It's the end of the year, so it's time for those arbitrary yet popular "lists" by popular magazines and news outlets. PC World is no different and they just put theirs up.

As you can guess from the headline, Windows Phone landed a spot in their top 10 list of "tech wins" for the year, specifically the 9th slide--it's not clear that they organized them in any order, so that's good. Other mentions were the Kinect, Siri, Google Chrome, Samsung's Galaxy series and IBM's Watson.

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Do these lists matter? Yeah, actually they kind of do. We take our devices for granted a bit around here but lets look at the audience for these periodicals--fact is, any positive word of mouth is great for the platform. So we're more than pleased to see Microsoft making the cut (twice, in fact) and we hope it piques some interest in 2012.

Source: PC World; Thanks, D-Burrs, for the tip!