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The NSA and GCHQ gave themselves a direct line into your phone

According to new documents leaked by Edward Snowden, the NSA and its UK counterpart, Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), hacked into the computers of Gemalto, a company that manufactures SIM cards for a large number of carriers around the world. In doing so, the intelligence agencies acquired encryption keys that would allow them to intercept communications from customers of all four major U.S. carriers, along with 450 others around the world.

Snowden, who has been a blowing the whistle on secret NSA surveillance programs since 2013, leaked the documents to The Intercept, which broke the news earlier today:

With these stolen encryption keys, intelligence agencies can monitor mobile communications without seeking or receiving approval from telecom companies and foreign governments. Possessing the keys also sidesteps the need to get a warrant or a wiretap, while leaving no trace on the wireless provider's network that the communications were intercepted. Bulk key theft additionally enables the intelligence agencies to unlock any previously encrypted communications they had already intercepted, but did not yet have the ability to decrypt.

It's difficult to assess the extent and effects of this breach right now, but it definitely represents a massive blow to mobile security, as The Intercept notes that Gemalto produces 2 billion SIM cards each year — making it highly likely that the SIM in your phone was produced by the company.

For much more on this, check out The Intercept's full report from the source link below.

Source: The Intercept; Via: The Verge

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  • This guys doesn't have limits.
  • I have never believed in mobile security. Treat your phone, like I do, like they are always watching. What do I have to hide you ask? Nothing, but its still none of your damn business!
  • only use "trusted" porn sites?
  • Well, I've got nothing to hide. If you don't why the fuss ? My guess is those fussing have evry REASON to be worried
  • Hey Phil, you'd be right at home in North Korea.
  • Exactly
  • Lol good one
  • North Korea will send anyone criticizing dear leader or the government into work camps. There are plenty of people criticizing the government and they are not disappearing. So, we are no where near as bad as North Korea. When you have this much data, they are search for certain key words. Chances are that none of your conversations were ever listened to be an actual person. So, the average person does have anything to worry about yet. Will it ever be used in the future to stop free speech? Maybe or maybe not.
  • The point is, if you wait until it is that bad to start worrying, it's too late. I have nothing to hide and do whatever I want on my phone, even with this knowledge, but people have every right to worry. Our government isn't as innocent as people like to believe. True, that people aren't disappearing left and right, but you better believe that people are disappearing. Smart criminals do just enough to get the job done and not enough to get noticed. Once you have all the power you need, there is no longer any need to hide it or act innocent.
  • That's not the point.
  • As long as they can stop the next terrorist attack, I don't care if they know all the boring detail of my life.
  • Your attitude stinks and you don't deserve either freedom or security. Stop living in fear and giving up your own person freedoms so you can sleep a little better at night.
  • I agree that they should be doing their job to prevent other nations from destroying us, but honestly, what is considered a terrorist attack? Where is the line drawn? Next thing you know, Christians (or whoever) will be a "threat to national security" and you are basically saying it's okay to make them disappear with a black bag because they need to do whatever it takes for "our security". There's a reason they came up with the term Snowball Effect. It starts off small and gets bigger, faster as it rolls downhill. Then, it's too late to stop it.
  • That shows a great lack of understanding of what privacy actually mean to you. Having nothing to hide does not necessarily mean that some government should invade your private life with no limit. Plus, you may not have nothing to hide today, but you never know about tomorrow.
  • 1984 in 2013
  • Excluding your personal messages/mails or your gfs photos what do you want to hide..??
    They are snooping to find the wrong guys and protect the others from harm and it's not like they are snooping on each and every device..Just for some particular suspects..!! Legally it's a long procedure to get access to someone's phone and in that time the lead might be lost..!!Sometimes we have to sacrifice something (privacy) to get some benefits (protection)..!!
    The real question should be--
    That who looks after those folks who do the snooping..? If they are using their powers/positions to get personal benefit..? Revenge someone..? (can take the name of Snowden here)
  • "Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one". -Benjamin Franklin
  • Gandhi said that laziness is your biggest enemy....And Lincoln said that never leave your enemies..!!
