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By the numbers: The iPhone 5S vs. the Lumia 1020

Earlier today, Apple announced two new phones – the iPhone 5S and 5C. The iPhone 5C is aimed at the “budget” minded crowd and features flirty colors for the phone itself. Budget is very subjective over at Apple HQ since the 16GB variant clocks in at $549 for off-contract pricing. Compared to the Lumia 520 which you can get for under $100 off-contract you have no competition.

But what about the new flagship device at Apple? How does the iPhone 5S compare to the Nokia Lumia 1020, the flagship Windows Phone device? We don’t have an iPhone 5S in our hands, but we can compare the numbers after the break.

Quick overview

Didn’t really care to follow the Apple news this morning? Here’s what’s the short version of what’s new with the iPhone 5S. The chassis is similar to that found on the iPhone 5. You’re going to be getting the same 4-inch display with 640 x 1136 pixels. What’s new is really on the inside. The chip powering the iPhone 5S is a new 64-bit A7 processor. Apple also put a new M7 motion processor in the iPhone 5S. This is a chip can continuously monitor and capture data from the accelerometer, compass, and gyroscope without using the main processor.

There’s a new camera for iFans that features an f/2.2 lens with a sensor that is 15% larger than last generations iPhone 5. The pixels are larger since Apple didn’t increase the megapixel count in the camera. It also captures video in slo-mo with a 120 frames-per-second mode.

And finally, Apple has added a fingerprint reader to the home button on the iPhone 5S. They’re calling the technology TouchID and it will serve as an easy way to quickly unlock your phone. (Completely off topic, but the funniest tweet I saw today about the iPhone and the fingerprint sensor was this one.) The tech it cool and it’ll be interesting to see how it plays over the next few months.

So how does Apple’s flagship device stack up against ours?

Now obviously numbers don’t tell the complete picture and are only one part of device. But they do lead to some interesting discussions when comparing two devices.

What do you guys think of the new iPhone 5S? Sound off below.

