Orange Israel is supporting Windows Phone by stocking the Lumia 920, Lumia 820 and HTC 8X. All three Windows Phone 8 handsets are available from the website and are listed with accompanying contracted plans. It's positive to see how the platform is successfully expanding.

Nokia's flagship Windows Phone is priced at 4100 ILS ($1100) on a 12-month contract or 4316 ILS ($1175) for 36 months. The Lumia 820 is available from 3596 ILS ($980) over 36 months. The HTC 8X sits comfortably in the middle at 3924 ILS ($1070) for 36 months. Fairly reasonable pricing for the latest smartphones.

Source: Orange (Lumia 920) (Lumia 820) (HTC 8X); Thanks, arseny92, for the info!