    Everything that's said doesn't apply everywhere..There are still folks out there who say that one shouldn't love....
  • And your point is? Are you saying that quote doesn't apply? You must have your head in the sand.
  • Wow... Great one
  • @ade333 I was just about to quote Ben Franklin myself. Thank you for doing this.
  • It is not that simple. What if Snowden hadn't been a good Samaritan, but instead an [insert current terrorist government/entity] undercover agent. Imagine the terrible things a terrorist could do with all of the information contained in a person's phone or pc communications. Governments aren't inherently evil, but the people that run them can be. Just because America is considered a "Good guy" now, doesn't mean we can assume it will be forever, hence the 2nd amendment. We need to strip the NSA's power now while we still can.
  • except we aren't getting any protection. Given the reach they have why have they accomplished jackshit in protecting us and still have to resort to entrapment as opposed to acctually stopping a damn thing? We can save the family CIA ties of the Boston bombers and all the <i>other</i> things wrong with it but why is it that given everything that was known about them, where they were, etc, etc. that they couldn't be stopped yet some dilting dad in butt-fuck nowhere gets interrogated by the feds becasue alarm bells went off at some fusion center because he was shopping for his kids backbacks and buying particular kitchen appliences? Even if they don't have physical eyes on someone they still aggregate ALL their personal info, data, phone calls, medical and shopping history, GPS, web history, etc, etc, - now even access to whats on our harddrives, to be accessed on demand if they so chose to. In case you missed it, hearings self-admittedly revealed not a thing here was prevented because of it. That aside, who asked for it and who gave them permission to sell out everyone in exchange for safety and to take it a step further, they want to defend us from monsters of their own making - ironically which, weren't created until after the precursors and plans to implement these programs were made. All signs point that the "homeland" = the elite, and the security is for keeping them safe from us  The long procedures are there for a reason. They got a finger and took the hand because they got those shortcuts, and even that's not enough
  • Does your eyesight ever extend beyong the tip of your nose?
  • That's not the point. So it's ok Lenovo put that shit on my HD? My point is NSA/Others has a lot of power over our privacy. And this is NOT fine.
  • I like this pharse "I don't have anything to hide", don't know if you want, that strangers know about problems in your life, or maybe stupid stuff you've done. Everyone has a right on privacy. If not, why do you have key for a door, if you don't have anything to hide, let strangers in your house and search for stuff, looking in photo albums or other stuff. What the fuck are people like you thinking? I mean, another example, you don't want to share with strangers your health status, or show yourself everyone while pissing in the toilet, or when you're going to masturbate. Srsly, these pharese "I don't have anything to hide" is making me angry, people who say this aren't thinking enough about this topic.
  • Brainless at all actually.
  • Tell me that how will others get to know that your masterbating or pissin via your mobile..?
    Do ye take a #PissFie everytime ye go to piss and upload that on OneDrive for safekeeping..??
  • Well, you thought about it, so out there are people that are doing this. ^^ But this was just an example, it was not on mobile, but more about, that other people are watching you while you do your Business on the WC. It was just a point to demonstrate that everyone has something they don't want to share with other peoples. And pissing and jerking off are things, you don't want to share with strangers, expect you like it. ^^
  • 1-Bad examples..Really kiddish.
    2-"people are watching your business on the WC"
    OMG folks just saw my dealings with the druglords on WC..!! Am ruined..!!
    3-"it was not on mobiles, but more about" --What 'more' is there explain further. If it's not on mobiles then it's completely a OT thing so please stop.
    4-Who..Who da hell shares things like pissing and jerking off..? Man c'mon. Thinking folks might be doing that is different from reality.
  • It's not the fact they're actually spying on our phone or PC (probably not of course), but the fact that they're able to do if they want.
  • It's only recording on your mobile phone, but you don't mind. It's only recording on your home phone, but you don't mind. It's only a camera and microphone on every street corner, but you don't mind. It's only a camera & mic at your workplace, but you don't mind. It's only a camera and mic in your loungeroom, but you don't mind. It's only a camera & mic in every room of your house, every shop, every restaurant, and everywhere you go, but you don't mind. Then every person must carry a tracking and recording device at all times, day or night, but hey you don't mind. Afterall, you have nothing to hide right and it's for your own protection. Now you can't protest in public, you can't disagree with the government or any authority figure, you can't break the law in any way including speeding, jay-walking, and swearing. Now you must be a good little robot and do what you're told at all times because you're not doing anything wrong, have nothing to hide, and don't need something so silly as freedom or privacy.