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  • 41 MP all the way ...
  • Well you convinced me. Selling my 5s to get a 1020.
  • Hell you could sell the 5c and still afford the 1020!!!
  • ^THIS
  • ^Exactly! Over $500 off contract! And its "cheap"????? So apparently they definitely don't plan on competing against the 520, 620, and 625.
  • Apple never said it was "cheap", the "C" is for color. They were never going to call it the "iPhone Cheap"; just was just silly rumours. But I agree they've shot themselves in the foot by not bringing out a cheaper device, just last years' model reduced 100 bucks as per normal (but with a plastic wrapper over it). Nothing to compete in the mid-range, let alone low-end of the market; I don't know what they are smoking at Apple HQ, but if they thought this could increase their market share they are crazy. C for "iPhone Crazy" iGuess.
    Thank you Apple for handing the low-mid and corporate markets to Android and Windows Phone. I wonder how many corps were holding out for a cheaper iPhone and will now get their staff 720 and 820s.
  • Just the way they shot themselves by releasing a 499 ipad and never lowering the price or like the way they released an ipad mini and priced it more expensive then the rest of the industry. Yea, they're sales have plumeted. ipad mini is probably the best selling tablet to todate and spec wise it doesnt compare to something like a nexus.
  • What are you smoking? iPad market share is below 50% now. Used to be 100% Apple's margins decline with every new lower-end product they put out.
    The reason they can't put out an iPhone cheap is because they can't competitively build one and not steal their own market share.
    Apple's  market share in everything they produce in the long run hovers at about 15% and that's where the iPhones are headed. Reason about 15 % of people are willing to overpay for products that do exactly the same thing every other product does.
  • ^EPIC
  • The last paragraph is too good...
  • Yeah but that is a lot like the computer industry in the 1990s all over again. That is a vulnerable niche in the market - if nokiasoft make something insanely compelling in the future then that market share, low as it is, starts looking pretty vulnerable.
    I raised an eyebrow when I saw the 5C. Its looks like a low-mid-range nokia, but for $550. Seriously? There is a company that has made an art form out of taking the piss.
  • and how's that Surface thing working out then??...
  • I will ignore the sarcasm because without it you are actually correct.
    Sure in terms of pure sales numbers Apple are doing well and no doubt Nokia would love such figures. But the fact is that despite being the company that pretty much created and defined both the smartphone and tablet market Apple have gone from being the dominant player to being overtaken by cheaper and lesser Android products. Now if they want to be a niche player, have 10-15% of the market and keep their high margins, that's fair enough. But I'm sure their shareholders would rather they came out with a bigger portfolio, had devices at more competive prices and thus increased sales.
    They would then never have let Android capture so much of the market and would have much larger App Store sales vs hardware sales and at the same time a much larger following; to me that is the far smarter game and it's their arrogance that one or two products only is best and keeping things "premium" gives them a stronger brand and makes for more profits.
    Sure I expect them to rake in many more millions than Nokia do for the foreseeable future, but continuing along their current path is giving their competition far more advantages than they need and it won't be long before even Nokia catch them as Samsung have done already.
    I just Googled (sorry, didn't Bing It) "Apple Share Price" - down 5.72% today, which I feel backs up my logic. Oh and Nokia up 4.51%.  
  • LOL!
  • "Hell you could sell the 5c and still afford the 1020!!!"
    Actually, the 5c retails in the UK for the same price as the 1020..
  • Quite clever from Apple, actually, creating the impression that anybody running with a colorful phone just couldn't afford the real thing, champagne coloured iPhone.
  • Well I dont feel like giving the NSA my finger prints so i think i'll pass... people went nuts at xbox and kinect about it was an NSA love child.... If i'm not mistaken, i dont think the nsa is interested in looking at you open mouthed staring at a tv.... They will be interested in the 30 million + friends finger prints... I was going to say 1020 anyway... but when a snapdragon 800 powered Nokia comes out (not nessiceraly the 1520) it will eat this.... The camera lag Cnet complained about will be gone
  • I'm pretty sure the NSA already has your fingerprints. Along with everyone else who's ever been arrested or gotten a drivers license.
  • If you are from USA, they already have your fingerprint on file
  • And if you are not from US but visited US.
    Fingerprint scanner on a smartphone is the least you should be worried about in terms of privacy.
  • Haven't you heard? That's why pennies are still in circulation. To get everyone's fingerprints.
  • What they don't have is your contacts? What this can do is using your fingerprint and your phone contacts, NSA can establish your circle much more easily.
  • your contacts are saved in the cloud, they have them
  • From The Simpsons and they were talking about DNA.
  • Apple has said finger prints are encrypted on the device only. Now, of course, it all depends how much you trust Apple. I'm with you, I'll just enter a password. At least I know someone won't want to steal my thumb if they steal my phone...
  • Yeah... that's what they say about message too, but that has been debunked.
    Plus, recent revelations have said that the NSA has the ability to break nearly all encryptions.
  • Lmfao
  • lol.... can't even describe how stupid your comment is
  • Fingerprints are nothing. Wait until they get your DNA!!!
  • Actually, that is already in the works.
  • Apple FINGER this ^^^
  • Anways,fingerprints are need for the govt for safety. My fingerprint was taken in Saudi Arabia in the airport customs while the same in India too. What's the deal? One way or another, the govt gets you caz they run you and your country.
  • i found something....

