Palm's App Store on Your Windows Mobile (non-Palm) Smartphone

As reported at TreoCentral, Palm launched an official app store for their PalmOS and Windows Mobile Treos last night. Where by “App Store” we mean “icon in your program listing that launches a browser the takes you to an online store.” Which is only marginally easier than just going to on Pocket IE, but we digress.

Anyhow, it's another option for purchasing applications for Windows Mobile. Note that last, the App store seems to work just fine on Windows Mobile devices not called “Treo,” as you can see from the image of it running on a Sprint Touch Diamond at right.

Heck, if you don't want to even head to Palm's page to install the 'app,' you can just point Pocket IE to and get pretty much the same effect.

Make no mistake, though,the onus is on Microsoft here to get an on-device, native app store up and running on as many Windows Mobile devices as soon as possible. It's pretty clear that the killer app store for developers must an app, not a web store. Hurry up, Microsoft!

Oh, and Palm / Pocketgear: a 50% cut for developers seems a might bit thin, don't it?

WC Staff