  • No one cares about that shit, that's what Facebook is for.
  • You are part of the problem.
    "my government will always be there to protect me. They'll never betray me. Please take my rights away govy, I'm not grown enough to take care of things for myself"
  • The whole point is that once they have access, those in power have the ability to intimate any who might consider political dissent. Just the mere knowledge that a government possesses such power causes many to reconsider dissent. Not good for corruption, or the rule of laws in government.
  • Everyone have something to hide. It doesn't have to be something illegal, but people have things that they want to keep private. The data that NSA is gathering can be used to control the world. Let's say that a politician that is looking to be elected president in his country has a personal secret like he is into golden showers or something like that. It is perfectly legal, but nothing he wants the world to know. If NSA snaps up that information through its spying they can either leak it to prevent him from bein elected, or they can get him elected and then blackmail him to do what they want. This is not just limited to politicians, but can also be done to other people i power like CEOs etc. It has already come out that they have been spying on other nations in the UN to gain leverage in trade negotiations, and they are spying on allied leaders like Andrea Merkel. Ad to this it's hacking of sovereign nations, and their terrorist attacks with drones they deserve to be kicked from the UN and for everyone to leave NATO.
  • Get your point..Need to keep a tap on where they channel out the secrets to..!! Personal Use or General Welfare..!!
  • "Wrong" to you might not mean the same thing to those snooping on you.
  • I guess things can't ever be taken out of context and used against you
  • For starters they not only hid what they did but it was entirely illegal the whole time - in other words your rights were raped and then on top of that giving them an inch essentially gives them permission to take a foot and then eventually everything, as they already demonstrated. They used it to attack people not doing anything wrong, they used it sell out your personal data, and they used it influence politics and to give advantages to corporate cronies. Even if the premise of "national security" was used, it was still an atrocious attack on the entire population, it was against the law and constitution, and the whole "terrorism" excuse was bullshit. If they so chose to they can go after you for any stupid reason they want because of how intentionally open-endend everything is. Then to top that off, they not only exempt themselves of wrong doing but hypocritically empowered themselves to not give you the same luxury in forced transparency. Given the potential for corruption and abuse in governemnt - which is entirely undeniabe they should be just as exposed to the public as we are to them. If you have nothing to hide then please put your money where your mouth is. Leave your email and banking passwords, routing numbers etc to prove to us you have nothing to hide and not doing anything wrong. There's not just a reason, but many many reasons why we have an expectation of privacy and don't need some digital Gestapo bullying and threatening people into submission and complacency. Although not entirely their fault, everyone being oblivious and/or milquetoast is why this country is such a wreck 
  • And that attitude leads to black booted men kicking in your door in the middle of the night. People just stand by and watch thier rights erode. But its all been prophesied and so it is happening.
  • Everyone has something to hide! No one is perfect. But, most of what is hidden is trivial to most. Your porn collection, your nude's, the documents or blueprints to something, your inner thoughts and feelings, all of these things are private property to someone. The NSA thinking they have the right to engage in this level of surveillance is criminal!
  • *Sigh*
  • Oh no!
  • Not exactly the news I was looking for..
  • And what's more..Many wouldn't've heard about NRO or IB..!!
  • No, no, no, no........
    I'm waiting for news that W10TP is available for my 1520.... Lol❗❗
  • Much better......................................
    Waitin for a flagship bro..!! A fast successor of 1020..!! Will take better #Gelfies :P:P
  • Gelfies? #hashtagfail :P
  • You post a Gelfie, and I'll post one... But, I'm not posting anymore until you do❗❗❗❗
  • Ya sure and it will be soon..!!
  • Probably my doctor injected some transmitter in my brain which sends signals to the nsa about what I am thinking right now... Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for QWBASIC :|
  • That escalated quickly...
