PC parts vendor Newegg has a bit of a scandal on its hands

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What you need to know

  • PC retailer Newegg appears to have been caught red-handed knowingly selling broken products.
  • PC YouTube team Gamers Nexus purchased and returned a motherboard without opening it. Newegg then claimed Gamers Nexus had broken the motherboard, and refused a refund.
  • It was only after going public that Gamers Nexus received a refund and the "broken" motherboard. After receiving it back, it appeared that Newegg had sold it broken from the outset.

Update February 14, 2022: Newegg has replied to our request for comment, you can find it at the bottom of the article here. Newegg also now says it will accept returns on "open box" products "no questions asked."

PC retailer Newegg has found itself embroiled in a broad controversy, which could make you think twice before sending money to the company.

Popular tech outlet Gamers Nexus recently reported an incident with Newegg, which has long been a staple for PC builders. The Gamers Nexus team purchased a motherboard from Newegg, and later decided to return it having realized that it was no longer required. Newegg then claimed that Gamers Nexus had damaged the motherboard, and then declined to offer a refund. After several months wrangling with Newegg, it seems the company had attempted to get the motherboard repaired themselves, while also denying the refund. Considering that Gamers Nexus had never even opened or used the motherboard, naturally this raised suspicions.

After exhausting all customer service options, Gamers Nexus went public on his sizeable YouTube channel. As you might expect, this led to an immediate refund from Newegg, and a return of the motherboard in question. And this is where the fun really begins.

The damage to the motherboard was not consistent with the type of damage that would occur in transit, featuring bent pins. The motherboard also had an RMA sticker on it, which would appear to indicate that Newegg had attempted (and failed) to repair it with the manufacturer prior to selling it on as "open box." Despite failing to get the motherboard repaired, someone at Newegg approved it for resale regardless. The whole affair seemed to suggest that Newegg has been knowingly shipping broken products as part of that "open box" reselling program, then declining refunds after the customers discovered their products were already broken.

This kind of stunt would be potentially difficult to pull off in the EU, where member states enjoy very strict consumer protection laws. Newegg, it may appear, could have found some kind of loophole in U.S. return and refunds laws, and thus, attempted to exploit it. However, it may also be the result of a rare accident, where an item was cleared for sale erroneously by an overworked technician. The problem with that idea is, many users across reddit and Gamers Nexus' community claim to have experienced similar issues with Newegg, claiming damage to products as a way of refusing refunds. Since the initial publication, we've been contacted by more customers of Newegg reporting similar problems too.

We're going to reach out to Newegg to offer them a chance to respond to these claims, but on the face of it, it appears pretty damning. If I had to speculate, I doubt this was the result of malevolent policy behavior by Newegg. As you can see from the above, they had to have known they'd eventually get caught. I think it's far more likely the result of poor systems in place to catch these kinds of errors, stretched staff, and poor priorities being set from the top down. It's also absolutely not okay that Newegg only offered real support after he went public — what kind of recourse would regular customers have? Either way, Newegg needs to do better. You may want to reconsider where you buy PC cases and so on in the near term.

Update: Since publication, Newegg got in touch with us to offer the below statement:

Customer satisfaction and integrity are at the core of our business.Based on these priorities and customer communication, we have become aware that a very small number of returns may not have been thoroughly inspected before being routed for returns, liquidations, or e-waste recycling and were accidentally resold as "open box" merchandise. We sincerely apologize to our customers who were negatively impacted.These were unintentional process errors and isolated incidents. As a result, we have already changed internal procedures to improve how we manage product returns. We are also reaching out to this small number of customers who may have been affected by these errors.We deeply appreciate the feedback and advice we receive from our customers, including alerts about our errors, and we always pursue better ways to serve them. Every customer is important, and each customer's satisfaction is our utmost priority. We remain committed to providing the best customer experience and will continue to evaluate and improve our business to deliver on that commitment.Further, we have put in place new policies to ensure a hassle-free return experience on "open box" merchandise returns on motherboards and CPUs.

Update 2: Newegg offered an addendum and additional information. A Newegg spokesperson added that they've created new policies to ensure a "hassle-free" return experience on all "open box" merchandise returns for motherboards and CPUs. I asked exactly what those policies entail, and Newegg confirmed that they intend to accept all returns on "open box" products on a "no questions asked" basis, in what could be considered a huge win for customers with the firm.

