Papirus launches app for Windows Phone 8, helping teams to better collaborate on projects

Papirus ( is a cloud-based team collaboration service and we've just been notified that they've released a Windows Phone 8 client. As one would expect to see in such an app, you can coordinate with a team, assign tasks, monitor progress and control workflow. If you're in a working environment, Papirus is definitely something worth checking out.

The basic idea behind Papirus (as well as other collaboration suites) is to replace email, which can become tedious when used multiple times a day through a list, with multiple addresses publishing new content every minute or so. The Windows Phone app captures all of the robust features available on the web application, but enables use on smaller displays. 

Those who utilise the app can create tasks, assign them to other team members, specify a task due date, forward said task to a superior for approval, attach files and more. It's quite the suite of features. If you've been assigned tasks, they will be displayed in the respective Papirus inbox and can be discussed with other members, be marked as complete or even have addition time requested.

Papirus App

It's not all about simple tasks, however. Papirus will also enable you to create complex workflows with multiple steps that can require the approval and / or participation of multiple team members. What's rather good about the app is that it will run even without an active Internet connection. Tasks and updates are synchronised when connectivity is once again available.

How much does the service cost? There's a free plan, allowing teams of up to 25 people to use a limited version of Papirus. The premium plan offers additional features, priority technical support, increased data storage, and more for a monthly fee of $5 per user. That's not a bad price, especially if the service can help with productivity in the office.

You can download Papirus from the Windows Phone Store. Available for Windows Phone 7 and now 8 too.

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Rich Edmonds
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