  • I'm having trouble deciding if Snowden's a traitor or a savior....what do YOU think?
  • Me too!  Stories like this have me nudging the needle to him being a defender of the constitution and our right to privacy...
  • Neither, but he is a patriot in my mind... No one should be criminalized for defending the rights of Americans. If you have a top secret clearance, your still obligated to defend the constitution, and if your privy to information you've sworn to protect that directly violates the constitution, you should have every right, protected by law, to blow the whistle on that.
  • True, but he did it the wrong way.
  • Was there a right way? Lol Pretty sure he would've "disappeared" before he could have done it the right way.
  • What he's doing is good. People need to know more about all of the bad things that our government does. That's the only way anything is going to change for the better.
  • I see him more of a savior. If YOU had this knowledge, would you be so brave te let the people know what was going on behind their backs?
  • Snowden is a patriot both in the US and on a world wide scale it's as simple as that.
  • NO, Snowdon is an evil man, who did a bad thing. If he thought he'd done right by his country, he wouldn't have gone running off to Putin. Who knows what secrets he handed over to get to stay there.
  • Technically a traitor. Anyone who steals and leaks information he/she is entrusted to protect is considered a traitor.
  • Is a traitor of an ever bigger traitor still a traitor? Violating the Constitution of the biggest form of treason there is. Checks and balances are there for a reason. If not, then why should ANY of us have to follow any of the laws?
  • Snowden did the right thing. If you think otherwise you must be a fool.
  • And if you think he did the right thing by betraying the people that trusted him, you are a fool. Remind me not to ever trust you with anything of importance because you are a flake.
  • Well, your government wanna protect you but they don't trust you. What do you think right now?
  • He's a traitor. Regardless of what he reveals, he signed an oath to keep these secrets. Then stole them and gave them to the highest bidder.
    Believe it or not, there are legal avenues that he could have taken to reveal these abuses. He chose a different route and now he's hiding in Russia of all places.
  • Traitor for the government..!!
    Savior of the residents of the same country..!!
  • I am a resident of the country he betrayed. He is a traitor to me. 
  • Not the country..The government
  • What about Blackphone?
  • Lumia phones are on Denim, not Black
  • I'm talking about the brand "Blackphone." Supposed to be all about security.
  • Blackphone can't control the SIM card or anything after that. If it's using GSM calling or messaging then it is also susceptible. Though I would assume that a security-conscious phone does neither and instead opts for IM and encrypted VoIP.
  • The the data is encrypted before being sent, it should all be private. Granted, I'm assuming, they can only see unencrypted transmission being sent from the device. Now, if we are talking real time phone surveillance (can monitor your actual screen) and keyloggers, that's a whole new ball game. But I doubt that's possible from SIM card spying. I could be wrong.
  • Well all phone, SMS and data communications are encrypted to the tower. But the NSA and GCHQ now have the encryption keys. But yes, if the apps used have their own encryption as well then they are not affected by this issue. Plain phone calls and SMS are affected because they are not double-encrypted.
  • My AT&T 1520 is not on Denim 
  • When will denim come to India? :)
  • Where did Lumia come from?
  • Blackphone was hacked long ago.
  • It uses some form of Android, so I highly doubt about its security, I may be wrong though
  • But........isn't Betty a woman's name???
  • *dramatic music as we all spring from our seats*
  • +1520 for the random Kung Pao: Enter the Fist reference
  • I love this movie! +930
  • So change the encryption keys. Duh
  • Easy to do for new SIMs, but what about all the SIMs already in the wild? And what if the security hole used to steal the keys in the first place still exists?
  • Make a trip back to your carrier store for a new Sim.
  • Only problem with that is providers probably have millions manufactured a year(to compensate for manufacturing defects possibly)
  • This, plus the ludicrous notion that everyone in the world should go buy a new SIM card.
  • maybe gemalto is a little strapped for cash, figured this as a new revenue stream :)
  • Good idea.  Why didn't we think of that?  Hang on one moment... PLEASE LISTEN UP EVERYONE, I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT. EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD, PLEASE GO TO YOUR CARRIER AND EXCHANGE YOUR SIM CARDS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. THANKS, THAT IS ALL. Cool, problem solved.  Thanks for solving the issue of government spying for all of us stupid people.
