Official BBC iPlayer Radio app now finally available for Windows Phone

BBC Radio access has been absent on the platform (officially, anyway - see Podcast Lounge), but finally UK Windows Phone owners are now able to enjoy their favorite radio stations while on the move with the official BBC iPlayer Radio app. Whether you're a hipster with BBC Radio 1 or prefer a more laid back experience with BBC Radio 3, this app will provide you the means to tune into live programs and enjoy some beats.

As well as the live streaming, the iPlayer Radio app also contains up to seven days' worth of content. All BBC radio stations are supported with hundreds of on-demand programs available. The app itself is another hybrid experience, mixing the best of the web with some neat Windows Phone functionality. While the main interface itself resembles nothing more than a web wrapper, users will find working Live Tiles (all sizes) and player integration.

BBC iPlayer Radio

Sure, it's not a native experience, but what the developers have managed to pull off as an initial release is a functional, working app with access to top content. Want to see a fully native experience? The best way to show support for the platform is to use the apps and reach out to the BBC with feedback and suggestions. That said, it's less important for apps such as the iPlayer Radio app as it'll be running in the background the majority of time.

Before downloading, please note that this app utilizes data connectivity, so be sure to monitor usage if on a capped mobile plan. Also, it appears as though iPlayer Radio access is region restricted.

QR: BBC iPlayer Radio

Thanks, Chris B, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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