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  • Wow, that's unfortunate. I can't speak to the specifics of this case, but I've always been very happy with my Newegg orders (several dozen PC's worth of parts) and their customer service. Given the surge in PC parts business over the past couple of years, I would hope this is a just a case of mistakes due to being overworked (we've all seen returned items inappropriately put back into stock, whether at Amazon or even at brick and mortar stores). Frankly, I've not had it happen much with Amazon either, but it seems nearly every popular item has at least a few 1-star reviews that clearly indicate a person received a previously returned defective unit. Not that that's an excuse, but mistakes and incompetence are better than fraud and they do seem the more likely explanation in cases like this.
  • Thanks for yuor insights. Yeah if I was guessing/speculating... I imagine this might be the result of "targets" being set for technicians, and being overworked. But yeah I can't imagine Newegg has this by policy, cus they would've ALWAYS been caught in the end.
  • Mistakes do happen, but the more GN has looked into this the more seems to come out of the woodwork. And it's pretty telling they only eventually got the response you would expect when they went public and called them out about it. Too much shadiness for sure.
  • Yeah as he mentioned in his videos, had he not been such a large channel with a huge audience to reach, he very likely wouldn't have gotten anywhere and would have had to go through other ways to get his money back. Regular, everyday people without giant youtube channels/followings don't have an option to go public with an issue to pressure these companies into doing the right thing and that's what's really concerning. They only did the right thing because of his popularity and that's trash.
  • Actually we do. You reach out to tech sites such as this and ask that an article be written and call them out on social media. I actually got Google to provide 1000s of people a new Google Home Mini when they pushed an update which bricked them. I reach out to a bunch of tech sites with links and details and the story was picked up by several of them which forced Google to make it right.
  • Ever since Newegg was sold in 2017 things went south. It's not the reputable company it once was.
  • Sold to a Chinese company. Enough said...
  • Please don't make generalizations
  • Generalizations about what? Everyone knows any international Chinese companies are communist government owned, and that the Chinese gov will do anything to make a buck off non-Chinese or gaijin.
  • Gaijin is a Japanese word.
    You are looking for the word Gweilo.
    Completely different languages... You know, since we aren't generalizing....
  • LOL, Well said.
  • They were going to **** before that happened. People need to stop blaming it on the acquisition.
  • Agreed, 10 years ago they were an amazing company and things went south over the years. I always blamed Amazon and Newegg switching to a marketplace driven business.
  • 100% this. can no longer rely on newegg to be "newegg".
    still buy things from them but only oem branded new inventory "sold by newegg".
  • Amazon has its own issues, but they will eat the cost if you pitch a fit about something. End if the day, they know when to keep a customer happy. If this was a process error, fine, it hapoens. What speaks volumes about Newegg is how quick they are to hand the bag to their customers and not even consider the case specifics. It seems to me they are being pushed by some metric tied directly to compensate their employees that encourages this kind of customer abuse. I can only imagine this was a cost cutting exercise gone awry, but who knows given how long and widespread this appears to be now that the light us being shown upon it. This 100% needs to be investigated by someone, whether its class action or state government. Either way, their name is mud now. They were caught and fully documented screwing a high profile customer hard. Who would continue to give them money if they had another choice? They might not be around very long after the silicon parts shortage runs its course. Given how they were bundling those defective power supplies with gpus, I’m fine with that. This is a company that apparently has a rotten core and it doesn’t deserve to take away business from the very few other amazon alternatives.
  • aye, not a good look for them. immediately i thought of metrics/targets that encourage employee abuse. newegg has reversed policies but man... they chose the wrong audience to treat badly.
  • Additional information that makes this story a bit more spicy. The popular tech YouTube site Linus Tech Tips live streams a topic discussion show every Friday by the name of The WAN Show. For almost the first 40 minutes of last weeks episode (Feb 11) is focused on this topics issues. Towards the end of the discussion (around the 33 minute mark) Linus of Linus Tech Tips openly announces they will discontinue any sponsorship relations with NewEgg for 6 months and will re-evaluate the relationship at that time. The biggest element to this decision, Linus Tech Tips has a subscriber base of over 14 million people. I am guessing that turned the head of at least one VP of the NewEgg executives.
  • Linus of LTT has stated in other videos that their mission to hold the industry accountable. He recently bought an expensive cable tester to verify (or in some cases debunk) the claims on HDMI cables of improving quality and adherence to stated HDMI specs. He also is setting up a lab to test thermals on laptops and other products that claim to "run cool." NewEgg forced LTT's hand. The evidence NexusGamer is so damning. NewEgg returns had the RMA sticker on the motherboard proving the damage existed *BEFORE* the sale and yet even returns decided to ignore the that proof. LTT at the point had to choose to sticking with it's mission of holding the industry accountable or continuing the sponsorship.