  • You're mocking me, aren't you?
  • The thing is how would you know the new SIM card you are getting is from the new batch that wasn't breached?
  • And what's stopping em to steal the new ones..? Maybe they have a tap already in the company's execs phones..!!
  • I'm always asking me one question about this topic, that's not really new, because neraly everyone had a feeling for this, and some know this because of some actions that had gone public. But I don't get, what they want to do with this hugh amount of unless data. I mean, most of the data they collection is unless, what's so important, if you call your grandmom, or some random friends, that has mostly nothing to do with terror. And people that want to make terror aren't that stupid enough to say things on mobile phone or on Skype "Hey, lets bomb the White House, fuck the USA" or "Kill the Queen and the whole Royale Family, fuck UK". And never they really prevented an terror act, see Bosten or 911 or other things. If these people want to do this, they do it. If they would use their ressources to be specific about known terror persons and investigate them, the result would be much better than to find a needle in a haystack and they didn't need those hugh data centers.
  • I stopped at "useless data"
  • Well, what's untrue about it? Most of the stuff they collect isn't even relevant to their job. They fetching just everything they get, weather it's usefull or not, what's the point in that? Does this help you to protect your country or partners from terror? From my point it makes thing harder, if you have such hugh data and have to search for certain keywords, to sort some stuff, and even the sorted stuff is mostly unless.
  • Well in this specific case I doubt they are saving much of the data.  They want to have backdoors so that they can get the data when they need it, but I'm sure that for cell phones they are mostly only recording people that are already on watch lists. I agree with your overall point though.  There is a point when you can have so much data it becomes crippling instead of informative.  I guess it helps to have a metric crap ton of super computers analyzing the data though.
  • They have the TRANSLTR
  • Yup, it's a waste of resources. The only thing it is useful for is going back and try to figure out who a terrorist was in contact with before his action. Lone wolf attacks can't be stopped by mass surveillance.
  • Lets see, people that may be concerned are, politicians, individuals who deal in sensitive information from all countries, opposing views from any journalist, activists, celebrities with opposing governments views..... Pretty much everyone should be concerned over their constitutional, ethical and civil rights being violated.
  • They go through it and try to find one that is relevant for their work. Even if it means going through millions of terabyte of data just to find 1MB.
  • Honestly it's a bit naïf to say that they only focus on terror, what they do is stealing data of other countries, so they can tackle them. See it like some kind of a monopoly, you get to know what others are planning. I personally think it is rude to do this shit to allied countries. I don't care if they listen to all my calls and see my texts messages, but listening to the calls of big companies and leaders of allied countries is what is making me mad. I don't have anything against people from the USA, but the NSA must stop doing this shit, for me they make them self look like big assholes
  • .
  • .
  • what the residenc of that sim manufacturer? if its not uk or us, since when do foreign intelligence agencies have the right to HACK into computer of a company outside their country, therefore outside te reach of whatever warn their gov will provide.
  • Actually they have more rights to hack internationally than nationally.
  • In this ever connected era, they (these firms) I guess they feel that there is no jurisdiction after all it is just "data" -.-.
  • I highly doubt these government agencies are going to care about me playing Words by Post and AlphaJax, watching Say Yes to the Dress on MetroTube or the photos I take of flowers and my cats and birds on my 925. -_-
  • I second this. They want to pay snoopers to be bored by what I do? Good on them. I follow the train of thought mentioned earlier; if you're fussing over this, you've got reasons to hide something. As long as they're not hurting me directly with the info they have on me, what do I care what they do?
  • like cattle to the slaughter house...
  • "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety".
  • You're right, they don't, but see's....there's this little thing called the constitution that guarantees your right to privacy and unlawful search & seizure...just b/c you don't care if your guaranteed rights are violated doesn't mean the rest of us are... I mean, they're monitoring (illegally) EVERY phone conversation, EVERY text message & email you you even care that a private conversation is essentally on a party line at the NSA?
