NVIDIA reveals Titan Xp, billed as 'world's most powerful graphics card'

NVIDIA is upping the ante once again with its latest graphics card, the Titan Xp. As part of its high-end Titan series, NVIDIA boldly refers (opens in new tab) to the Xp as the "world's most powerful graphics card" — and it looks like it has the specs to back that up.

Based on NVIDIA's Pascal architecture, the Titan Xp is packed with raw power. The card packs in 12GB of GDDR5X memory running at 11.4 Gbps, and includes 3,840 Cuda cores running at 1.6GHz. For comparison, NVIDIA's recently released GTX 1080 Ti — the previous top dog — comes with 3,584 Cuda cores and 11GB of GDDR5X memory. In total, NVIDIA is claiming the new Titan Xp packs 12 TFLOPs of performance.

Of course, for all of that power, you're going to have to shell out quite a premium. The Titan Xp is on sale now for a pretty hefty $1,200. Given that the GTX 1080 Ti runs $699, that's quite a jump. However, if absolute power is what you crave, you can pick up the Titan Xp from NVIDIA now.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Can't wait to get it for half the price next year as the 1170. 
  • I'll have to wait for it until the year after that as the 1260 at a quarter of the price.
  • Now that's what I call a smart investment 😎
  • scorpio should have had this. now give me a laptop with this.
  • Yes, if only Scorpio cost 2000$!  People are weird I swear!
  • This is why mobile OSes will never beat PCs when it comes to gaming. ARM CPUs/GPUs will never catch up to x86 CPUs and dedicated graphics cards.
  • You assume that this is being pushed for gaming. It really isn't likely to be aimed at that segment. GPUs do more than just video games. You also assume x86 can never be in a mobile device, which is also untrue.
  • I want to buy that ... but then I decided to pay my rent for 3 months !   This huge number of cores is great for parallel programming thougth.
  • But can it play Minecraft?
  • More cores in Titan Z, but lower clock freq
  • In other words, the Titan Xp offers 6% increase in performance, while setting you back 171% the cost of a single GTX 1080 Ti! That is while knowing that the GTX 1080 Ti is not a great performance-for-the-buck card! 
  • But can it run Minecraft and Crysis?
  • Not simultaneously.  Not unless you buy 2 of these :-D
  • I thought this is what people were already calling the Titan X (Pascal).
  • 1 extra gb of ram and a few cudas don't justify the 3=$500 price bump. I'd stick with the TI.
  • Agreed. They should have stuck 20 GB or RAM on it.
  • Nice to see some real hardware announced yesterday.
  • I love when a graphics card is more powerful than my entire PC. Hell, even my three PCs combined almost don't match up to it.