  • California Attorney General Rob Bonta, maybe? https://oag.ca.gov/ I'm pretty sure they still have a physical presence in Los Angeles County.
  • It's almost automatic decline because of all the fraud ...that package probably in some way set off an alert or they may have had it to long ..lots of variable but as one guy pointed out over worked staff and having no staff has something to do with it.
  • I learned my lesson years ago, NEVER BUY OPEN BOX unless you inspect the item in question personally before making the purchase. Regardless of the reason, open box items have too much potential for something to be/go wrong.
  • aye for sure, buut they shouldnt be allowed to sell broken products even if they are open box
  • I don't mind open box units. All my electronics are bought that way. especially off ebay.
    just make sure they have a good return policy. if you are using paypal, you're usually covered. later
  • It can bite you in the keister on eBay as well even when they have a good return policy. I recently returned a pair of open box Astro A50 due to the battery lasting 45 minutes instead of hours like it should. They claimed I damaged the headphones and charged a bogus restock fee, the headphones cannot be resold so what restock lol. PayPal did immediately refund the money they kept though.
  • Yeah but unfortunately as Steve from GN also noted, newegg used to make it very clear it was open box. Now if you look, the text open box is in 6pt font at the end of the title where the rest is 14pt+ font. Steve did not even notice he was buying open box according to his videos.
  • I have bought open box on eBay for years. Of course it is a risk, but at least you know it is one.
  • I think the problem is gross incompetence can easily be mistaken for malice. Unless there is a paper trail to prove it, Newegg can always point to the former. But to the end consumer, the result is the same and the solution is simple: vote with your wallet.
  • **** I liked them too
  • I've used NewEgg for MANY years and have not had any problems with them. I would agree with the axiom: Never attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence. With that said, however, I would hope that incompetence is not rampant at NewEgg. It would be a shame for any otherwise good e-commerce merchant to have become so big it can no longer handle its internal affairs correctly. It does look like this particular case will have no acceptable answer from NewEgg other than that "we screwed up." Let's hope it is a wake-up call to NewEgg management.
  • Does malice vs incompetence really make a difference to the person who's out hundreds of dollars?
  • Making a mistake isn't the issue. Not correcting it is the problem.
  • I dont buy open box items from eretailers unless its ebay and there's pictures of the actual item I will receive or I can hold it in my hands in the store. The only problem I have ever had with newegg is having to twist their arm to give me discounts. Twice I have purchased expensive things only to find them on sale literally while in transit. In both cases It was refused that they would give me the discount. In both cases I threatened canceling the order and reordering to get the discount which they then they did the right thing and gave to me. Kind of silly to have to do that. /shrug.
  • Same thing happened to me a year-and-a-half ago, factory refurbished motherboard Gigabyte GA-AB350 Gaming 3, these boards had a bios update issue and part of the refurbishing on that particular board would have been updating it to the latest bios. It absolutely was not factory refurbished.
  • that sucks, did they refund you eventually?? perhaps contact them after this?
  • One point to consider is that Newegg is not the company people remember it as. It was acquired in 2016 by a Chinese firm and just two years later was the center of what turned out to be an accounting scam in South Korea. In 2020 it was merged with another Chinese firm, and then had shares listed on the NYSE. They've done a number of questionable, and in at least one case illegal actions since 2016 and I do not consider them a trusted source anymore, unfortunately. https://www.techpowerup.com/226777/newegg-now-owned-by-chinese-company
    https://www.windowscentral.com/e?link=https2F%2Fclick.linksynergy.co... One note: Newegg explicitly disallows sales into the EU, which does imply they are not willing to conform to EU consumer protections and is unusual for a computer parts seller (most other US sellers will sell to the EU so long as you are willing to pay VAT & shipping).
  • 100% this. Made an account just to heart your comment. Haven't touched Newegg since 2017. Used to buy $1000s a year from them; used to be my favorite computer parts retailer, there is even a "shop" near me that used many times.
  • interesting stuff, i had no idea their history prior to this.
  • It's really too bad, they were the good guys for a long time, taking patent fights back to trolls, and being the anti-Amazon with the much better designed site and good customer service. I'm very, very careful when I order from them now, which is rare. Also you can see the EU block if you use a VPN with an EU endpoint, utterly bizarre that they flat out refuse to sell to the third largest market on the planet. Says a lot, honestly.