  • Not in the least. I have faith the wrongs here will be corrected in time. Nothing good or bad lasts forever in terms of government. Also, im not even a registered blip on the NSAs radar. The millions of lines they scan everyday? I'd be surprised if they even KNEW I was on their list of lines, let alone interested in what im doing.
  • So naive.  The millions upon millions of American's gave their lives to protect your constitutional rights.  How dare you abdicate them so trivially. 
  • Yeah, the natives
  • They should make it opt-in :p That way all the people that accept thus shit could have their false security.
  • No seriously. They're not messing with my SSN, identity, work life, home life, or digital information in any way considered harmful or detrimental to my daily routine. Let them find nothing interesting in all my stuff, shrug their shoulders and move on. No harm, no foul. Because at the end of my day, I have the freedom to do what I like, and im not pissing off Big Brother.
  • Prove that they're not; Prove that they haven't downloaded every photo off your phone, logged every text message, because they most certainly have...and you think you're not harmed. You do realize that any email you have over 6 mos. old the gov't considers 'abandonded' and that they have every right to capture, store and monitor it?  (Because they're doing exactly that...) Utterly clueless...    
  • I'd have more respect for your comment if you didn't throw "utterly clueless" at the bottom. Prove to me I have a reason to care that they have this info on me.
  • Not my job.  Take some ownership in your responsibility as a citizen to understand what this truly means..."meh, I'm not doing anything wrong" only shows that you don't understand the big picture.  
  • So...think when you're not 'doing anything wrong' that they're not watching?  Want to send your spouse an intimate photo?  Guess what...they're watching and sharing it...are they specifically focused on you and I personally, of course not...that does not mean, they're not capturing everything you do...b/c here's proof they are...
  • "they most certainly have" You state that they have as a fact. Prove that "they" have. You seem overly convinced that "they're doing exactly that". Unless you actually know, which equals 100% to actually know something, you may be just as clueless as the next person. Regardless of your stance on privacy, if you don't know 100% that anyone is doing anything then all you are doing is assuming in the direction that you want to assume.
  • I don't have to prove anything, read the leaked Snowden is a fact...can't be "overly convinced" of a fact.   No assumptions necessary.
  • How about exchanging the keys for new ones after closing the leaks? If the NSA got in via the HDD firmware hack (see other news), then all HDDs need replacement. Not good news, and Friday 13th was already....
  • The keys are on each SIM and cannot be updated remotely.
  • Got to hell nsa and big gov....thats where your father Satan is.
  • Maximum security calls......two cans and a wire. No tech can be fully trusted.
  • Lol yeah...
  • I'll hack your can and wire. The cans give off sound reverberation, just enough for my nano microphone that is in the fiber of the string to transmit your conversation to my newly increased OneDrive storage on my Lenovo Yoga that your conversation can be listened to by others through Superfish by a guy sipping a latte at Starbucks via the free $5 gift card he got with his Microsoft Band that is secretly transmitting his health data and location back to Microsoft that was intercepted by a third party Band app whose server was compromised by a trojan and eventually leaked through iCloud and tied to his debit card purchases at Target in the same city that you bought that can that has your fingerprint on it that was capture in the photo with your location and saved on OneDrive that OCR'd the text in the background that showed your neighbors address whose wifi was easily accessed......
  • +525 OMG this escalated so quickly
  • Sure, it's easy to think that they aren't interested in anything you're doing.  But they are still collecting all that information.  And it's amazing to see how large computer algorithms can take a bunch of seemingly unrelated information and boil it down into something useful.  There are too many ways that this happens for me to list them.  And even if they're not doing anything with this info right now, who's to say that they won't in the future?  Or that they might get hacked?  It sounds crazy, but I think that if you're really serious about privacy, you need to consider all the options.  So what happens when they decide that (insert something about you) is a trait that they really, really don't like in their citizens?  All they have to do is scan their database to find everyone with that trait, and they've got everything they need to destroy you.  Now, do I think that this is going to happen in the next five years? No.  Do I think that this might eventually happen?  Yes.
