Palm Announces Windows Mobile 6 -- in Australia

Palm's Australian site is officially showing that the Treo 750 will be getting a free update to Windows Mobile 6 "soon" (people are betting "soon" equals early September, as we previously reported). Is anybody else thinking about putting on a sandwich board reading "Give us WM6 NOW" and marching around AT&T's headquarters? The ROM is ready, it's been ready for a long time. Maybe with the rough week Palm's been having they could cap it off with a little good news - convincing AT&T to just let them release the darn thing in the US.

Windows Mobile® 6 for your Palm® Treo™ 750 smartphone is Microsoft's latest release featuring an improved calendar, more email options, great security features, and Windows Vista™ compatibility. This update also includes additional enhancements like Voice Command via Bluetooth® wireless technology, USB cable charging, and active call access.

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WC Staff