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Opera's latest desktop browser comes with a free VPN, enhanced privacy, support for crypto

Opera announced the launch of Opera version 60 (codenamed Reborn 3), the company's latest desktop browser for Mac, Windows, and Linux. This web browser is touted as next-gen due to the additional support for crypto, a free VPN, as well as enhanced privacy controls and "Web 3".

The company boasts industry-leading support for Web 3 and cryptocurrency, allowing users to make transactions and interact with blockchain-based systems. And since more people are taking privacy and online safety more seriously, Opera includes access to a free VPN for the browser without logging.

Web 3 covers applications for blockchain technologies. The cryptocurrency wallet doesn't require the movement of funds to make transactions on PC, but instead syncs with the crypto wallet in the Opera Android browser app. Authentication and notifications are handled using the smartphone.

It wouldn't be a major new release for the team if they hadn't given the browser a visual refresh. Referring to web content as a painting, the new Opera design is borderless to allow said content to take center stage on-screen. Both light and dark themes are available.

With how the browser is shaping up with app integration for messengers and more, Opera wants you to do almost everything online in one place. For Opera fans, this is a stellar release. For those who haven't used the browser for some years and desire change, it's certainly worth checking out.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Preeeeeeeetty sure it's already had this, but I believe it's new for mobile
  • Went to update and realized I was on Opera 31 on their developer app. So, I guess I already have these...
  • They've had the free VPN for ages. Not sure about the other stuff.
  • The free VPN is nothing new but while it helps for web surfing traffic, it does nothing if you download torrents which makes it marginally useful at best. But if you already have a VPN active and then connect to the net through Opera with their VPN activated, then you have a tunnel within a tunnel which should make you just about impossible to track down. ;)
  • It also slows you down since you have to dig through two tunnels!
  • So whats new? I had all these features in the last 6 versions.
  • I wish they never stopped developing Neon
  • Just downloaded, and got this: Your version is 58.0.3135.131
  • The free VPN on Opera is pretty useless as it doesn't do a country just a region.
  • I'm wondering if they've hit some bugs and silently pulled it. When this announcement was made I successfully upgraded to v60 on both my usual machines. Then my main laptop was trashed by a Windows update (yep) and I had to do a fresh install - downloading a new copy of Opera gave me only v58 and every time I check for upgrades I'm told I have the latest version. There's also nothing on the main webpage about the bitcoin stuff ie the things that are really new (not that I'm fussed about those things), which adds fuel to the suspicion they've hit problems ... might be helpful to admit it though.
  • As of today, no version 60: "Your version is 58.0.3135.132"
  • Nevermind. Updated today to 60.0.3255.84!