  • More evidence that big government is not a good thing
  • RT channel had a nice documentary about NSA, I think it still isn't over, it's like they are on part 6 or something about how NSA spies on everyone with no limits and always putting excuses for their acts. first denying what they do, and then since they are caught in their lies, trying to put the "it's for our security" propaganda. I don't have anything to hide, but it sounds stupid to spy on people around the world just because they want to. Just read some Kaspersky reports about NSA on HDDs,  and a graphic showing who are the most target in the world for NSA, China and Russia are first... is that a coincidence? funny thing it is US the one getting in Russia business and not the other way around. they are even wasting millions of millions trying to block information from channels that don't eat US propaganda.   So these kind of news sound sad, because it sounds like US and NSA will never stop, and instead they are going to keep trying to spy on people until nobody is safe or have any privacy. Not like I care what US goverment does with US, but more and more reports appear affecting many people around the world, one way of the other, and that's just not a good thing. if I don't plan to go to US, why should I still have to take care of myself from US and their goverment?  maybe i don't have anything to hide, but it's still my right not to have to deal with a goverment I don't even like (the obvious). with this news I feel just pity for people living in US especially the ones that think there is some kind of "American dream". 
  • I'm SO sick of hearing about this Snowhomo queer.  I could care less if someone is listening in on my convos.... they'd get very bored if they were
  • as long as ATT gets me denim on 1520 i don't care ....
  • If you have nothing to hide. Please post your email address and password right here.
  • That was Hilarious!
  • Shit
  • Every American commits at leas five felonies a day. Our laws are so complex that anyone could be arrested at any time some bureaucracy decides to take offense at anything.
  • Mother fuckers...
  • It's good to know alot of the posts are against this invasion of privacy. There is hope after all.
  • Kingsman anyone
  • Not sure what's going on with my comments. So leaving this here,lol.
  • Great quote by Benjamin Franklin, ade333. Very true.
  • Seems more back-doored
  • Muh freedom!!!
  • Well ... fuck!
  • The gov has contracts with all the manufacturers to build back doors into all communication devices, heck even TV's and appliances now.
  • Kids today would love to know that people are interested in them the vein little shits... Look how many pictures of their own damn head they post all over the net! Who needs face tracking anymore? Conditioning at work..... Look at me look at me, look what I'm eating tonight, updating social feeds and tweeting about everyone and everything around them. Don't worry about the government people worry about your teenage neighbour filming you and posting pics of you to who knows where. Privacy in 2015? What a joke. Entitled Americans with your inflated opinions of yourselves and your 'Rights' this level of government is required for your national security and to keep your way of life... After all this is what government is.... Governing you.
  • Entitled Americans? 'Rights'? Have you even read our Bill of Rights and the Constitution? Lay off the American hate Kool-Aid.
  • The point is, as Americans this violates our first amendment right. The right to freedom of speech, expression, and religion. Whether someone has something to hide or not, this is unconstitutional in the USA, therefore illegal. Just another thing the Obama administration is doing to destroy America.
  • Obama? Did you seriously forget the Patriot Act?
  • Yeah seems like the Bush years were just a fart in the wind and nothing noteworthy happened during that time.
  • Doesn't the phone company has the same ability? They can listen, read, see what we send through their network? And that information cannot be selled?
  • They probably do, but I'm aware of this possibility and accept that chance. I didn't agree to the US Government doing this however and I don't live in the US.
  • Exactly I dont want the Us or UK rule over me like they are the big bosses. I am ok if my provider gives away my details to MY Government.
  • Does anyone ever question the legitimacy of the documents that Snowden seems to have an endless supply of? Not trying to start a conspiracy theory here, but c'mon this guy has been droppin docs that imply the most unbelievable things. Like government agencies that function in an efficient capacity.
  • It has been confirmed by the NSA itself be the instant reply from the organization itself.
  • Well son o a Batch! Not like I have anything to hide and not like I live in the US, but still .... F U US Government.
  • Good grief.
  • Is there a list of countries whose sim cards are affected? Or are all sim cards affected, the article said that a lot of countries may have this issue, but I'd like to know exactly which ones
  • So how many fucking terrorist attacks will this shot even stop? I'd like to know before I find out that they will be stalking me in the shower next.
