Official DriveNow app launch brings car sharing to Windows Phone

DriveNow is a joint venture between BMW and Sixt, providing car sharing services in several cities in Europe and North America. The company has launched an official app for Windows Phone, bringing said services to Microsoft's mobile platform. Looking for a ride to pick up and drop off wherever you want? DriveNow is a viable option.

It's possible to drive the very latest models from BMW & MINI and drop them off again anywhere within the business area. Also, as an added bonus, there aren't any obligations, nor are there any fuel costs to cover. Check out the rather extensive feature list for DriveNow Car Sharing app:

  • Mobile Registration: Become a DriveNow customer whenever and wherever you want
  • One-Touch Reservation: Reserve the nearest DriveNow car with a single touch
  • Find car: Your app will show you the shortest route to your reserved DriveNow car
  • Open Car via App: Your app is the key to the entire DriveNow fleet
  • Free reservation: Reserve your DriveNow car 2 x 15 minutes free of charge
  • Prolonged Reservation: Reserve your car up to 8 hours for 10 ct/min
  • View vehicle details: Check out the features of your DriveNow car
  • Pictogram: Graphics help you to scan for vehicle damage easily
  • Car Radar: Your app tells you when you are in the vicinity of a DriveNow car
  • Car Filter: Find exactly the model you want anywhere within the entire business area
  • Map View: Gives you direct access to all DriveNow cities and cars
  • Personal Destinations: Save your destinations in your DriveNow App
  • Recommend a Friend: Recommend friends directly from the contacts on your smartphone
  • DriveNow Cockpit: Check your minutes account on the move using your DriveNow App
  • Live Tiles: You are on the way to your reseved car and you'd like to check the address or the licence plate again? The DriveNow Live Tile shows you this information on your start screen

Be sure to check out the DriveNow website for more details on what cities are covered.

QR: DriveNow Car Sharing

Thanks, Dries D., for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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