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It feels like a steady drip of newly converted desktop apps have been hitting the Windows Store since the launch of Microsoft's Project Centennial Desktop Bridge, and now another Windows staple may be on the way soon. The developer behind Paint.NET, a free image editing app for Windows that has been around for quite some time, has revealed that he has plans for a Windows Store version of the app.

In response to a user inquiring about the possibility of the app coming to the Windows Store on the Paint.NET forums, app developer Rick Brewster responded, stating:

It's at the top of my list. I'm going to release a 4.0.17 update and then focus just on pushing to Windows Store.

Paint.NET is a simple but handy little image editor that goes a step past Paint in capability, but without overwhelming. The original release arrived all the way back in 2004, so the project has been ongoing for some time. While there's no timeframe for its arrival on the Windows Store just yet, it's still good to know it's coming.

For now, if you want to give Paint.NET a go, you can grab the desktop app from its official website.

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