Other Black Slab news: Touch Pro gets priced and a date (it was lonely)

And speaking of trendy black slabs, HTC's much anticipated and feature packed Touch Pro has been picked up by Expansys.com for a expected release date of August 4th.

Hey, that's pretty close.

But sit down for the price. Thanks to our awesomely weak economy and dollar, this puppy will set you back just over $1k ($1,047.38 to be exact).


Perhaps if you're a CDMA user, you'd best sit back and wait for the U.S. debut, which we're hearing will be around December on Sprint.

WC Staff
  • is it just me or does everyone now lists the Touch Pro as a quad-band phone? Expansys's listing says quad-band in the detailed description of the phone. Even HTC's global website. check it out.
    this device is goint to be expensive, but I think it is worth it more than any other out there.
    my 2-cents.
  • Looking forward to finally reading some real-world reviews from our brethen across the pond. Hopefully, they can help HTC smooth out a few more things before we get it.