Official Mobile World Congress app lands for Windows Phone

Color us surprised but for the first time ever, the GSMA have released an official Windows Phone app for their annual Mobile World Congress. Representing the largest consortium of mobile operators and OEMs, Mobile World Congress is kind of a big deal for mobile

The official app just landed on the Windows Phone Store and it’s actually done quite well. Instead of needing constant updates through the Store, which could be time consuming, it can update its database over-the-air each time there is a scheduling or venue change. Quite nifty and is akin to how Cocktail Flow operates.

The app features a doublewide Tile, schedule of events, speakers, exhibitors, news + social links, mapping, information and My Event. The latter is a way to view all your earmarked speakers, events or exhibitors and it’s all done through a faux Tile system within the app.

Users can search for names or companies and simply tap a “star” in the upper right hand corner to basically bookmark the entry for quick access. Users can also get direct messages from the organizers, which is good for any breaking news or summaries of the day’s events and the interactive mapping looks to go live once the event starts.

While many of you won’t have a need for this, as we mentioned previously it’s a big step for Windows Phone as finally we’re on the same page as Android and iOS. Yes, it’s odd that the last two years Windows Phone didn’t get noticed enough to warrant its own app (although Nokia had a nice effort), but now things have changed.

In addition to this official venue and events app, yesterday the GSMA also released an NFC badge app that grants easier access for attendees.

Windows Phone Central will of course be covering Mobile World Congress on location starting the last week of February.

Pick up the official Mobile World Congress app here in the Store. All Windows Phones. Thanks, Alan Mendelevich (@ailon), for the heads up!


Daniel Rubino

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