Bouncing your way to victory with Papa Pear Saga for Windows 10 PC and Mobile

Papa Pear Saga is a relatively new gaming title that is from the developers behind Candy Crush Saga. The casually paced game is available for both Windows 10 PC and Mobile.

The gaming concept reminded me of a Pachinko game where you bounce a metal ball around a series of pegs to score points. With Papa Pear Saga, instead of bouncing metal balls around an obstacle course of pegs and platforms you are bouncing Papa Pear.

Each gaming level has set goals to meet and a limited number of shots (or pear drops), such as score 1,600 points in 10 shots. Papa Pear Saga is a free game and a fun way to waste a little time.

Papa Pear Saga

The primary menu for Papa Pear Saga has options to jump into gameplay, log into the game with your Facebook account and access the game's settings. Settings for Papa Pear Sage cover sound/music levels, notification options, a help section, an option to create a screen name and another link to log into a Facebook account.

While you have the choice to log into your Facebook account, it is not required to play Papa Pear Saga. Logging into Facebook will allow you to share your scores on Facebook, allow your Facebook friends to send you gaming lives and most importantly allow your gaming progress to sync between devices.

Gameplay with Papa Pear Saga is mapped out across multiple levels of play. The number of gaming levels appears to be endless and I lost count at 150 with plenty more levels to go beyond that point.

Each level will have an established goal, such as scoring a number of points, knocking all the fruit off the platforms, etc. You have a limited number of shots per level to reach that goal and if you fail, you lose a gaming life. Gaming lives are replenished over time or you can replenish them through in-app purchase.

The mechanics of Papa Pear Saga is not very complicated. A kettle is positioned at the top center of the gaming screen where you shoot your pear from. Slide your finger around the screen to aim your shot and when your aim is to your liking, tap the screen to release the pear.

Papa Pear Saga

Below the kettle is a series of fruity pegs, platforms and other obstacles you can bounce your pear off of. At the bottom of the gaming screen is a collection of buckets to collect your pears with each bucket awarding you points. Bouncing off the various obstacles will also earn you points.

Papa Pear Saga does have a small collection of power-ups that become available during gameplay that includes a Double Pin the will double the number of pears in play and a Grande Pin that will increase the pear's size. You also have scoring multipliers available to give your score a boost and segments of platforms can be removed with multiple hits from your pears (opens up better shots).

Papa Pear Saga

The pace of play is casual with no game timers and the only limit is the number of pears you have to shoot. You can have up to three pears bouncing around the screen at once and there is a meter on the left side of the screen to chart your progress towards the gaming level objective. Once you reach that goal, any un-used pears will yield you bonus points.

Overall Impression

Papa Pear Saga is a fun, free gaming title that is available for both Windows 10 PC and Mobile. Graphics are bright and colorful and gameplay does have a decent amount of challenge. While a lot of gameplay is dependent on your pear bouncing the right way (luck) you do have to rely on your skills to shoot the pear into the right area of the peg field to improve your chances of things bouncing your way.

While I found Papa Pear Saga an enjoyable game, I'm not sure it can hold up to marathon gaming sessions. If you have short spurts of time (waiting in carpool line, waiting for a table at a restaurant, stuck in the doctor's office waiting room, etc.) to kill, Papa Pear Saga is a great option to consider.

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