  • In that case, you really should also watch the NexusGamer video from 6 months ago titled "Exploding Power Supplies: Gigabyte & Newegg Dumping Unsellable Product" This is not the first time NexusGamer has run into shady return policies on the part of Newegg. In that video they explain how Newegg leveraged the video card shortage to bundle/force the sale of an extremely poorly designed (to the point of being *DANGEROUS* to use) power supply. Newegg then doubled down on the force sale of trash power supplies declaring that if you return the broken/dangerous power supply then the return must also include the video card. Newegg mostly took part in video card price scalping that everyone else did. But while everyone else was honest about their inflated sale price for modern video cards, Newegg tried to make it look like you would be getting a "deal" at MSRP video card prices. Newegg should not be trying to potentially burn your house down to unload exploding/unsafe power supplies as a way to hide they are price scalping.
  • Another point to consider is that Newegg had issues before 2016, for a few years at least. They weren't the company people remember then either, but everyone likes to blame it on the convenient acquisition.
  • I don't doubt that, I just know that was when I started having issues.
  • The speculative parts of this article seem really dumb. Blaming an "overworked technician" make no sense. Steve/GN ordered the board. They sent it back without ever opening the package. They were told their RMA was declined due to damage. After GN went public with it, Newegg sent them the board. The board had the RMA ticket from Gigabyte still on it, indicating the board was damaged BEFORE it was sent out. Newegg clearly never made an effort to repair the board and couldn't even be bothered to take the tag off. How is it an "overworked technician" when they didn't even bother to take off a sticker? With as many people who contacted GN with similar stories, blaming "work conditions" seems like nonsense.
  • Agree. Mistakes do happen, but suggesting that mistakes are the result of someone being "overworked" rather than "lazy," "incompetent," or 100 other reasons why mistakes happen seems like agenda-drive speculation.
  • @keith: are you fucking dumb? maybe finish reading the article before spewing your bullshit. i offered some speculation for the sake of devil's advocation, and then debunked the possibility right after, using the same points you raised in your own comment.
  • 😂Well that got you tensed up quickly
  • I'm missing something...how did Gamers Nexus get a refund AND the motherboard returned to them?
  • They obtained refund after GN posted the video on the issue. They ordered open box sold and shipped by Newegg. They had returned it unopened from their end. When returned they refused stating part damaged by GN. GN questioned this as again they never opened it. So they investigated the item and found out Newegg had actually obtained it as a DOA initially and sent it back to MB manufacturer. Manufacturer was going to charge Newegg a fee to repair (not sure why). Newegg refused and sold it as an openbox. GN found this out posted a video on this. When Newegg found out they then decided to refund them.
  • yeah i've re-written that part for clarity.
  • I remember when Newegg tried to collect back state sales tax for online shopping from when it wasn't required many years ago. I deleted my account right away and no longer do business with them.
  • Many states passed sales tax laws years back because people werent claiming it on their state tax forms. This was probably one of these cases.
  • It wasn't required for many years as long if the product wasn't shipped from the state it was ordered. Newegg didn't collect. They sent me a letter asking me to pay them, legally I didn't have to. It was eventually settled with the state I live in and Newegg. I just never went back to the company after they told me I owed them money that I didn't owe.
  • Yeah, that's why I said it was recent changes in laws. There was some kind of federal change (see https://www.avalara.com/us/en/learn/whitepapers/federal-online-sales-tax... ) where large sellers were required to disclose sales to states, but I think this process varied by state. In Louisiana, we had a couple of years where I would receive a letter stating the amount of purchases over the year that I needed to report. Now they passed the law where online retailers HAVE TO collect the tax at the sale. Even my eBay sales do this. Your state might have had something in place where they had to collect taxes they missed and then remit them back to the state directly, do you live in a state without income tax by chance? My point being is that this was probably this law that now allows double taxing in products is probably responsible for this, not Newegg. This doesn't mean they aren't screwing people over on other things like refunds in this article though.
  • Bought a creative sound card back when it was popular. Found to have bent pins out of the box. Out right accused by rep that I damaged it and was treated like was trying cheat them after spending 2g on other parts. Stopped doing business with them after that. Reddit filled with post of people having the same issue as GN. Newegg has been doing this and not out of error as people stated above. Others posting on RMA issues as well where Newegg leave items on their shelves till out of warranty so they can up charge customers. Scummy company.
