Official Thai Airways app comes to Windows Phone

Flying to Thailand anytime soon? Odds are you might be flying with Thai Airways. And since we’re in the betting mood we’re going to assume you’re holding a Windows Phone in your hand or pocket. Which is why today is your lucky day. There’s a new official Thai Airways app for Windows Phone!

Head into the Windows Phone Store and you’ll find ‘THAI m Service’ ready for you to download. The app is the official Thai Airways app for Windows Phone users. It comes to us from the developers behind apps like SoZoom and Ciel. Here’s what you get with the official Thai Airways app:


  • Flight information
  • Flight Schedule
  • View Booking
  • m Check-in
  • Royal Orchid Plus


  • Cargo Flight Schedule
  • Cargo e Tracking
  • Cargo Handling Chart

We don’t have any upcoming trips coming to Thailand with Thai Airways, so we can’t comment too much on how the app works in terms of bookings, but it does look like a really nice app. This isn’t the first time they’ve teamed up to bring Thai Airways to a Windows platform. Thai Touch, the official app on Windows 8, is from the same development team.

Download Thai Airways from the Windows Phone Store.

Download Thai Touch from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

QR: Thai Airlines

Sam Sabri
  • Cool! Now that it's on WP, I'm going to go to Thailand EVERY week! :D
  • LOL
  • Yeah right xD lol
  • My Windows Phone is currently on my bed, NOT in my hand or lap. Swiping keyboard
  • I rather go to China or North Korea.
  • #teamnorthKorea
  • #teamKimJongUn
  • Or South Korea :P
  • Can someone remind the whatsapp team that they have an app on windows phone also....
  • Whatsapp team you have an app on WP also..See Reminded..
  • Do your remember that FB bought what's app and how long it took for them to bring instagram to WP?
  • Why is it at v2.0.8.1 if it was only released today?
  • Debugging ;) I once started from, I add per update ;) 41 builds lol.
  • Haha..Lol
  • Now if only bigger international air transportation companies could make WP apps too...
  • Its a trap! XD
  • เลวร้ายเกินไปแม่ของฉันไม่ใช้โทรศัพท์หน้าต่าง
  • Quite.
  • Bing Translator? ทำไมอ่านไม่รู้เรื่องเนี่ย LOL P.S. I'm Thai citizen.
  • Lol. But my mom is Thai
  • Now i can go in Thailand.
    Ps: Seems faster
  • Chase, what's the IP 10 1.5.10 for the printer
  • Sawadee krup! Khop khun krup!
  • Thai Airways isn't new to Windows Phone, they had an app for WP7 ages ago which was so-so but I think it was pulled and this is the replacement, which would explain the version number. Anyway, good to see one of my favourite airlines supporting the platform. They have outstanding service and some of the best onboard catering you will find in the sky.
  • THIS APP IS POOR. It is simply a wrapper for the mobile site. Clumsy and most limited. I wonder if the reviewer even installed it ahead of posting the story. Hopefully it will be properly built. At some point
  • Did you try swiping around? There's some flight schedule search as well