OpnMarket: Freeware marketplace alternative

One of our favorite pocketpc freeware sites, Freeware for PocketPC, has released a pretty darn good marketplace app dubbed OpnMarket (hey, it's freeware, they evidently have to pay for extra "e"s).

In fact, dare we say, it's snazzier than Microsoft's own attempt?  Best analogy is it feels similar to the Netflix Mobile Manager application, with kinetic scrolling and tight graphics. Of course, it only works on touchscreen devices. Sorry WM Standard.

So do we recommend?  Heck, yeah!  For one, it showcases a lot of hobby developer software and number two, it's all freeware. The store itself works well enough, and did we mention free?

The application does require registration, which can be done on the device or on their website.  This will allow you to manage your programs via a "dashboard" interface as well as keep your software up to date.

Use MS Tag to download now and give it a go.  Read more on it here.

[Thanks, Veselin N., for the tip!]

Phil Nickinson

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  • My favorite freeware site. A lot of the better stuff from XDA/PPCGeeks eventually ends up there. For those without touchscreens who can't use this app (and even those with touchscreens) I also highly recommend the mobile version of their site - www.pocketpcfreeware.mobi. Good stuff.
  • I've been using this for a few days and it's great. The best part is that is saves all of your downloads and keeps track. So if you flash a new rom you can just install this and reinstall all of your previous freebies.
  • i've been using it for a few days myself, and agree it's pretty nifty. They actually nailed on-device account creation -- supply an email address, password, and a real name, submit, and you're logged in. Nice. i see they have the same issue as the site with Pocket DiVX Player and VS Painter LE. Neither has a working download link.
  • Good program and I like how you've integrated MS Tag into your post.
  • This is an awesome app! I don't mind paying for apps but the Windows Marketplace for Mobile is lackluster...this is much better and I love it!
  • Love this thing. Have tried a few downloads so far and 2 have not worked out so well (Imdb 0.20 and a small launcher for the today screen), but seems to work well. I am having issues though with signing in. That is getting annoying. I keep getting Internet Access errors and yet I have full bars...
  • I ran into the exact same issue. It was working great for me for a day or two. Then all of a sudden, I haven't been able to log in at all today. This has been the case w/ WiFi and 3G.
  • Its good, but has no menu, and therefore no exit button. The X on most phones will close it, but not on all. On the HD2 it minimises it only, and it uses quite a lot of RAM and seemed to make the phone laggy while minimised.
  • That's my only complaint with it as well. I'm also running a 6.5.3x ROM on my Diamond and there's no way to exit it directly. You have to kill it with a task switcher. Other than that though I have no complaints.
  • When you are writing a review, don't hit the arrows. I have a TP2 and every time I use the keyboard and hit the left arrow it acts like a back button and scrolls through screens. Annoying flaw. For the most part though I am still really enjoying it
  • My favorite FreewarePPC app is GSplayer Its the mp3 player App ive been using since my Dell Axim x51v - touch pro - treo pro - and now xperia x1 its great, lightweight and resembles winamp.
  • Great, well done and work just fine on my HD2, thx !
  • I've been trying for 3 days to get this to work on my Omnia and I've yet to get it to connect after entering my registration info. Any other Omnia users get this to work?
  • Oh those were the days....:)