  • I like Newegg, but only having a month to return unopened products that clearly could be a part of a PC build is rediculous. I ended up eating a $250 SSD because of that. Nothing wrong with it, just was not as fast as it could have been because of it's interface and the fact that my montherboard supported a faster interface. I started to look as other sites in addition to Newegg after that.
  • This is pretty typical in my experience. Some places do even less depending on the product. Best Buy is 15 days for instance. Microcenter i think has some pretty strict return timelines too. The issue is pc parts are quickly made obsolete and can depreciate quickly. It does make it super challenging when things don’t come all at same time and you find something is not what you should have bought or is DOA.
  • I don't understand the part where Newegg issued a refund AND sent the motherboard back to the customer. Why would a vendor issue a refund and still send the product - in whatever condition - back to the buyer? Doesn't the item revert to being property of the retailer once they issue a refund for it?
  • re-wrote that part for clarity. they sent the mobo back afterr refusing the refund, but it seems they'd previously tried to get the mobo repaired previously and then sold it again.
  • That was GN's follow-up video describing their experience, the first one is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fnXsmXzphI
  • I used to buy from Newegg a ton before Amazon came around. Several years back I reluctantly went in for an interview with them for a sales position I didn't want nor that I applied for. Simply put, I was getting red flags from the interviewers, the lingo, and the overall operations involved. I have never purchased from Newegg since, and I'm fairly certain I never will. And ironically, the very last time I purchased an item from them, I had to buy and return twice because the item had been used and nonfunctional.
  • Anyone who's seen how grossly they markup their GPU prices on their Daily Shuffle would know this isn't the Newegg you once dealt with. Sad to see because they were the best supplier of parts back in the day.
  • I had a similar story, bought an intel motherboard from NewEgg, was not able to use one of the PCIe slots. Tried returning it but they quickly invoked the bent pin thing and refused the return. They don't need to prove it or anything - I suspect they do this for every Intel Motherboard. After this, you have to pay for the return. Lesson learned, be very careful about which items you buy there. I'm buying all the most critical items in my local shop so that I can talk to a person if something goes wrong which so far has worked out well.
  • "Newegg confirmed that they intend to accept all returns on "open box" products on a "no questions asked" basis" yeah, right. At least until they earn a few brownie points and the Youtube tech channels move onto the next thing. I'm sure the policies will be 'adjusted' in short order from no questions to 'a few questions' and then back to 'sorry, we're pretty sure you broke it'
  • aye, good point... will need to monitor this. it's no wonder they dont do business in the eu, where refunds are mandated by law.
  • I purchased parts from Newegg for over ten years. During that time, most of the parts were ok. I purchased several SSDs that were marketed as HP with the HP logo. Most of the drives failed and HP would not accept the drives as HP. Last year I purchased several high end large capacity Samsung SSDs from NewEgg. I had trouble with them after one year. I contacted Samsung, who would not honor the warranty because they were not to have been sold outside of Australia. Getting technical support from Australia during COVID was a nightmare. Neweggs supplier tried to deny they sold the drives to me. After complaints to Newegg, they did finally accept the returns. It too several months to take care of this. I will never buy anything from Newegg ever again. Class action? Sign me up.
  • I'm glad that the few times I used their site that it worked out. This is crazy.
  • I will continue buying from NewEgg. I have never had any problems with their products. For all I know Gamers Nexus could be lying. Maybe they did damage the motherboard and then wanted to unjustly recover their losses. Why would anybody want to believe their story that they never opened the box. Sounds very suspicious
  • Why is it suspicious that they never opened the box? I just did something similar a couple of months ago. Was told one piece of information, purchased something based on that information. Went to install the service and found out the purchase was not necessary. Never opened the box.
  • It has already been proven that newegg sent the motherboard to MSI BEFORE selling it to GN for the repair of the bent pins. MSI wanted $100 to fix the motherboard and newegg refused the offer to fix it so MSI sent it back to newegg and then they sold it to GN who never opened it. They were caught red handed. Nobody says you need to stop buying from them. But that doesn't make what they did right.
  • Why have sound hit it
  • Order of events is slightly off. Newegg returned the board to the manufacturer for a repair, found that it cost too much ($100) to repair the bent pins, got the board back from the manufacturer, put the board up for sale, then sold the board to Gamers Nexus as an "Open Box" item. It's worse than it seems. Newegg hates it's customers. They got unlucky by crossing Hardware Jesus™.
  • aye, i repaired that for clarity, sorry about that.
  • I watch both of the Nexus videos on this and the date on the RMA sticker on the motherboard had the name of another customer on it and the date was way before Nexus even ordered this motherboard.