  • It's Apple and I have a strong bias against them. Yup, just my opinion, YMMV
  • Apple is smart as most iPhone users are elderly they always forget their password so the fingerprint scanner is going to help on support call ;)
  • What are you smoking? Have you ever strolled through a large city? Most people I've seen with iPhones are probably around 15-25. Actually, I've seen more older folk using 920s than iPhones. Although I tend to notice when someone has a WP more than iPhone.
  • One learn what a joke is. Two most young people have Sammy phones from what I've seen and my job has me all over the US.
  • My 13 yo thinks that iPhones are for old people. So, yeah, that 18 - 25 range.
    Seriously though, I'd say 75% of the people I know that have an iPhone are over the age of 40. Then again, that isn't real old either.
  • In the above discussion substitute "people" for Americans. Apple's market share outside the US is pathetic and declining. Remember about 50% market share in the US and 14% world wide, what does that say about their market share in the rest of the world?
  • I also travel for business and see the same, Samsung for the younger generation and older folks on iPhone.
  • Thank you r0br, I thought I might have to start looking for mt AARP membership invite from the way everyone was talking. Though I gotta admit I have never owned, nor am interested in an iPhone. However, when the iPhone first came out, both my parents got one. It never made any sense, my dad avoids the internet and computers like the plague. He only got them because he was told that they were the best. For all those years, he paid for 2 data plans that they never used.
  • So, what are you saying? WP is for middle us...:-/
  • Don't get carried away, I'm the humble age of 15, and I carefully fully observe the phones people are using at a school, very carefully. School started just a week ago, and already I've noticed 10 Windows Phones in circulation, which is more than I noticed in an entire school year last year, and I've still got what I believe to be 37 weeks of school left. I notice that the 520 and 521 and popular amongst families on a budget, while more premier Windows Phones like the 920 and HTC 8X reign amongst the "cool" and "hip" kids. I'm the odd one out, from my observations, seeing as I'm a big ol' tech nerd. But nonetheless, this is great news, it means Windows Phone is starting to resonate amongst kids. Granted, I've had one friend complain about app availability, but that's still progress, seeing as just a year ago, I was the only one of my friends who had even heard of Windows Phone. I also saw a kid at lunch yesterday using a Surface, touch-cover and all. First Surface I've seen in the wild be used by a kid, and the second I've seen in the wild altogether. So while Microsoft does have a long way to go (right now, the social stigma in my whole county is that iPhones are the best phones in town, even though no one can really muster any evidence to support that claim), but this is indeed progress. And knowing that a couple of these newfound Windows Phone owners are quite popular and trend setters, this could help a new wave of a Windows Phones hit my school, especially with the iPhone 5S being such a let down. Sorry for such a long rambling post, but I just like to ramble on, much like how I love people watching (hence the data provided for this article).
  • I don't know. I live and work in a pretty big college town here in Western Mass and most of the students and just people 18-30 have iPhones. I do see quite a bit of Samsung devices. But its iPhone country here in Amherst and at UMass
  • The part of LA I live in if you drive a German car its a Merc Orange County mostly BMW same with Ford and Chevy the F-150 is the best selling truck but I see more Chevy's. Some places you see more iPhones and others you see Sammy's.
  • I live in western mass also, iPhones everywhere
  • I live in Eastern Mass and I see mostly iPhones around.
  • "Apple is smart as most iPhone users are elderly they always forget their password so the fingerprint scanner is going to help on support call ;)"
    iPhone users are so dumb they'd probably forget their fingerprints too.
  • hah ha! Shouldn't laugh, but that made me chuckle. :-)
  • Best thing I've read today, perfect!
  • I live in France and I see a lot Sammy's android devices, and also some ATIV S, but very often a Lumia since our country seems to adopting WP faster. IPhone market share is now reaching by WP in France.
  • 1020 win every time screw the ifruit.
  • Behold the "5 assed" monkey:
  • EPIC, lol.  These new iPhones, sorry, iMonkeys are coming out about the same time as the new season of South Park!
  • The iFruit is a GTA thing.... Yea, I have GTA 5 on the mind too.... 6 more days...
  • But but it has a gold chasis
  • As nokia's tweet says Real gangsters don't use golden phones lol
  • Warlords use golden ak's so maybe that's the market they are targeting lol.
  • I have a gold Nokia Sirocco :(
  • don't even think it is gold just colour. only nokia makes real gold phones.
