Pandas vs Ninjas - Review

I never knew that Pandas and Ninjas didn't get along. Apparently they don't or the Windows Phone game, Pandas vs. Ninjas, wouldn't have been developed.

In the spirit of Angry Birds, XIMAD Inc. has created a puzzle game of destruction where you (the panda) attempts to take out ninja strongholds.  You do so by hurling an assortment of critters, with various abilities, at the ninjas. The ninjas are protected by an assortment of bamboo, stone, and metal structures.

I've gotta admit Panda vs. Ninjas is a fun, somewhat addictive game and to read more, slide on past the break.

The lay of the land

The main menu for Pandas vs. Ninjas is simple and straight forward.  One button to play, one for minimal settings, and one to mute the sound.

The game concept isn't new to the Windows Phone gaming library. Pandas vs. Ninjas follows the same concept as Angry Birds and Chicks 'n Vixens. You tap/hold on the panda, draw back to gauge the strength of the throw, adjust the trajectory and release your hold on the screen to launch your critter, which I'm fairly certain are red pandas but they could be racoons.  Seeing that this is Pandas vs Ninjas (as opposed to Pandas and Racoons vs. Ninjas) we'll go with red pandas.

On your next toss, your previous throws trajectory is marked with a dotted line to help you adjust your aim. You have to eliminate all the ninjas to move on to the next level and that can be accomplish by hitting the ninja directly with your panda projectiles, have the ninja fall from a height or have solid objects crush the ninja. If you fail to take out all the ninjas, you have the option to restart the level from the scoring screen.

Pandas vs. Ninjas has five multi-level scenarios that include a bamboo forest, caves, snow covered mountain, a desert, and an oriental temple. Scores are compiled by level and are based on the amount of destruction you cause and how few red pandas you use to defeat the ninjas.

Each level becomes a little more challenging and additional types of red pandas become available to help you defeat those dastardly ninjas! As new red pandas become available, a graphic tutorial will appear to describe what abilities that particular animal possesses.

Overall Impression

If you're a fan of Angry Birds or Chicks 'n Vixens, you'll enjoy the change of scenery that Panda vs. Ninjas delivers. Graphics and animations of the game are well presented and the game runs smoothly. Game play is on par with Angry Birds and a touch cleaner than Chicks 'n Vixens.

The fortifications on Panda vs. Ninja are challenging enough not to be too easy or too difficult. There is enough strategery involved in each level to prevent the game from becoming stale.

The game could benefit from a help section that details what each red panda does or maybe an online leaderboard. Regardless, Pandas vs. Ninjas is an enjoyable, somewhat addictive game that would be a nice addition to your Windows Phone game library.

Pandas vs. Ninjas comes in two versions at the Marketplace.  There is a free, ad-supported version that you can find here (opens Zune) and a $.99 ad-free version that you can find here.

George Ponder

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