Orange Israel supports Windows Phone 8, stocks latest hardware

Orange Israel is supporting Windows Phone by stocking the Lumia 920, Lumia 820 and HTC 8X. All three Windows Phone 8 handsets are available from the website and are listed with accompanying contracted plans. It's positive to see how the platform is successfully expanding.

Nokia's flagship Windows Phone is priced at 4100 ILS ($1100) on a 12-month contract or 4316 ILS ($1175) for 36 months. The Lumia 820 is available from 3596 ILS ($980) over 36 months. The HTC 8X sits comfortably in the middle at 3924 ILS ($1070) for 36 months. Fairly reasonable pricing for the latest smartphones.

Source: Orange (Lumia 920) (Lumia 820) (HTC 8X); Thanks, arseny92, for the info!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Yay! \o/
  • Finally , why the price expensive , because Israel government taxes fucking too high ,,,, the gas her are more   expensive  than USA or European Union country ...
  •   Love my job, since I've been bringing in $5600… I sit at home, music playing while I work in front of my new iMac that I got now that I'm making it online
  • ooh, an imac?! sweet. sign-me up..
  • Why are these phones so expensive in Israel?
  • "Reasonable prices"? I must be missing something. The 920 was more expensive with a 3 year contract than it was with a 1 year contract...but a rather small difference. What gives with pricing in Israel?
  • I think it's the cumulative cost of ownership that spans across the periods of the contract.
  • There is a "luxury tax" in Israel on all well luxurious items - cars are included in this - it makes stuff really REALLY pricey.
  • I think that's what you would pay for the term of the contract. Not the price of the phone.
  • it's because of Iron Doom taxes on everything! !
  • lol i AM an israeli !!!!
    but i ordered my HTC 8X from UK the prices here are very high!
  • Same here. Bought my 8X on eBay while my wife was visiting the states. The only way to buy a phone here is to get it from another country.
  • I bought my Lumia 920 at Germany.
    But it is possible to by at the KSP computer network.
    You can find it at the Eilat city for 3600₪~(1000$) sim free and no contract.
  • Israeli in here aswell :)
    Got my yellow Lumia 920 over month ago from GSMNation for 760$.
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  • as an israeli it should be noted that : all phones sold in israel are unlocked and can be sim changed at any second that the price is always high at the operators but at private stores it is sold at 3000 nis which is 700 $.
    and all these phones are ion the market since december in all the operators not just orange (there are 7 or 8 if remamber correctly) ..and all of them are lte versions , the orange version does come with hd voice which is nice.
  • what??? 3000 nis ? nah...the cheapest price is probably Cellecom's - 3600 nis with contract. in private stores ( like KSP ) the Lumia 920 cost about ~3800 nis.
    Eurocom ( Nokia's oficial Israeli representative ) just released the Lumia 920 ( in 23/01/13 if I'm not mistaken ) and it costs 4200 nis. so no, not all the phones were available on the market since december. and still, not all operators have them. for example, Hot Mobile don't sell any Windows Phone at all.
    by the way, only the Black and White Lumai 920's colors are available in Israel. Eurocom had a very limited stock of Yellow Lumia 920, and it sold them all ( The Yellows ) at the first day ( I got mine ).  
  • Keep in mind that in Israel you pay around 25-35$/month for unlimited calls/text/data, plus all phones are unlocked. Phones are more expensive, but the mobile packages are lower.
  • 25~35$/month isn't low
  • Lower than US, which the pricing of the phones compares to in the article.
  • Nice to see more countries getting WP8. :)
  • Easy way to scratch a screen lay it face down on metal
  • nope not really. you can just wipe off any "scratch" with your shirt.
  • All of you forgot something!
    first the price of the cellular service is the most cheaper in the world usually it cost about 12 USD to 6 monthes and then it cost 22 USD to month. In some cellular opereator they give you 3 monthes free. And I'm talking about unlimited plans.
    Second there is a law in Israel NOBODY can sell you locked phone or in contract it's illigal if your phone is locked the carrier will open it for free.
    So, why is this expensive? because we are tiny country you can all it palastine or Israel I call it Israel but belive that we shpuld give land to the Palastine. But if we will give up some terrorist like Hizbolla will control it and this is the end of all of us. and What you see in the news about How do we kill 10 Palastine children it is because the terrorist hide in hospital or family home and shot from there so please don't judge if you dont know what is going on here, right now, everyday. Am I happy to go to serve the army for 3 years just after school while you will go to collage. Not sure about it. Now anout the price it's expensive because 50% of our budget is going to the Minister of IDF (Israel Defense Forces) so the VAT is 17% and the tax is 17.5% (34.5% toghther) so add to the cost of the device the price of shipping and the tax and the vat and the seller have to earn something and here we are at 1100$ expensive but this is the reality.