  • Hell yeah 8801 serious, golden, titanium and diamond screen, loved that phone
  • They used to own vertu
  • Motorola? They made a solid gold RAZR , RAZR V8 , Aurora ...
  • Who cares of the color, u have to get a case for it anyway, or if u drop it, it will be the most expensive color u had to replace!
  • Lumia 1020 :)
  • I think Apple just gave Microsoft and Nokia the break they needed. There isn't really one outstanding feature that would compel someone to trade up to a 5S. The coloring is widely known as a Windows Phone characteristic and Nokia has established itself as a premium handset maker with unique leading edge design, so apple really comes off as looking like its just borrowing from all over the place. Very uninspired. But if this is it for their release cycle for the iPhone, they handed Windows Phone a huge opportunity. I just want to see where this 1020 improves next year.
  • Plus the coloring is on the equivalent to the iPhone 5: the iPhone 5C. That would be equivalent to buying an Lumia 920--a nice device that is still last year's technology.
  • Plus. With all the ugly huge outterbox cases they use, the colors don't matter. If that's apples selling feature, I feel sad for them.
  • To be fair, I think less cases will be used on the 5C. For one, the colors invite the showing off of the device, and secondly, the "polycarbonate" has got to be more durable.
  • The same could be said for our phones, but the majority of people are willing to sacrifice beauty for durability.
  • Hmm so actually the 5Cis the better phone, it's certainly the better deal if you use any kind of case. Apple's margins will be slip sliding away withe every 5C sale.
  • And yet how many people here carry on about red vs yellow vs cyan... ;)
  • The price drop for 1020 is a nice thing to do, and at the correct time. but unfortunately guys who already bought the 1020 will be pissed off.
    Waiting for 1020 in my country here. I hope they release the phone the same day iphone gets released here. Out here the 32 gb iphone will be around $700, $$$!! if the iphone 5C is 540 it is still $$!. the 1020 is expected to be priced around $400-$450. Lumia is going to sell like crazy here. All folks going for iphone will switch to WP. All prices are off contract, all phones are sold unlocked in my country.
  • Yeah NIST, but I know plenty of people that have to have that new iPhone on release, even if they just upgraded. I am very happy with my 920. As long as nokia/microsoft continue to support it for the next 14 months, I'll be very happy
  • Yeah, but apple fans tend to be smug, and upity about even the slighteset "upgrades" (read:nothing)
    They are blindly dedicated to their overlord, and refuse to see, let alone accpet that they are getting screwed.
    And even worse than that no matter how much apple *borrows* from other OS's, or hardware they still don't acknowledge the existence of those features until apple has them. So they really never even relaize just how much apple copies... to them, it's "original", and "genius".
    Adding colors, the flat designs of the OS... it's ALL Windows Phone. But it will go largely unnoticed.
  • My brother has chosen the iPhone over the 1020 for 4 reasons: size, weight, the lack of good medical apps on WP and the enormous hump on the 1020.
  • Yeah, my brother got an iPhone for the apps.  He's a band director, and there are a lot more quality music education related apps.  He was deciding between a Sammy Odessey and an iPhone 4.  My parents are feature phone users though, and most likely will go with a WP8 phone.
  • i went with WP8 because
  • I'll have todisagree. Apple has been playing this game of minuscule changes for a few years now. Microsoft hasn't gained ground on that fact, at least not in a major way. All Apple has done since probably the 3GS is up the screen to 4", then copy hardware features (such as adding LTE) a year after the competition, yet they sell devices like crazy.
    Yes, Apple's 5C lineup is a blatant rip-off of the Lumia color and design scheme (polycarbonate), but Apple's lived off of copying for years now, and they've lived well.
  • Not since 3GS, but since iPhone 1
  • ...why do you say "Microsoft has't gained ground..."?  Microsoft didn't produce any WP-Phones so far. You should address this complaint to HTC, Samsung and the others manufacturers who only supported WP less than half heartly. Now with Microsoft having direct access to Nokia technologie, R&D and manufacturing capabilities, I am sure that this will change the game in an interesting way...
  • I am an iOS developer and I rather have a 1020 (currently have a 920) over the 5S. I would just like to have a 5S so I can play around with it ;D
  • There is never a compelling reason to upgrade to the newest iPhone, but they will sell like hotcakes because of all the iSheep who need the latest and greatest as a status symbol.
