For 2017, Winter Wonderland adds a batch of fun seasonal skins for characters like Ana, Sombra, Junkrat, and Roadhog. This year also marks the return of old favorites from last year, like a Santa Torbjörn and Nutcracker Zenyatta. That's in addition to new highlight intros and emotes that are fit for the season. Altogether, Overwatch developer Blizzard Entertainment says that this year's Winter Wonderland includes 50 new cosmetic items up for grabs throughout the event. The total notches up to 150 when you count items from last year's event that are available once more.

Getting down to the meat of the gameplay, Winter Wonderland 2017 adds a new brawl called Yeti Hunter. Played with a total of six players, Yeti Hunter places 5 Meis in charge of against one Yeti Winston. The Yeti player is tasked with finding meat to unlock powerful abilities, like immunity to freeze and more. The Meis are tasked with taking out the Yeti player before they become too powerful. If you've ever played an asymmetrical multiplayer game, like Evolve for instance, then Yeti Hunter should feel pretty familiar.

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Of course, Mei's Snowball Offensive is back this year as well, pitting players against one another in a massive snowball fight. Playable on the Black Forest and Ecopoint: Antarctica maps, this mode lets you take out enemies in one hit with an Endothermic Blaster that has been modified to fire snowballs.

Winter Wonderland will be available for three weeks, running through January 1. For more, you can read up on the event at the Overwatch website.

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