    So he called the folks that did the RMA inspection told them he bought some E-Waste on a pallet and ask them for some information and they gave it to him it was a total scam I would never buy anything from Newegg after seeing the way this scam was put together.
    Ship out broken products over and over multiple times you can make a lot of damn money doing that I mean look how many times has the Brooklyn bridge been sold this week alone.
    But the company was sold out to some very greedy people back in 2017 and I think a new egg is going to fold like a taco I think everybody should boycott these greedy grubby slime balls just kind of want to wipe it off my shoe but I can still smell it
  • This is super common and why I stopped buying from them years ago. Like, SEVERAL years. They've been doing this forever. I only buy from Amazon or best buy now. The former makes returns easy, the latter has a store I can walk into, 10 mins away.
  • Used to buy from them all of the time. Bought some RAM from them and they were bunk and had to RMA them. Now makes me wonder if they were aware. Most Ram is in a snap packaging and not factory sealed. Things that make you go hmmm
  • I was a fairly loyal NewEgg customer for years, twenty years ago. Now the place looks like a mess. They made it an "open marketplace" where other vendors sell with/for them. It used to be a good value. Cheap even. Now it looks like you could get scammed right and left, especially with the way the card market has been destroyed. No thanks, totally done with them.
  • I just commented about the marketplace issue and the quality of Newegg going downhill above, you hit the nail on the head as far as I'm concerned.
  • I may have to re think things. Have always had good luck with my purchases though. Buyer Beware
  • Newegg had already sent the motherboard to MSI for repair BEFORE it was sold to GN. MSI wanted $100 to fix and newegg refused so MSI sent it back to newegg. Once newegg got it back they then sold it as an open box motherboard which GN ended up buying. GN realized they didnt need it before it was received so when it did arrive they just slapped a return label on it and sent it directly back to newegg. Once newegg got it back they refused the return and refund because the motherboard had the bent pins that they originally didn't want to pay MSI to fix. Pure scam on newegg part here. They got caught by the wrong people. Unfortunately, for those who don't have the clout that GN has, they would be screwed.
  • I didn't watch the video, but did he make sure that the motherboard came directly from newegg and not a third party seller? Newegg and Amazon have third party sellers that sell directly on their website and sometimes you get crap sellers. My initial thought was this is what happened to him. The seller didn't want to refund him at a loss and tried to get out of it. If that is the case then I wouldn't blame Newegg for that, but if it came directly from Newegg as the primary seller themselves then that is a different story. I like having all the facts before I make judgement against anyone. I buy pc parts on Amazon and Newegg regularly. Every single time I've had a bad, faulty, or a used device being sold as a new device. It was always from a third party seller trying to make an extra buck. And it's hard for Amazon and Newegg to weed these sellers out because it is up to the customers to report them. The problem is most people don't realize that they aren't always buying directly from Amazon or Newegg. Always check the seller information.
  • In the first video Gamers Nexus introduced the issue of how NewEgg was refusing refund for the product they returned that had never been opened. GN never exposed themselves to NewEgg that they were Gamers Nexus, Steve did all his communications by his name and got no where with them. He push and pulled for them to call him and they refused saying they would only communicate via chat or email. GN exposed the questionable experiences via Twitter prior to releasing that first video and only then did NewEgg realize they were dealing with a YouTube channel with over 1.5 million subscribers. Between the time of the Twitter messages and the release of the video NewEgg decided to send the board back to them. Upon receiving the board Gamers Nexus did a follow up video unboxing the returned board and found an RMA sticker on it from Gigabyte, the board manufacturer. Steve investigated this RMA with Gigabyte and discovered NewEgg themselves in July of 2021 sent in the board to the manufacturer, was told the repair would cost $100, denied the repair, and received the board back. Steve/Gamers Nexus purchased the board from NewEgg in December of 2021. The board most certainly came from NewEgg and NewEgg without question knew of the boards issue. Side note, when Steve was trying to get resolution for the return (well before the issue went public) they claimed they had pictures of the board and the damage. Steve asked for the pictures but never received them. If pictures do in fact exist the RMA sticker would have been in them. The sticker is about 4 inches square and was impossible to miss. To be honest, it is almost shocking NewEgg didn't at least try and cover their own tracks of incompetence by at least removing the sticker before sending it back. The RMA sticker being there displays irrefutable evidence that Gamers Nexus is not trying to pull a fast one, and the video indicates Gamers Nexus does its best, as a popular tech news resource, to fully investigate before making information public.
