We're used to witnessing apps being pulled from the Windows Phone Store with little reason provided or announcement published prior to such actions taking place. Now PayPal has joined the list with its recently updated solution now MIA. We've confirmed issues regarding crashes, but now one can add to the list the inability to download the app on Windows Phone hardware.

The recent update bumped compatibility to cover Windows Phone 8 with new functionality and features, including instant resume. We're not entirely certain as to why the app has been removed from view (still listed if using direct store link) but we expect to see an update in the works to address the issues present.

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An odd, yet interesting note is the PayPal app is still available on Windows Phone 7.x devices. It seems only the version for Windows Phone 8 is affected. Have you experienced issues using the app? Try download the app from the Store (if not owned already) and let us know how it goes.

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