  • I'm not saying they won't sell. There are definitely ipeople out there that only want an iPhone or gravitate to it by default by virtue of its large awareness. I'm saying that typically if you're only releasing one phone in a year, you need to put your best foot forward and place your device with with enough advancements to be ahead of the pack so that you stand out, put yourself in the lead again and provide a new baseline or standards for others to compare to or match. On nearly every spec the iPhone 5S does none of that. However on the Windows Phone and more specifically Nokia the Lumia 1020 is a much more advanced piece of technology, and that's technology that's useable. What's missing in the iPhone 5S solidifies Nokias ability to really push the boundaries of what a smartphone can do and be. From OIS to NFC and wireless charging to HAAC to the Clear black polarizer to the camera grip, Pure Motion 60hz sub field, Carl Zeiss 6 element lens, the list just goes on and on of what the new Iphone does NOT have. I feel even better for having a Nokia 1020. Is it perfect? No. Is it better than a new iPhone 5S? Definitely.
  • +1020, you're spot on.
  • Exactly.
    We're now at a point where most consumers lean towards a certain type already.  The iPhone 5 is great for people who love iPhones, but there aren't any outstanding features that would convince someone to switch to iPhone if they are already using Android or WP.
  • I have been on the iPhone since the original.
    I sold my iPhone 5 on Sep 21 to Gazelle for $335 and never looked back.
    The Lumia is hands down twice the phone the iPhone is... I just love it!
  • Well I got to say the Lumia wins!! Unfortunately the 5S will sell like crazy because the world is stupid...
  • True that. Its sad that great phones don't get the recognition they deserve. I wish Microsoft would hire me to sell their products. As a user of their products and someone who knows first hand how good they are I know I could convince people into getting them.
  • Ben Rudolph beat you to it
  • I love Ben he is an awesome advocate I mean more in retail lol unfortunately they don't pay very well in retail :(
  • my dilemma as well. I can convince people to use windows phone, because I see a lot of potential here where iPhone is expensive and cheap android phone will give you headache but then they don't pay  much to the promoter. 
  • I hear you on that. I have influenced my wife(Focus then 920), my mother,(Focus) three sister in laws( two 928s one 520)a brother(Huweii W1) and indirectly( through my wife) my father in law (Focus Flash then 920)all to get Windows Phones. My sister also purchased a Focus from eBay, but the device was faulty from the seller and was returned. I'm currently sporting the 1020, as a recent upgrade from the Titan. Had the Tilt 2, Tilt 1 and two Cingular 2125's. Windows all the way.
  • Yup, I'm a big walking advertisement for Nokia. My local Microsoft Store actually has a retail job opening I'd be /PERFECT/ for (Walking around the Store, helping customers discover and learn about the wonders of the WIndows Ecosystem). I'd love such a job, hell, I'd do it for free, it sounds fun, the money would just be a bonus! Sadly, I'm only 15, and I don't meet the basic requirements. And even if I did, I'm far too busy with school, swimming ,and other commitments that fill my schedule. Disappointing, but maybe sometime later on. But I do have a confession, whenever I go to a Microsoft Store to have some kind of service done, they sometimes disappear into the back for awhile and tell you to enjoy the Store while you wait. I must admit, I voluntarily go around talking about and pitching WIndows products to people. Still, I did get a guy who was concerned that the Lumia 1020 focused more on the camera rather than overall experience to give it some more thought. He was especially intrigued by the 7GB of free SkyDrive storage.
  • What I've realized studying marketing is that consumers are stupid, and will buy everything if you give them reasons for...
  • Or they legitimately like what the iPhone and its ecosystem offer? ...naawww that would be to logical.
  • I feel that certain people get so used to something they end up becoming biased. Having used every phone that is currently out I know windows works for me. I feel some people just become smug.
  • No, you are wrong. Next!
  • Me or the other guy? Lol
  • UzaiBaka, not you ;)
  • ;)
  • Could very well be the case.
  • You must be the brain, keeping the world afloat? Ll
  • Well that's because the iPhone can upload to instagram and windows cannot...
  • Lol
  • I pray thee, this best be sarcasm, or otherwise we shall all tear you limb from limb, then stone you to death with out incredibly durable Lumias. :P
  • 100% sarcasm
  • I don't know, I have die hard iPhone friends. And they are all pissed at the lack of invocation and at the end of the day will have exactly the same phone, but pink and they can stick their finger on it. Does the finger print work with gloves on? :P
  • The 5c doesn't have the fingerprint reader, only the 5s. The 5c is basically last years 5 but with the polycarbonate color shells.
  • Yeah I agree Lumia wins hands down, except for the processor. That 64bit A7 is sexy ;D but everything else, 1020 all the way.
  • Actually mainly Americans.