  • This reply should be pinned to the top, awesome comment.
  • This company was always shady. I purchased a good amount of product from them until there was a $2000+ fraudulent charge attempt on my credit card back in 2015-meaning someone hacked into my account. I tried notifying the company with various methods. They never acknowledged the breach and refused to respond. I haven't spent a dime there since. Shaky. Very shaky.
  • I've been blacklisted by Newegg for several years now because they refused a refund which the credit card company overruled in my favor. Too bad for them it was on principle for a value of $50 while I spent thousands on parts along with my associates (I used to build high end systems) - which of course went to other businesses. So now they're not just dumb but also crooks? :))
  • I don't know why this is only regarding open box items. I bought an ASUS motherboard in October to upgrade to Win 11 and had nothing but trouble with it. Contacted ASUS and was told to send it in for service but it was within the first week I had it so I told them I would return it to newegg. Newegg refused the return claiming bent pins and thermal pate on board. Didnt know what I could do until I got a notice that I had 3 days to purchase extended warranty. Warranty states most things covered by manufacturer for first year. Notice it states "most". I contacted the warranty company about a week later and after hearing their BS, I demanded arbitration forms; the check for $160 came 3 days later. Board was sent back to me with the bent pins as they photoed. The motherboard was thrown in the trash. In my case the Gigabyte Aurus is working very well. At the time of RMA rejection, I figured that the only way to buy from newegg was to have them assemble it for $99 but even then we dont know if they are using new or open box crap. I'll buy elsewhere.
  • Newegg's statements seems to me to be even more alarming because of the amount of issues they ignore from the video. "we have become aware that a very small number of returns"
    Reddit and the NexusGamer comments seem to indicate this is much more than just a "small number." It is even worse they will only officially acknowledge a small number instead of the entire scope of the problem. "were accidentally resold"
    How do you accidentally miss a RMA sticker from Gigabyte to a Newegg subsidiary that clearly states the CPU socket is damaged?! And if it just was "accidentally" missed before the sale, how was it "accidentally" missed again during the return process to Newegg?? The sticker shows it was already declared damaged in October before the sale in December and yet Newegg responded the six hundred dollar ($600) sale was still final. At some point during the return process it should be clear this was not accidental. "These were unintentional process errors and isolated incidents."
    Newegg "unintentionally" ignore the Gigabyte RMA sticker dated in October and blamed the customer which never had access to the motherboard at that point for the damage?! How is that unintentional?? Newegg is not providing any response that fits the facts at all! "We are also reaching out to this small number of customers who may have been affected by these errors."
    Why just a small number of them? Why not *ALL* of them indicated on Reddit and the NexusGamer comments? Are they only officially acknowledging the problem during the last 3 months? Last 6 months? Would an "error" in open box returns from a year ago now finally be corrected or still ignored?? "We deeply appreciate the feedback and advice we receive from our customers"
    "Every customer is important, and each customer's satisfaction is our utmost priority."
    NexusGamer stated three times by phone and again via text chat that they could *NOT* have been the ones to have caused the damage. The feedback, advise and lack of customer satisfaction was *NOT* a priority ever during that process! Returns even had a Gigabyte RMA label dating that the damage existed *BEFORE* the sale and yet Newegg adhered to a policy of finalizing the $600 charge was in Newegg's view valid. "created new policies to ensure a 'hassle-free' return experience"
    The website already claimed to be providing this! Even when purchasing an item listed as open box it still stated it would be a hassle-free return right above the price. They are just reaffirming the claim they refused multiple times to live up to. NexusGamer also pointed out that "OPEN BOX" used to appear in the title of the product in the same exact font size as the product title. Now Newegg puts it in smaller easier to miss text under the title. Newegg's PR response ignores this issue completely and that issue has not been addressed on the website. Given Newegg's credit card data breach in 2018 that lasted for an entire month, I am surprised anyone still does business with Newegg.
  • Thanks , learned they are Chinese now and shady to boot. Would NEVER buy from them.
  • Newegg has EGG on it's face and is the next Fry's Going out of business soon signs , preceded by Under New Management : )
  • Yeah, this is far from rare from them. I have had two DoA motherboards and had to fight tooth and nail with them to get any return. I stopped using Newegg in 2015 when I ended up losing ~250 bucks to the same scam.
  • Thanks for including the year. That's just another example among countless of how Newegg was already going downhill before their acquisition in 2016.
  • What brand computer? The scam likely didn’t start at Newegg. They inherited the problem, like bestbuy and many small businesses.