  • Is Gemalto going to produce more chips or is it going to go bankrupt?  I like Person of Interest (CBS series) point of view. I don't care much about what they do, as long someone stop the bad guys from killing inocent people (whoever they be).
  • There is nothing interesting on my phone. Knock yourselves out.
  • This, along with the Equation ata firmware "malware" is alarming, certainly as I am an IT professional, however part of me is okay with this stuff. It sounds sick and wrong - I do hear how I sound when I say this. However, I don't think we will ever see the day where the good guys are ahead of the bad guys... Not unless the good guys start breaking some rules. It sucks, but which is the lesser of two evils? Government and military agencies overstepping their boundaries? Or those with their hearts set on extortion, genocide and the utter destruction of humanity?
  • I'm tired of Snowden's never ending list of leaked documents.
  • Hey guys.... Think about it... Look at the technologies around you. every mobile BTS can estimate your location and your history... You have GPS chips on every single mobile board.. You have accelerometer and gyro chip that can stimulate your voice without any battery require
    You are sharing part of your life in social medias... The America...and the way they think is some how interesting.... After world war if the winner was Russia they hide anything or technologies that they obtain on the other hand the US let the companies use GPS or any military technologies on your every single device... So don't bother yourself.... The technologies are design to know about you... In these days if you ask BIG companies about yourself they know you better than your family or even yourself... And I'm ok with that...
    Why? Because they makes our life easier and cooler... If one of my family migrated to another country in 15 years ago their family couldn't contact him and know where he is in every moment and must pay some big$$$$.... But from now on look at viber Skype we chat Facebook instagram, they are all free.... And I love this part. Every element in the universe has 2 parts use... Bad or good... Use the good one... They want to know about you? Let them know... If you are a normal people...
  • One thing F*ck NSA & GCHQ Period. F*ckthem again. I dont belong to them. Its my right. Its my privasy its my life. I would be ok If my govt was spying on me. I dont want them especially you Spying on me.
  • Ever you imagine your front facing lumia...secretly taking photos of you and sending them to their NSA server..?
  • Why blocking other tv channels that have a different views. This data is used to model views of consumers so that they think in a certain why. If you ask most of the people where do they get information / news about north Korea and Russia, it's one source. Some of the things said in the news are not correct/true. Americans all over the world feels insecure, here its only the american embassy which is surrounded by concrete slabs.
    In history, there is only one country which has used nuclear or chemical weapons against other nations.
  • Why blocking other tv channels that have a different views. This data is used to model views of consumers so that they think in a certain why. If you ask most of the people where do they get information / news about north Korea and Russia, it's one source. Some of the things said in the news are not correct/true. Americans all over the world feels insecure, here in this country, its only the american embassy which is surrounded by concrete slabs.
    In history of this world, there is only one country which has used nuclear or chemical weapons against other nations.
  • So many crazy and frustrated people in here:)) chill out everyone. Do you really think that there is a person listening to EVERY conversation out there? This stuff is just in case they have some suspects and want to tap in their phones. No one gonna listen to every sex talk you have with your girlfriend:)) ​
  • Imagine china doing that, ir russia. Would you still be ok with that? Because the only difference is the opinion of it!
    (it's not about terrorism but about controlling journalists and political enemies. How many people died of terrorism in your country and how many of cast accidents and diseases? Also surveillance hardly ever prevented terrorism, it only leads to Orwell's 1984)
  • Not just NSA, every government "security" agency around the world are using this same formula because we're at the Cyber Cold War era.
  • Been comparing Cortana's hey Cortana feature to this kind of intrusion in the forums. Only to come up with nay sayers and warnings against my account. Welcome to reality.
  • Funny that some people still trust a government that spies on them. Doesn't it "seems obvious"?
  • Bastards....
  • Not many people can speak or understand the Frysian language hahahaha
  • Rather frightening, the times we live in that Metadata should have to be captured for National Security Agencies in this manner.
    Here in Australia the FEDERAL Government is debating capturing Metadata for ASIO, however this information puts a completely different slant on this debate
    APPALLED Australian.
  • Sooo... the NSA knows I like anchovies on my pizza?