  • The same as iPhone 5, isheeps gonna hate.
  • Ifans: no we have a new name with "s" so innovative
  • LMAO
  • iphone 4S & Samsung S4 :)
  • LOL
  • And isn't the Lumia 1020 exactly the same as 920 except the camera? Let's not be hypocritical.
  • But the camera is ACTUALLY innovative and revolutionary with greatly improved features people actually use everyday, the camera. It's better than every smartphone camera on the market for now. The only thing that matches it is the PureView 808.
  • And ram and screen but true. It therefor has no wireless charging
  • Don't forget the barometer.
  • Speaking of which, what's the point in that? The only other phone on the market to have a barometer is the Samsung GS4, and it's not like we have any apps on Windows Phone that allow us to use it. Honestly, what was the point in including it if it's literally useless?
  • But the 1020 isn't the successor to the 920. That "20" at the end means they are in the same generation. We'll see how much better the 940 (or whatever it's called) is when it's announced.
  • Well,  I hate to defend Apple here because I'm not a fan of iPhone at all... but what you've described is exactly what the '5' means in iPhone5.  5S and 5C are NOT next gen, but refresh of the same generation.
    I just don't like iPhone.  That's all.  I don't see why I need to find things to pick on to justify that.  Its the lame game that fAndroids and other fanboys play and its so old now.
  • and a different lense than the 920
  • I love the new iPhone❗
  • Iphone 5s has been absolute fail. Its too expensive for an average smartphone user with all the choices out there and there is no enough reason for an existing iphone user to upgrade!
  • Its just a tad early to say its a fail, since it hasn't came out yet... and never underestimate the herd of isheep.
  • Exactly, despite this being an underwhelming device, so was the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5, yet they both broke records. Granted, this is more underwhelming than both of those combined, but still, my point stands. Maybe this time 'round, Apple users will see the light, and migrate to Android or (preferably) Windows Phone. But as always, never underestimate the iHerd, they're all iDiots and must be dealt with carefully, as reason and common sense are foreign concepts to them (Apple refuses to add that feature to their product lineup).
  • I understand performance improvements, but if they keep reintroducing what they consider "state of the art" processing, what exactly are they improving and is it really necessary? =[
  • Didn't windows mobile have a fingerprint scanner years ago?
  • Also laptops had, and where do you see that "innovative" technology? Yep almost obsolete... It's not really useful as iSheep are going to say
  • Did you read the page you posted? Just asking. If you did have someone read for you.
  • haahahah.
  • You are correct. My LG IQ (GW825) from almost 4 years ago had one, and it worked quite well.
  • Also known as the LG Expo?
  • This was the argument I made to a friend of mine this evening. I owned the LG Expo. Great device with a custom rom, and way ahead of its time. It was also featured in the green lantern movie. But this type of technology has been done. And the iPhone is just stealing the colors of handsets from Nokia. Zero innovation.
  • It's not what you posted, but yes there were biometrics back with Windows Mobile. Nothing worth noting though.
    But then again, a lot of things go ognored until apple "borrows" it.
  • Yea, my old HP iPaq 5450 (you can get one on ebay cheap) had a finger print scanner on it... It worked pretty well too...
  • It was/is a fake fingerprint scanner app.  It unlocks the device based on how many times the fake scanner bar goes up and down, a setting you can change...probably not what you were looking for.
  • although iphone 5s launched after three month from l1020 i think still l1020 is better than iphone 5s. is not it??
  • Personally, my favorite one is still the 920, which I own. I was not impressed by the 925, I consider the 1020 a niche device and I am not interested in the iPhone. If Nokia will release a 1080, quad core, no more than 5" device with polycarbonate body that would be my next phone.
  • I know what you are saying. I miss my 920, and its solid feel.
  • My 920 is the first phone I've had for nearly a year. I'm very satisfied with it, but even more so, I wasn't drawn to the 1020 as some have been. I just want a solid GDR3 device this fall that isn't enormous.
  • +1. Been a year since my 920 purchase. Still feels up to date till this day after seeing all the "new" announcements. Solid - Smooth - Sexy.
  • You really didn't like the 925? The extra lens element, 8.7MP came-eh, I don't care. Windows Phone Lumia, all of em are good for different people...not for all of us, but for each of us. ;)
  • ^THIS
  • My favorite is the 920 because wireless charging is integrated and it has a full RGB stripe screen. I'm allergic to PenTile. But I'm so jealous of the 1020's camera! I've tried it in stores and it's just amazing.