  • I'd been using Newegg since the early 2000s but no longer after my last experience. They let third party sellers change the items after they're purchased. One of the daily Newegg emails featured an inexpensive portable A/C. I bought one, what arrived was a humidifier. The listing on Newegg had changed from the A/C to the humidifier even when clicking on the links in my receipt which still showed the A/C unit. All the comments on the item at the time were complaining about the exact same thing happening. Newegg of course made you deal with the vendor who was taking over 48 hours to reply and kept trying to further drag things out like offering a $25 credit instead of refunding it. It took almost a week after receiving the bait and switched item for them to agree to refund. By which time the third party seller had taken down the original listing for the humidifier and relisted it so all the complaints about it would be removed. And apparently Newegg has zero problem with this type of behavior as any complaints I sent to the were answered to with generic canned responses to contact the seller.
  • I work in IT and have had this same type of issue multiple times from third party vendors. I would get defective batteries, motherboards etc and when returned they would claim I did not send the same sn back. On the paperwork they would send there was a column named sn and it was ALWAYS left blank. When pressed for the SN that they supposedly sent they would send a sn that cross referenced a totally different product. It happened so often that we always lost money on the repair..for that particular manufacturer It didn’t matter which vendor or third party we purchased from , the common denominator was the brand of computer. I worked directly asp for the same manufacture and they were always a huge problem. I’m sorry but new egg and a lot of small businesses , major companies reputations are being tarnished by this brand and are stuck in the middle. On a positive note dell hp and Fujitsu products are solid as well as their business practices. Also I have always received quality products from Newegg but never bought a mb from them.
  • Question, is this the issue for items sold as open box only and/or new items as well
  • Yeah this is definitely a huge problem. I imagine that most customers would just let it slide after posting on Reddit or somewhere. A few would sue.
  • Will never buy from Newegg again. They are not the same company they used to be and imo are full of deceptive practices. We ordered a graphics card they said was in stock but wasn't. They marked it as shipped in their system even though it hadn't so we could not cancel the order and buy elsewhere. Was weeks and something finally arrived. Completely disingenuous to mark the item shipped and they fully knew this. Customer service refused to help or make any changes. They don't exist anymore as a real retailer.
  • A little off topic, but when buying from Newegg, there is a company that goes by the name Cobratype. Do NOT purchase anything from these people. I bought a $3000 prebuilt gaming PC from them, and when it arrived, none of the internal hardware was brand name. It was all bottom dollar stuff. Zotac GPU, etc. I sent it back for a full refund, but this "company" is definitely predatory. I feel for anyone less knowledgable who has been ripped off by these people.
  • For me Microcenter is a way better option. I have a local store and they are pretty legit. Better than that Best Buy paywall crap to get a video card.
  • That's great if Micro Center exists near you. I am in Southern California. Newegg has will-call, and their warehouse is about an hour away from here, in Industry. The closest Micro Center is two hours away, in Tustin, and it's the only Micro Center in California. I love Micro Center. I grew up in Ohio, which is where the chain started, and I lived maybe 15-20 minutes away from my local store for many years. They don't have much out here. I think they still only have fewer than 20 locations nationwide. I'm hoping that now that Fry's has driven itself out of business with its piss-poor customer service and half-empty stores, maybe Micro Center will expand here in the Golden State.
  • I've always had good experiences with Newegg. I don't think this is reflective of Newegg as a whole. In contrast, I had dealt with a tangential online vendor (which shall remain nameless) in the past. I think that was maybe more than a decade ago. That vendor sent me a software product without the required USB copy protection dongle. I was VERY upset because the product was very expensive. I contacted the vendor back and complained. They made it right and I got my copy protection dongle. I continued to have a relationship with that vendor and have been satisfied with them for maybe over a decade now. The morale of the story is that this is not necessary indicative of a problem with Newegg as a whole. It's probably an internal affair that they will rectify as soon as they can.
  • Yea, because YouTubers are always the most honest and trustworthy people on the planet. They would never lie and stage something just to try and get more views at all!!!!
  • Wake up lmao Newegg already admitted it slipped up
  • You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain
  • Sounds like very rare incidents where something just slipped through the cracks. I think the real article title should be "Windows Central overblows isolated QC incident with irresponsible title"
  • I ran into similar dealings with them years ago. Bought a “refurbished” mini PC that ran very slow and then gave up the ghost a few weeks later. Never received any satisfaction trying to get them yo make good. Stopped buying from them after that.