Opera Mobile 9.5 Getting Optimized for Nvidia's Tegra Platform

We already knew that nvidia was making a play for Windows Mobile with their “Tegra” line, matching up against the likes of Intel's Atom and Qualcomm's Snapdragon. Seemed like a long shot that they'd get major pick-up then and it still seems that way now, only a little less so. The eagle eyes over at wmpoweruser picked up on an nvidia press release that notes two interesting things.

First, Opera 9.5 is getting optimized for the Tegra platform -- which is a out-of-box set of CPU, GPU, and (yes, Virginia) hardware acceleration. Second, companies that opt for the Tegra platform to power their gadget will get that optimized version of Opera 9.5 for free.

The only real downside to this story is it looks like nvidia has let the date for when we'll actually see devices based on Tegra slip from Q4 of this year to sometime next year.

WC Staff