Now Symantec Anti-Virus Can Slow Down Your Phone Too

Symantec, makers of the popular Windows anti-virus software "Norton Anti-Virus" and myriad other security products, is bringing its skills to bear on Windows Mobile and Symbian. To wit: the new Mobile Security Suite 5 is expected to arrive this summer, about half a year or so after they released the previous version.

Symantec is apparently downplaying the event -- here are the relevant fearmongering quotes from Con Mallon, one of Symantec's regional marketing directors:

'They [hackers] go where there's data and there's money'

Just in case you were wondering, that's where Symantec goes too.

'The mobile phone is the true consumer device at the moment. There's a big opportunity there, and where there's an opportunity, there's a threat.'

Oh hey, Symantec goes there too.

'We've got to be very careful about what we charge... We think it will be a slow burner... We don't think it will transform anyone's business.'

One expects a 'slow burner' joke here, but I refuse. All jokes aside, it sounds like the product will have some good features -- OTA updates, anti-theft security, and the like. The original interview is at PC Pro.

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WC Staff