.
  • Nothing is going to save Windows Phone. It's dead already.
  • nope not yet
  • Nitpicking... You know what he means.
  • Off course is dead, in 2-3 years there will be only mini-pcs with Windows, antique OS for smartphones you will find only at Google and Apple.
  • That's good. 700 more hospitals and we're in business.
  • That's can only be good news, sounds like they are going to use them really efficiently as well!!!! I hope they can upgrade them to the Lumia 550's as well when they come out!!!!
  • Wonder if and when they will be updated to W10M?
  • From 12 November if carriers do not fu*k up ;)
  • I don't think Verizon has business in Norway:)
  • Carriers haven't got much of a say here in Scandinavia. Unless they're using Telia; I seem to recall WP 8.1 rolling out in national and Telia versions...
  • That carrier story is only in the USA. in europe the customer can choose what kind of phone they wanne use, not the carrier.
  • Yes! And we got "Prepaid"
  • Yeah thank you I live in Europe too :D   But updates are carriers related too, they usually take a lot of testing time before pushing them to devices. Let's hope w10 changes this trend.
  • As notifications are a lot of times late on WP...wondering how if everybody is going to be ok.
  • Notifications are fine, it's the app or services that's the problem not the o/s.... Jeez.
  • Are you sure? It goes through MSFt servers, sometimes none of notifications work...anyway, problems are there.
  • Awesome, now we need a few more hospitals here in the UK to get intume with the modern era. Oh.. Yeah I forgot, the Government is making sure we get stuck in the dark ages with all these idiotic cuts to essential services. Which are already at breaking point...
  • That's a cool idea to use the phones color to distinguish usage...too bad MS has decided color isn't important anymore
  • I love all of the colors in the picture...but this is nice though.
  • From the article referenced, it looks like it is a trial project. Telenor has been positive to WP since wp8, maybe earlier. I like how the system passes the message on to next recipient if they don't respond in time to the action from the patient. I like where this is headed!
  • Cool
  • The article doesn't say Lumia. It says 1500 mobiltelefoner which means mobile phones and the article describes the usage of the phones only. (picture shows Lumias though)
  • Considering the parties involved are: Nordialog Fredrikstad, Smartworks, Telenor and Microsoft it doesn't exactly imply multicolored iPhones, right?
  • I really like their idea for color coordination.
  • We're writing W10 universal apps for each department in operations at our 32 locations. All mobile device testing is done on L640's. We can hand them out to 100's of employees without a hit to any budget line. WiFi will be sufficient, so data usage is non-cellular. W10 is a game changer for us. I suspect the strategy is similar at this hospital.
  • Kult!
  • Yeah cool
  • They've no idea what they're diving into. lol....
  • People do not have any idea where they diving in to when they use android. No updates after a while that is for sure. And that is exactly you do not want on you business phone.
  • Probably found them a bin near the Nokia factory...
  • I hope those lumia's can withstand a lot of cleaning with alcohol for hygienic purposes.I wonder if those phones will be engineerd for a higher IP rating.
  • They should handle alcohol just fine. I frequently clean mine with alcohol.
    Just try to avoid ammonia or acetone...
  • I've been cleaning my 1020 and 930 with acetone with no problems all these time those are strong matte polycarbs indeed
  • You daredevil ☺ Alcohol is safer though from what I've read.
  • They should go for the 540 or 640xl
  • Glorified pagers, yay...
  • Pagers saved many lives.
  • Good!
  • Finally a use case for continuum - keyboard, mouse, monitors at the nurse's stations - plug in the phone when you need more real estate and have 10 minutes.